Using your LivMD

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Instructions for using your new low-intensity vibration device from Marodyne Medical.

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Using your LivMD

  2. 2. CONTENTS  Unpacking your LivMD  Owner’s manual  Powering your LivMD  On/Off switch  Using your device  Fun with LivMD  FAQs Liv www.LivMD.US
  3. 3. Unpacking your LivMD  Open the box and carefully remove the unit and small white power supply box Liv www.LivMD.US
  4. 4. Unpacking continued  Your LivMD comes with a power supply Liv www.LivMD.US
  5. 5. Liv www.LivMD.US
  6. 6. Operator’s manual  Please take a few minutes to read through the operator’s manual Liv www.LivMD.US
  7. 7. Powering your LivMD    Plug the power supply jack into the device. Make sure the dc input is snug in the device Plug the other end into a wall receptacle (we recommend using a surge protector) Liv www.LivMD.US
  8. 8. Surge protector  Purchased separately at stores such as WalMart, Home depot, Target, etc. Liv www.LivMD.US
  9. 9. Turning on your LivMD   Liv After inserting the power supply into LivMD, lay your device on a flat surface and then turn the unit on. The switch is located next to the DC input. Turning your device on while it is on its side may cause it to error. If it errors please lay it on a flat surface and power it off and back on again www.LivMD.US
  10. 10. Using your LivMD       Wait for the screen to show ready (REDY) If for any reason you get an error power off and on Step up onto the unit from the back Place your feet approximately shoulder width apart Line your big toes up so that they are in line with the LivMD logo LivMD counts down from 10:00 minutes to zero – this is a full session. Liv www.LivMD.US
  11. 11. Fun with LivMD  We invite you to visit our Facebook ( page and “Tweet your feet”. Join the fun and post a photo of you on LivMD with your craziest socks. Liv www.LivMD.US
  12. 12. FAQs Q. My LivMD seems loud? A. LivMD vibrates at 30Hz (30 times per second), it is normal for noise to come from your unit. A. Shifting your weight can also cause a different noise than you hear when you are centered. Q. My LivMD sometimes turns off during a session A. Make sure not to stand or lean too far back on LivMD as it will cause the device to error. A. A slight bounce may be needed to re-initiate your session A. Try using your LivMD in a different room or on another surface Q. My LivMD received an error and turned off, what should I do? A. Make sure it is laying on a flat surface (carpet is ok) A. Step off your device and reset your unit by powering off/on using the power switch A. Make sure you are standing on the unit as described in the previous section Q. Why does it power down for my daughter when I stand a full 10 minutes without interruption? A. Step off the device and turn the LivMD off, allow one minute and turn the power on again. This will allow the LivMD to recognize and recalibrate to another user. Liv www.LivMD.US