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How is technology being used in the classroom

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How is technology being used in the classroom

  1. 1. How is technology being used in the classroom? By: Maria Dinsmore Continue
  2. 2. Menu Click on where you want to go! . • Using Technology in the Classroom (Article) • Summary • Quote • Personal Reflection • Integrating Technology into the Classroom (Article) • Summary • Quote • Personal Reflection • Technology in the classroom: Fad or foundation for learning? (Article) • Summary You can always click me • Quote to go to the next slide • Personal Reflection • Conclusion • Reference
  3. 3. Using Technology in the Classroom Teacher Tube, Online Resource for Educators This article discusses a website similar to YouTube but all the videos are specific to education. The videos help both teachers and students. There are videos that give teachers fresh new lessons ideas. There also videos to help the students learn a specific topic. The website is very well organized with many categories and subcategories. It is a very safe and controlled site. It is worth searching through. Menu
  4. 4. “Today’sstudents will spend many hours a day surfing the net, and Teacher Tube is an opportunity for students to learn by doing something they enjoy” This quote from the article captures the idea of Teacher Tube. It is very important to keep students engaged in what they are learning. Videos can provide humor on a subject while at the same time opening a discussion for the class. The article also mentions that students would rather watch a video of a topic than read it in a text book. Based on that fact it is more likely that students will use the Teacher Tube resource on there own time because they enjoy it. Menu
  5. 5. Reflection This whole article helped inform me what Teacher Tube was. I had never heard of it before this article. I know that I will use this in my teaching future. I wish I would have had this resource in high school. I realized that there are many creative ways to teach and learn a topic. I like that you can use Teacher Tube to bring humor in to the classroom. Videos are a good ice breaker for any topic. Menu
  6. 6. Integrating Technology into the Classroom This article discusses The concerns discussed are: several different ways to • Time use technology in the • Cost and Available classroom. (Research, Equipment Creating a Website, and Online Assessments). This • Knowledge article addresses the • Quality concerns one might have • Plagiarism for these ideas and lists • Cheating several possible solutions. • Parental and Community Objections Menu
  7. 7. “Do all of the objections mean that we should not use the internet in the classroom? No. However, we must address these concerns before we fully integrate the internet into the classroom.” This quote is a good descriptor of the article because it says that yes there will be problems when you use technology but there are many ways you can fix it. You should not rule out the idea of using technology in the classroom because you think something will go wrong or think teaching will not go a smoothly as using a text book would. Menu
  8. 8. Reflection • I think this article is very helpful because it shows that yes there will be problems but there are still ways to fix or work with these problems. Like many people I thought that time would be an issue for some of these project ideas but then I realized there are many sources online that a person could use to fix this. For example you could do part of the website making process instead of going start to finish. Menu
  9. 9. Technology in the classroom: Fad or foundation for learning? This article talks about if Parents should: and how technology is used •Discuss with teachers how for learning in the technology is aligned with classroom. It tells parents grade-level goals. what they can do to make •Ask their children how they sure their children are use technology when doing actually learning from the assignments. technology use and not just going through the motions. •Volunteer in the computer Also the article talks about lab. how technology is being used in clever ways in the classroom. Menu
  10. 10. “How is technology improving learning? Are students developing the skills they’ll need to understand and use technology in the future.” This provides a very good question for the audience. Sometimes it may seem as if technology is just being used because it is new and interesting not because it is actually helping the students learn. At the same time there are many technologies that are extremely helpful in the classroom such as the internet. Really teachers need to pick and choose what would be truly helpful in the classroom. Menu
  11. 11. Reflection This article helped me see that some technology is used just because it is new. I realized that some technology that is new can be helpful in the future but needs some improvements. Also I learned that parents can help their children learn from the technology they are using by explaining to their parents what exactly they had to do to complete the assignment. Menu
  12. 12. Conclusion Each article discusses how education can and is being used in the classroom. They address the flaws in some types of technology and many solutions. Also these article provide many fresh ideas that are helpful to both teacher and students. Menu
  13. 13. Reference DeSpirt, D.. (2008, May 24). Using technology in the classroom. Retrieved from http://teachertipstraining.suite101.com/article.cfm/teaching_with_te chnology. Kelly, M.. (2010, ). Integrating technology into the classroom. Retrieved from http://712educators.about.com/cs/technology/a/integratetech.htm. Great schools staff, . (2005, ). Technology in the classroom: Fad or foundation for learning?. Retrieved from http://www.greatschools.org/students/media-kids/technology-in- the-classroom-fad-or-foundation-for- learning.gs?content=130&page=all. Menu