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is offering solutions in…
MassCoMedia productions can shoot corporate
videos, record jingles, make presentations which are
special, shoot events for...
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MCM productions

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MCM productions

  1. 1. is offering solutions in… •Corporatevideos •Productvideos •Servicevideos •Factorytours •360-degreeviews •Travelfootage •Sermons •Managementlessons •Inhousee-learningvideos •Jingles •Pilotsforserials •TVSerials •Shortfilms •Voice-overs •Languagesubtitling See for more themesmasscomedia.tv MassCoMedia Studios & Productions A 94-3, Sector 58, Noida - 201 301, U.P., India (Adjoining New Delhi) Telephone 0120-2519000 Fax 0120-258943 For instant contacts: +91-9810202028, vikas.a@masscomedia.com +91-9818204702, ceo@masscomedia.com See for more themesmasscomedia.tv MassCoMedia has in-house state-of-the-art TV studios, radio studio, animation labs, graphic and illustration sets, in a 30,000 sq ft facility. Almost all editing and production is done in-house. Do visit us! Again, why MassCoMedia? MassCoMedia has a backing of over 800+ media professionals, who are writers, photographers, videographers, artists, singers and so on in most Indian languages including English. Please see www.masscomedia.com and www.masscomedia.tv for all the productions that are being done in-house. There is also a list of media professionals associated with MassCoMedia. Plus MassCoMedia has the edge to distribute your videos to the right customers through the nexus of its media channels and partners. Give us a call and shoot a video! ...
  2. 2. MassCoMedia productions can shoot corporate videos, record jingles, make presentations which are special, shoot events for special screening, make pilots for serial, coordinate movie making and simply put... make communication effective in moving pictures with meaningful talk. We come with editorial back grounds and understanding of products, markets and how to bring them to life on a screen. MassCoMedia provides a synergy between the new and the old house for media. It's a media factory. All kinds of media-everything from electronic, news to print and the Internet is handled out of MassCoMedia. If you see the profiles of the promoters of MassCoMedia, they have been actively involved in forming and running some of the best media companies, from the largest newspapers to most popular magazines. Almost everyone... Your buyers, the sales people, employees in various divisions, agents, retailers, exhibition venue visitors, internet visitors on your website and that one special client who will give you the real contract. They say a picture is a thousand words... and a video... is an essay! How can corporate videos help in your business? (at all) Increasingly businesses are depending on various forms of video presentations. Customisation is the key. A properly shot video is effective in communicating with peers and the masses. Please ask yourself... When was the last time you had shown a video of your products, services, factory or the assets in order to get one important contract and client? If the answer is ‘No’... then now is the time to do it. Let your product and services speak about themselves... Who will see them? Simply call us at the numbers given below. Our team will arrive with notes on the products and services which you wish to showcase. A sample story board will be submitted for your approval. This will be followed by costs and the time line. Special features can be added to your basic corporate or product video. What’s the cost and how long will it take? The pricing starts from the concept. The price can be reasonable if the shoots are in house, at MassCoMedia studios and have a description of the product. It gets higher as special features are added like animation, offshore locations, celebrities. From concept to finish, a video can be done in one week at the minimum. But it all does depend on the script. How to get it done? Why MassCoMedia productions? What do we do?