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  1. 1. CARRIE: THE MUSICAL By Mercedes Blankenship & Grace Walker
  2. 2. The Beginning: Our Boy, Stephen
  3. 3. “House of Flying Objects” LIFE Magazine, March 1958
  4. 4. “House of Flying Objects” LIFE Magazine, March 1958 “
  5. 5. Other Inspirations
  6. 6. The Beginning: Our Girl, Tabitha
  7. 7. The Beginning: Publishing “I didn't expect much of Carrie. I thought, 'Who'd want to read a book about a poor little girl with menstrual problems?' I couldn't believe I was writing it.” —Stephen King “CARRIE OFFICIALLY A DOUBLEDAY BOOK. $2,500 ADVANCE AGAINST ROYALTIES. CONGRATS KID—THE FUTURE LIES AHEAD. BILL.” —Telegram to Stephen King from William Thompson, Doubleday Editor
  8. 8. The Beginning: Publishing & Reception
  9. 9. The Beginning: Reception
  10. 10. Adaptations: 1976 film "Although the film "Carrie" is dated now, [King] said he thought it was a good movie. 'I was fortunate to have that happen to my first book.' (He was 26 years old and was paid $2,500, he said.)"
  11. 11. 1976 Film: Brian De Palma
  12. 12. 1976 Film: Brian De Palma
  13. 13. 1976 Film: Lawrence D. Cohen (remember him!)
  14. 14. 1976 Film: Cast
  15. 15. 1976 Film
  16. 16. 1988 Musical
  17. 17. 1988 Musical
  18. 18. 1980s Broadway & Musical Theatre: An Analysis
  19. 19. 1988 Musical
  20. 20. 1988 Musical: Reception
  21. 21. Intermission (but not actually) 1988–2009
  22. 22. 2012 Revisal
  23. 23. 2012 Revisal

Notes de l'éditeur

  • 13,000 or 30,000 hardback copies
    1 million paperback copies
  • 13,000 or 30,000 hardback copies
    1 million paperback copies
  • “I read the book. It was suggested to me by a writer friend of mine. A writer friend of his, Stephen King, had written it. I guess this was almost two years ago [circa 1975]. I liked it a lot and proceeded to call my agent to find out who owned it. I found out that nobody had bought it yet. A lot of studios were considering it, so I called around to some of the people I knew and said it was a terrific book and I'm very interested in doing it. Then nothing happened for, I guess, six months”
  • Not a lot of other credits
    Worked on other Stephen King Adaptations later — IT miniseries, Tommyknockers, etc
  • Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Katt, Nancy Allen, John Travolta, Betty Buckley (remember her)
    “Determined to land the leading role, Spacek backed out of a television commercial she was scheduled to film, rubbed Vaseline into her hair, didn't bother to wash her face, and arrived for her screen test clad in a sailor dress which her mother had made her in the seventh grade, with the hem cut off, and was given the part.”
  • According to VULTURE, CARRIE (1976) is ranked as the second best Stephen King film, after THE SHINING (1980). This adaptation was released when horror was reaching pinnacle success, since the industry was releasing scary movies that would later become popular classics. CARRIE arrived on the heels of ROSEMARY'S BABY, which became a commercial favorite in 1968, as well as THE EXORCIST, which changed the perception of horror forever. Thanks to these films, Hollywood knew that they had something special when they read CARRIE for the first time,

    Directed by Brian De Palma, this adaptation captured Carrie's struggle to accept her own sexuality, while conveying the disquieting mood of the novel. Although the book followed a series of narratives, De Palma concentrated on Carrie's experience throughout the movie. He managed to humanize the antagonist of this story, illustrating the complexities of these characters in a compelling way.

    De Palma also highlights Margaret's corrupt relationship with her religion as well. She decorates her family's house with images of death, rather than displaying her "benevolent faith" in Christianity.

    $33.8 million against its $1.8 million budget. It received two nominations at the 49th Academy Awards: Best Actress (for Spacek) and Best Supporting Actress (for Laurie).
    One of few horror movies to receive Academy Award nominations
    Best adaptation of the novel
    One of the best horror movies of all time
  • Lawrence D. Cohen — Book
    Previously worked on 1976 film, friends with Gore
    Michael Gore — Composer
    ^ They saw a production of Lulu by Alban Berg (who died before he finished writing it), virgin/whore dichotomy, protagonist is a victim, gets killed by Jack the Ripper
    Dean Pitchford — Lyrics
    Previously been in Godspell, Pippin (as Pippin)
    Terry Hands — Director
    Joint Artistic Director of RSC with Cats Director Trevor Nunn
    Then sole AD in 1986
    Had never directed a musical and didn’t direct another after this

  • Terry Hands — Director
    Joint Artistic Director of RSC with Cats Director Trevor Nunn
    Then sole AD in 1986
    Had never directed a musical and didn’t direct another after this
    Debbie Allen — Choreographer
    Part of Fame
    Performer: Sweet Charity, Purlie, Ragtime (Movie)
    Ralph Koltai — Designer
    German-born designer
    Part of RSC
    Influenced by Brecht
  • ALW
    Mega Musicals
    Experimentation moves off-Broadway
    Cameron Mackintosh
    Evita, Cats, Phantom, Les Mis
    42nd Street, Nine
    Coming off of a decade with shows like Pippin, Company (most of Sondheim’s hits), Godspell, JCS
    Still finding the contemporary voice
    Still figuring out what Broadway is
    On top of that: the AIDS epidemic
  • Ralph Koltai designed the set
  • The writers wanted to work on it because they knew it was a mess
    Some unauthorized productions (Emerson, Stagedoor Manor)
    2009: MCC Theatre, founded by NYU students in the 70s (inc. Patti LuPone’s brother)
    Reading involving Marin Mazzie, Molly Ranson, and Sutton Foster
    Developmental Lab in 2010
    Part of MCC’s season in 2012
  • “The MCC directors said: "MCC, the authors, and the director achieved what we all set out to do – to rescue Carrie from oblivion and to give her new life. Plans are under way to preserve this production for Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, so it may live on in the memories of the thousands of theatergoers who saw and loved it."