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UPakWeShip, Pallet Service

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The cheapest way to move overseas. We send you a pallet, you load it, we collect it, ship it overseas, clear customs and deliver it to you. Nothing is more simple or cost effective when moving overseas.

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UPakWeShip, Pallet Service

  1. 1. Have a look at this presentation to see how our pallet service works. We will save you money! UPakWeShip Pallet Shipping Service “I wish I could spend more on my moving costs.” Said nobody Ever !
  2. 2. Thank you for considering UPakWeShip for your moving needs. We offer everyone the best possible customer service and the most economic ways of shipping without compromising on service and promise you an all inclusive price. We are very proud to be, as far as we know the only company offering all of these things. UPakWeShip is the self packing division of EuroUSA Shipping which is part of The Euro Group and has been in business since 1988 so you are in very safe, experienced hands when you move with UPakWeShip. Hopefully the next few minutes will give you a better idea of what we do and how the pallet service works. I have been in the moving business for over 30 years and have moved internationally five times my self so any help or advice you need, please call me. Mark Nash 1 866 868 6386 mark@eurousa.us “Go PackYourself”
  3. 3. As the name suggests, we send you a pallet, you load your items onto it, we collect it and ship it overseas. Once it arrives at the destination, we clear it through customs and deliver it to you. You can use cardboard moving boxes, plastic crates with lids, rubber made boxes, trunks, foot lockers and any small furniture items if packed in bubble wrap and then wrapped in cardboard. The pallet must be loaded on the curb, driveway, parking lot or a loading dock so that we can collect with a pallet truck and tail lift. We offer discounts for multiple pallets being loaded and delivered at the same time. The Pallet Service
  4. 4. We offer an all inclusive lump sum price for a 48x40 inch pallet that is stacked up to 45 inches tall and a slightly higher price for a 48x40 inch pallet stacked up to 72 inches high. This stops any disputes of how many cubic feet you have as it’s a lump sum price depending on the height of the pallet. Its an all inclusive price for that volume range so as long as you keep within those limits you know exactly up front how much its all going to cost you. Using a tape measure and masking tape, map out on your floor 40x48 inches and stack your items in that area and measure the height. Its that simple! 2 sizes and 2 lump sum prices
  5. 5. UPakWeShip has receiving terminals in most major cities in the USA, so if you can not load at your residence or we can not collect for some reason, you can drop off at one of our terminals for the same price. It also gives you more flexibility as you can drop off any day Monday to Friday 8-30am to 5-30pm. Collections are normally done late morning or some time in the afternoon but we can normally offer you a 2 hour collection window for an additional $100. If you need collection from an apartment building or inside your residence it might be best if you hire a local man and van or mover to do this for you or ask us for a quote for our UPakWeShip Plus service. Drop off or Collection?
  6. 6. Pack any fragile items in lots of bubble wrap and place in sturdy moving cartons or similar. You can buy specialty “dish pack” cartons that are stronger for fragile items like glass and china. Place crushed up paper, bedding or cushions at the bottom and top of boxes to give them lots of padding and pack them full and tight. Plates and glasses should be placed upright to keep their strength. Tape up well using 2 inch tape. None breakables like clothes can be in suitcases or trunks. You can buy specialty boxes for pictures. A bike store should be able to give you a bike box and musical instruments and golf clubs need to be in hard cases. How to Pack
  7. 7. When loading your pallet, make sure your boxes are within the 48x40 inch pallet. Nothing must stick out beyond that measurement as it could be crushed by another pallet of items or be hit by a trailer or shipping container door or wall. Once your items are all on the pallet tape around all the items to keep them together and then use shrink or surround wrap to go around your pallet. You can buy shrink or surround wrap from most self storage or U Haul stores. Don’t worry if you have trouble doing this as we will over wrap it when it gets to our shipping terminal anyway. We will truck the pallet to one of our shipping locations in New York, Charleston or Los Angeles. Depending on the time of year and the seasonal volume we normally have enough shipments to consolidate all the shipments to that destination within a week or two. Palletizing
  8. 8. We send you a pallet free of charge for you to load. If you would like securing straps and a plastic cover for your shipment we can send this out with your pallet for an additional $100 on top of the door to door pallet price. Loading your own pallet is great if you have some awkward or fragile items that you want to make sure fits on the pallet in a specific way or an item that doesn't fit in a box that you want to secure in the middle with boxes surrounding it to keep it safe and secure. Load your own Pallet
  9. 9. We normally load 40 foot shipping containers with all the pallets, and U Crates going to that destination. The container is trucked to the port, cleared through security and customs and placed in the export area of the birth that the ship is going to dock, ready for loading. At the same time our office is filing paperwork electronically with CBP, making manifests, bills of lading and notifying overseas offices of the container departure and the eta of the vessel. You can also get all the latest information on our tracking page on the web site called U Track. Loading
  10. 10. Depending on your destination the ship can take between 2 weeks and 8 weeks to get there. Container ships nowadays can carry about 15,000 TEU’s (Twenty foot Equivalent Units) They can travel at about 20 mph and are often only in port for 24 hours offloading and re loading containers. Look around you and realize that almost everything you see will have travelled in a shipping container. Shipping
  11. 11. Once the ship is docked, the containers are offloaded. Depending on the destination the containers will then either be entered to clear customs at the port or in the instance of Europe we take the container to our own customs bonded terminal in Suffolk England to clear customs into the European Union. At Destination
  12. 12. Customs always have a right to look through your shipment the same way as they do when you are flying somewhere. Containers are often X rayed at first to see what’s inside. Every country has different rules and regulations but generally you will need to complete a customs form, declare you are moving residency to that country and also that your items are more than 6 months old. If you are moving a secondary residence, shipping new items, shipping items to a friend or relative, check with our office or better still with customs before you decide to ship as there could be duties and taxes! Customs
  13. 13. Once the shipment has been cleared through customs we will contact you to arrange delivery of your pallet shipment to your delivery address. In Europe we will deliver your shipment on the pallet to your driveway / garage or curbside. Elsewhere if tail lift trucks are not the norm or customs or quarantine officials have already unloaded the pallet, we might deliver the items to your ground floor front door. Delivery
  14. 14. Although extremely rare, as you can see it can happen and I’ll guarantee it per Murphy’s Law it will happen to someone that didn’t take out insurance! For this reason we ask that everyone insures there shipment through us or provides proof of insurance coverage elsewhere. Our Silver Insurance option covers these types of catastrophes and also if a carton went missing or some boxes got wet. The rate is 2% of the value so if for example you insured all your items for $5000 the premium would only be $100 so well worth the coverage. Insurance will cover you against any outside force damaging your items but not if you didn’t pack it well so invest in plenty of bubble wrap ! More…… Insurance
  15. 15. If the boxes you are using don’t list the cubic feet on them, measure in inches the Length x Width x Height, multiply together and divide by 1728 and that will give you the cubic feet of your carton. Now if you want to work out the volume of the whole shipment, stack all your boxes together into a big square or cube and again measure the longest, widest and highest points of the stack, multiply them together and divide by 1728 and that will be your volume. If you are not sure if your things will fit on our pallet service, use masking tape to mark the 48 x 40 inch pallet dimensions on your floor and measure the height to see if everything will fit in that area. Math 101 (How to work out your cubic feet) If you are going to use our pallet option, your things will be stacked on pallets 48 x 40 inches and the height will be based on the highest point of the pallet so try this at home by stacking your things in an area 48”x40” using a tape measure and masking tape. More……
  16. 16. If you look at the blog on the UPakWeShip web site you will see a page called Rate US where customers have completed our survey and have said some great things about us. These are comments that customers have posted direct onto our web site. Not something that we could make up ourselves. We are very proud of our 5 star record and are 100% committed to keeping it that way. Five Star Rating
  17. 17. We will save you a lot of money compared to a typical mover but you’ll still enjoy great customer service. We are all very knowledgeable, extremely honest, user friendly and know what we are doing. We also understand with social media these days that a company needs a good reputation on line and the only way we can accomplish this is by offering a quality first class service. So just because you are saving a bundle on moving costs, do not think you are compromising on service. Save Money But Still Enjoy Quality
  18. 18. PRICE GUARANTEE For shipments through to door we guarantee our prices. You will NOT be charged any extra charges at the destination unless it is backed up with an official receipt such as customs duties on a new item or AQIS (quarantine fee in Australia or “Maf” in New Zealand). No other shipping company offers you this guarantee. Ask others that you have requested a quote from if there are any extras on top off their price and they will tell you that you "might" have to pay for customs inspection or x ray or security fees at the destination. No one will tell you how much it will cost you but this could easily be an extra $200 charged at the destination with no back up paperwork that you have no option but to pay if you want your things. UPakWeShip WILL NOT charge anything extra at the destination unless we have documented proof that an extra charge did occur, and in the very rare event that something does occur, we will pass that cost on over to you at our cost with documented proof that it occurred. We are that confident that our all inclusive charges are ALL INCLUSIVE that if you think otherwise please call our Government Licensing Authority and report us. Federal Maritime Commission. www.fmc.gov Tel 202-523-5807 Licensed Forwarder FMC # 020288F Shipments quoted to arrival port or terminal only do not include fees at destination which can include port charges, terminal and hand out charges as well as customs broker fee’s that you will have to pay at destination. All Inclusive Prices
  19. 19. The most informative web site in the land for International Moving. Including:  Packing List Creator  Packing & Loading Tips  Ask The Moving Dr  Virtual Estimator  Customs Forms  Label Creator  Pictures  Tracking  FAQ’s and much more… Thanks for watching, call us or get more information from our web site. www.upakweship.com 1 866 868 6386 www.upakweship.com
  20. 20. Call or email us for more information move@upakweship.com
  21. 21. Call or email us for more information move@upakweship.com
  22. 22. UPakWeShip Ship more for less! Call or email us for more information move@upakweship.com