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Jax2013 PaaS-Parade - Part 1: Cloud Foundry

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Jax2013 PaaS-Parade - Part 1: Cloud Foundry

  1. 1. Martin LippertStaff Engineer -VMwaremlippert@vmware.com@martinlippert
  2. 2. 2Cloud  Provider  InterfaceApplica4on  Service  InterfacePrivate  Clouds  PublicCloudsMicroCloud  FoundryData ServicesOtherServicesMsgServices.jsApache2 licenseCloud Foundry Open PaaS
  3. 3. historydeveloped and published byVMware in 2011https://github.com/cloudfoundryNow part of Pivotalhttp://gopivotal.comFully open-source(cloud platform itself, hosting and admin tools,developer tooling)Fully open contribution process
  4. 4. past: runtimes & frameworksJava (6 + 7):Web, Spring, Lift, Playnode.js (0.4 + 0.6 + 0.8)Ruby: Rails, Sinatra, RackBYOC (standalone apps, container + JVM tuning)future: buildpacksHeroku-like buildpacksdefine the environmentyou can write and use your own buildpacks
  5. 5. servicesMySQLRedisPostgreSQLMongoDBRabbitMQin the repo:ElasticSearch, CouchDB, Neo4j, Filesystem,Blob, Memcachedon your own:you can implement your own servicesservices can be hosted externally
  6. 6. tools(developer perspective)vmc - command lineCloud Foundry Integration for EclipseMaven pluginGradle pluginweb-based dashboard (coming soon)
  7. 7. additional highlightsframework support(includes auto-reconfiguration for Spring and node.js)Micro Cloud(includes full debugging support)tunneling to services(e.g. connect your favorite database tool)BOSH(managing cloud environments)
  8. 8. scaling#1: the infrastructure level(done by the PaaS operator)#2: the application level(done by the app developer)(not automated, but technically possible)
  9. 9. coming uporganizations and spaces(enables more flexible management and teamwork)cloudfoundry.com(introducing commercial packages)dashboard(web-based management console)
  10. 10. ResourcesCloud Foundryhttp://www.cloudfoundry.comhttp://www.cloudfoundry.orgCloud Foundry GitHubhttps://github.com/cloudfoundryCloudFoundry Integration for Eclipsehttps://github.com/SpringSource/eclipse-integration-cloudfoundryMartin LippertStaff Engineer -VMwaremlippert@vmware.com@martinlippert