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Does Oil Pump Have Any Impact On Fuel Efficiency

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This is a slide that will help you to understand everything regarding Oil pump. You will get to know about an Oil pump and its types with all the details. What are the possible issues that can affect an Oil pump and how to solve them? Take a look to know if an Oil pump fails then what will be its impact on fuel efficiency. You can also see there the work function of an Oil pump.

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Does Oil Pump Have Any Impact On Fuel Efficiency

  1. 1. Oil Pump Is located between the sump and oil filter or else Below the engine Block
  2. 2. Types Of Oil Pump
  3. 3. The Gear Type Oil Pump
  4. 4. Common form of Oil Pump Consist 2 machinery gear Rotate inside the close fitted housing
  5. 5. The Work Process Of gear type oil Pump….
  6. 6. Sends to the other parts of engine
  7. 7. Does Blocked Oil Flow Affect the engine ??
  8. 8. If the oil Flow blocked
  9. 9. If the engine oil is very thick Increase in pressure build up Damage the Pump
  10. 10. How to solve the Problem ..???
  11. 11. A new oil-pressure relief Valve was fitted to eliminate these consequences
  12. 12. The Rotor Oil Pump
  13. 13. A rotor An outer ring
  14. 14. Consist of pressure relief valve to eliminate problems The work process of Rotor Oil Pump
  15. 15. Internal rotor 4 inner lobos 5 outer lobos External rotor Components of Eccentric Rotor Oil Pump
  16. 16. The work Process Oil drawn towards the lobos Lobos decrease the extra pressure build up The pressured oil sent to the engine parts
  17. 17. The Rotary-Plunger Oil Pump
  18. 18. Components A warm gear that rotate the plunger
  19. 19. The Work process Rotary plunger produces the pumping action Oil sent to the engine
  20. 20. Limitation Not appropriate for dry-sump lubrication system Oil will drain back to the system after engine stopped
  21. 21. Prevents oil surge during fast driving in race cars Benefits Produces extremely high pressure for oil
  22. 22. Components 2 oil pumps only
  23. 23. The work Process 1st pump sends the oil to lubrication system 2nd pump returns the un-used oil to the tank
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