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16 Jul 2021

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Zodpovědně na automatizovaný účet

  1. Proprietary + Confidential Zodpovědně na automatizovaný účet PPC Date, 15.7.2021 Matouš Ledvina xx
  2. Introduction of machine learning into Google Search’s spelling algorithm improved it in one day more than the previous five years combined. Machine learning brings magic to our consumer products About 1,530,000 results (0.70 seconds) Did you mean: mount everest mount evarest Google Search helps you find that melody that’s stuck in your head with machine learning. Just play, sing or even hum it 10:24 Listening...
  3. The same technology is helping to transform marketing More beneficial for consumers The first step to delivering delightful experience is using real-time insights to understand precisely how consumer behaviour is changing and embrace acceleration. More relevant & respectful of privacy Automation can help you show ads relevant to people’s individual interests, preferences, and lifestyle — while also respecting user privacy and building trust. Making businesses fast and helpful Automation allows brands to find new demand and grow their business while also staying resilient to change.
  4. Of all the searches that happen on Google each day, 15% are queries we’ve never seen before. Embrace acceleration To help you find relevant real-time insights and keep up with the demand, we’ve created the Insights page. garden chairs More beneficial for consumers More respectful of their privacy Making businesses fast and helpful Insights page
  5. Build trust, every time The future of marketing is shifting from ‘precision’ to ‘predictive’, using data aggregation such as user cohorts, anonymisation of that data and modelling to rebuild the full picture. Consent mode Global site tag More beneficial for consumers More respectful of their privacy Making businesses fast and helpful Make sure you are set up for the privacy-first future.
  6. Find demand in the messy middle outdoor activities for 15 months-old best non-stick frying pan Search 2 fun things to do with kids how to deal with a midnight tantrum Search 9 cards for toddlers Search 6 toddler crying at night inconsolable Search 4 supper for toddler Search 3 how to colour pasta Search 7 quick supper ideas Broad Match Responsive Search Ads More beneficial for consumers More respectful of their privacy Making businesses fast and helpful
  7. Embrace acceleration Build trust, every time Be fast and helpful with automation
  8. Embrace acceleration Build trust, every time Be fast and helpful with automation
  9. Embrace acceleration Build trust, every time Be fast and helpful with automation
  10. Embrace acceleration Build trust, every time Be fast and helpful with automation
  11. Embrace acceleration Build trust, every time Be fast and helpful with automation
  12. Proprietary + Confidential Automate bidding for all the most common business objectives Market share Grow % share of a market within industry or particular product & service. Revenue Grow the amount of money the business brings in. Volume Increase the units sold, number of leads or capacity of the business. Profit Grow the amount of money the business has after subtracting costs.
  13. Manual eCPC Maximize Conversions Target CPA Maximize Conversion value Target ROAS Maximize clicks Target Impression Share Fully automated Smart Bidding solutions drive the best results Conversions focused ROI focused Traffic SoV
  14. Confidential + Proprietary 1 2 3 4 5 6
  15. Confidential + Proprietary 1 2 3 4 5 6
  16. Confidential + Proprietary
  17. Confidential + Proprietary
  18. Confidential + Proprietary
  19. Do not limit your campaigns Make sure you’re not artificially limiting your campaigns when they run out of budget. Many advanced advertisers actually optimise towards CPA or ROI targets with ‘open budgets’ to ensure their campaigns never run out of steam. Performance Planner
  20. Our forecast engine simulates relevant ad auctions with query level variables (seasonality, CTR, competitors, landing page, time of day etc) within the campaign’s targeted region and industry. We simulate based of the campaign’s last 7 days campaign settings and history. Simulation We leverage machine learning to fine tune forecasts and to achieve a higher level of accuracy. Machine Learning We do forward & backward measurements of accuracy for 10k+ campaign samples across 1, 7, 30, and 90 day periods to ensure we’re making validated recommendations Validation Google Search ad auctions from billions of searches per week powers our forecast engine. We use all data up to the previous day. Forecasting Forecast Methodology How do we calculate the grey dot?
  21. Proprietary + Confidential Once opted in, adjust your targets & budgets to unlock more growth or efficiency Performance Planner to forecast target & budget scenarios across campaigns. Use the report to track average targets and conversion delay. Look at the right metrics. Give it time. Optimization score to quickly identify opportunities for growth.
  22. Automation can help discover new opportunities Advertisers who accrued 10 optimisation score points saw a 10% rise in conversions. Optimisation score Recommendations Bidding & budgets Ads & extensions Keywords & targeting Repairs Automated campaigns
  23. Campaign structure?
  24. Proprietary + Confidential
  25. Proprietary + Confidential
  26. ...and the Broad match?
  27. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Broad Match + Smart Bidding improvements allow you to focus on high performing queries No more need to manage millions of variations of the same Keyword
  28. Proprietary + Confidential
  29. Proprietary + Confidential EXACT BROAD MANY EXACT ..Broad Match is essential to pick up all relevant queries Picking all relevant Search queries with just Exact Match can be very time consuming & inefficient Identify new Keywords, increase reach & save time Broad Match closes the gap, covering all possible business-relevant searches Only expanding Exact Match will always result in limited reach Learn more about Broad Match here
  30. Proprietary + Confidential Maximize performance & reach with Broad Match + conversion-based Bidding Auction time Winner CURRENTLY TRIGGERING QUERIES CURRENTLY TRIGGERING QUERIES MATCH TYPE: Phrase Match MATCH TYPE: Broad Match (instead of Phrase only) Auctions entered by Smart Bidding Auctions entered by Smart Bidding CPA $10 More Conversions CPA $10 +25% more Conversions Newly triggerable queries with Broad Match Maximize conversion volume while being efficient at same efficiency target Capture full opportunity with automated bidding and individual query bidding Example: tCPA
  31. Proprietary + Confidential What are the benefits of leveraging Broad Match Type? Increase efficiency Spend your money on keywords that work & preventing from accruing click charges for keyword variations that aren't working Save time Less time spent on creating manual extensive Keyword lists Expand reach & coverage Easily identify & capture high-value & new search queries relevant to your business while meeting performance targets Relevance Feeding in all relevant signals for better understanding of the query intent matched to Keyword Benefits of Broad Match Keywords KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD +25% Incremental Conversions +12% Increased Value
  32. Proprietary + Confidential Let’s take a look at your current Match Type Distribution Check & implement Broad Match recommendations (setup Drafts & Experiment if needed) Analyze uplift when you have statistical significance Replace existing Phrase Keywords with Broad Match NEXT STEPS Match Type Distribution Suitable Campaigns
  33. Proprietary + Confidential Leverage Broad Match Recommendations in your Ads Account One Click Apply to replace your Phrase Keywords with Broad or set up an experiment IMPLEMENTATION EASE Only surfaced when predicted to drive incremental conversions at your efficiency target IMPACT Clearly understand where the largest opportunities for Broad Match are across your account PRIORITIZATION Surfaced only when the recommendation meets criteria that indicates performance objectives CRITERIA Easily upgrade your match types to Broad Match and increase performance Leverage & apply Broad Match Type Recommendations directly in your Google Ads Account. Available for tCPA, tROAS, Max. Conv., Max. Conv. Value NEW! Learn more about Recommendations here
  34. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Implementation Best for Result Evaluation Auto-upgrades all Phrase/BMM keywords in the campaign to Broad Match Advertisers who want increased performance with easy implementation without testing Evaluate impact through pre/post analysis & incrementality analysis Auto-creates an Experiment: 1) Control arm=current campaign 2) Experiment arm=Phrase/BMM KWs are upgraded to Broad Match Advertisers who want to test with D&E between BMM/Phrase & Broad KWs in a campaign, while following D&E Best Practices Evaluate impact through D&E Page. Requires monitoring until statistical significance has been reached. Scale to campaign once completed. Manually upgrade all Phrase/BMM KWs in a suitable campaign to Broad Match via D&E Only consider with above options are not suitable due to customized setup needed Evaluate impact through D&E Page. Requires monitoring until statistical significance has been reached. Scale to campaign once completed. One-Click Experiment Apply Custom Drafts & Experiment Setup for Testing Implementation through Recommendation Page Recommended Setup Options to implement & test Broad Match successfully A) B) C) Recommended Setup Not Recommended
  35. Proprietary + Confidential A) Easily implement Broad Match through Recommendation Page Optimal for advertisers who want to switch their campaigns to Broad Match directly Select campaigns and “Apply” directly from Recommendations Page Recommended Experiment Approach
  36. Proprietary + Confidential B) Easily set up One-Click Experiment Recommendation for Broad Match Optimal for advertisers who want to test Broad Match through Draft and Experiments Step 1: Select “Apply” for campaign and “Apply an experiment” Step 2: New D&E campaign is created Recommended Experiment Approach Note: All Draft & Experiment Best Practices still apply
  37. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential B) Benefits of One-Click Experiment Apply in Recommendations Tab All recommendations include advertiser-specific impact on upgrading to broad match Once experiment has been completed, only one click is needed to scale experiment to a “standard” campaign Create experiment directly from the Recommendations Page and simply name the experiment and confirm the other settings Low Risk Low Effort Easy to Scale Note: All Draft & Experiment Best Practices still apply Recommended Experiment Approach Tailored Recommendation One click to apply Experiment One click to scale Experiment to campaign
  38. Proprietary + Confidential C) How to set up custom Drafts & Experiments for Broad Match Pre-Implementation Start with campaign that has Broad Match Recommendation and/or targeting generic traffic Ensure campaign is running on Conv.-based Smart Bidding + is not limited by budget Define objective based on bidding strategy in the beginning. For clear result evaluation don’t adjust this afterwards Set up Experiment campaign: switch all existing Phrase KW in experiment to Broad Match. Exact Match KWs stay During Test Keep test running for at least 4 weeks and/or reached statistical significance Keep your target steady during the test-phase Do not interfere manually by adding negative Keywords & restricting ad serving Ensure campaigns continue to run with uncapped budgets. Otherwise the uplift potential cannot be realized Post-Implementation Evaluate your Conversion uplift numbers from the experiment arm, excluding the ramping up period (typically ~1 week) Scale by switching your remaining Generic campaigns (Phrase) to Broad Match following the same rules Test successfully completed! If results are favorable apply Experiment to your original campaign or into a new campaign Note: Advertisers may see fluctuations in the beginning of the Test-Phase, as the Bidding recalibrates. There is no need to make adjustments! For advertisers who want to test Broad Match Keywords in D&E using a customised setup Custom Experiment Approach
  39. Proprietary + Confidential Best Practices?
  40. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Broad Match Best Practices Use fully automated Smart Bidding strategies aligned to your goals in combination with Data-Driven Attribution models and ensure Budgets are able to capture increased conversions Leverage RSAs and ensure your ad copy & landing pages fully reflect queries being targeted Be mindful of negative Keywords accumulated over the years. Regularly work with negative Keyword targeting to refine your queries Ensure you have set the right targets for your business goals. Make sure the conversion data being passed on to Google accurately reflects the data of your business Make sure you follow Drafts & Experiments Best Practices in setup and evaluating successes Note that the 1-10 number estimates your Quality Score for a query that exactly matches your Keyword, but it it doesn’t reflect Match Types or negative Keywords you may use SMART BIDDING + ATTRIBUTION + BUDGET SET RIGHT CONVERSION VALUE DRAFTS & EXPERIMENTS CREATIVE BEST PRACTICES NEGATIVE TARGETING QUALITY SCORE
  41. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential A guide to negative Targeting Brand & Brand Misspellings Exclude specific Brand terms and/or Brand misspellings Competitor Terms Not showing for specific competitor terms Wrong Product Association Excluding wrongly related product associations Commonly Confused Terms Ensure commonly misinterpreted or easily confused words such as Homonyms, Homographs & other irrelevant terms are excluded Where you might add negative Targeting Refining targeting without restricting reaching your customers KEEP IN MIND Choose your negative Keywords carefully Ensure to not use too many negative Keywords, as your ads might reach fewer customers Regularly check your negative Keyword targeting to avoid restricting performance Learn more about Negative Keyword Targeting here Negative Keyword Targeting works differently. Ensure you pick suitable Match Types e.g. Phrase negatives for positive Broad Match Keywords
  42. Proprietary + Confidential Best Practices for Drafts & Experiments Timeline Start Select campaigns Check OptiScore for campaigns running on conversion-based Smart Bidding & currently targeting Phrase Match Keywords with the Match Type Recommendation available. Week 1 Set up experiment Apply Experiment that will switch all Phrase Keywords in the Experiment to Broad Match for the campaign. If there are initial fluctuations in targets during setup, wait till those are steady as system recalibrates. Experiment is live Let the experiment run for at least 4 weeks or until it has reached statistical significance with open budgets & without modifications for clear result evaluation. Start analyzing results Analyze experiment arm to see how many more incremental Sales you can achieve with Broad Match Keywords. Exclude “ramp up period” from beginning of Test & consider Conversion delays for result evaluation. Week 4
  43. Proprietary + Confidential a.k.a. Caste study...
  44. About Google Ads: Google ads is a digital advertising solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business owner or enterprise marketer, Google Ads delivers reach, relevance and trusted results to help you grow your business. Learn more at © 2020 Google LLC. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google LLC. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. 17% incremental conversion value for after utilising Broad Match keywords with tROAS Heureka Group Prague, CZ • CASE STUDY The challenge Heureka is biggest shopping comparison site in Czech republic. They leverage advanced automation for a long time (tROAS bidding, automatic campaigns creation). In Search highly dependant on the comprehensive DSA structure. The main challenge was that Search was growing slower than Shopping. The approach We prepared search terms comparison between Search and Shopping campaigns which showed relatively big gap in unique search queries. That convinced the CMO to testing. Heureka added all the keywords already used in the account in the broad match version. We used multi-campaigns drafts and experiments to have precise a A/B results and easy evaluation. It also helped us preventing the shift of traffic from one campaign to another. The results Heureka increased their growth in Search again and achieved significantly more revenue in tested categories (furniture, toys, electronics). Based on the test results Heureka decided to roll-out broad match keywords across all their CZ and SK Search accounts.. Retail 10% Increase in Conversions 17% Increase in Conversion Value -1% ROAS (not statistically significant) “At Heureka Group we are highly dependent on the DSA campaigns. But DSA cover just the content and keywords which are present on our website. Adding a broad match (on top of the exact match) into our accounts helped us to find brand new search terms while maintaining the same ROAS and increased the volume of traffic and revenue.” —Martin Zítek, Head of Performance Marketing, Heureka Group Product features ❯ Broad Match (Matchtype) ❯ tROAS Bidding ❯ Multi-campaign drafts & experiments 17% Increase in Clicks Test results:
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