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  1. 1. Our findingsMobile phone calendar app
  2. 2. How frequently do you access your mobile calendar on your phone? Classtotals: Never 1 per month 1 per week Few per week Daily 5 3 1 3 4 Surveytotals: Never 1 per month 1 per week Few per week Daily Hourly 2 0 2 4 12 2 (38 people total class questions and survey) people people
  3. 3. Types of things on calendar: In-classOnline survey Classes Holidays Work Shifts Job Fair MassageAcademic calendar Parties / Fun Doctor 16 18 School/work deadlines 12 Tracking health 2 Group meetings 13 Task reminder 25 Fitness classes 7 School Sched. 9 people people people people people people people people
  4. 4. 30 88 people share calendars For whom do you create calendar entries? (referenced study) 73% share it with a significant other. (22 of 30) 17% share with groups of associates. (5 of 30) 27% share with a coworker. (8 of 30) 33% share with a friend. (10 of 30) Thayer, A., Bietz, M., Derthick, K., & Lee, C. (2012). I love you, let’s share calendars: Calendar sharing as relationship work. Proceedings of the ACM 2012 conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, pp 749-758 33% share with a family member (e.g., mother, father, sister). (7 of 30) (e.g., exercise partners, student group members).
  5. 5. Dislike about current calendar Sharing Social media option No Preview Visual separate depending on user Reminder difficulties No notes No week viewSync to email Entry / Input Interface, format, features, navigation Visual feedback for month details
  6. 6. What else do you use besides your mobile calendar? 51different tools in use across investigation, “information where content has been scribbled on Post-it notes, scrawled on the corners of sheets of paper, stuck in our pockets, sent in email messages to ourselves, and stashed in miscellaneous digital text files”. In The Workplace... 78%of employees still use paper calendars in additionto any electronic calendar. • Sticky notes • Google calendar • Physical calendar • Apps • Email • Scraps • White boards http://www.ppai.org/documents/business%20study%20final%20report%20version%204.pdf Bernstein, M., Van Kleek, M., Karger, D. (2008), Information scraps: How and why information eludes our personal information anagement tools. ACM Transactions od Information Systems. Vol. 26. Article 24. Information scraps... 33 digital (Email, Notepad and Word) 18 physical (Notebooks and Post-its)
  7. 7. What would you like to put in your calendar? Ongoing duties/obligations Goals Bills / budget Grocery checklist Tasks (to do lists) Spending habits Travel details Record TV shows Reoccurring activities Graphic representation of types of tasks
  8. 8. Emails To do list Look up important information (address, numbers, availability, attendees, budget) Texts Phone calls Sync from other calendars Make reservations Remember to put on calendar / reminders to add to calendar Activity before creating an entry...