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158.1/ P81 Fox, Arnold Positive thoughts positive action.- Jaico, 2010
158.1/ P82 Rubino, Joe The success code.- Jaico, 20...
A3 BAL/C/ P8 _ndIy£°, ho eo ho eo _ndIy£t unteÈI³ .ô Uo ho, 2008
A3 JAY5/D/ P9 Pb!an±, tI ZbnZoÆtS iyZbw. ô IlÂm eOm, 200...
338.954/ 32P9 NÞZ¿m, FUo uhngydo$m AÌfpdw. ô ^J± uhngy² u^nlw, 2009
410/ 32P2 5õnIc encob± tI Fw õngnfnÖeoueIw. ô ejju¿n³ ...
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  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books 16-31 October 2010 Research, Computer Science, Library Science 001.4/ P6 Moore, Nick How to do research. - 3rd ed.- Facet, 2006 004.03/ P2 (R) Microsoft Corporation, Ed Microsoft computer dictionary.- 5th ed.-Prentice-Hall of India, 2009 005.43 UNI/ P9 Gopalan, N P A beginner’s guide to UNIX.- Prentice-Hall of India, 2009 005.58 POW/ P7 Cox, Joyce Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 step by step.- PHI, 2007 006.312/ P9 Gopalan, N P Data Mining.- Prentice Hall of India, 2009 006.7/ P6 Millhollon, Mary Easy web design.- Prentice Hall of India. 2006 006.78 SHA/ P9 Jansen, John Building web applications with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 step by step.- Prentice Hall of India, 2009 020/ P8 Chowdhury, G G Librarianship: an introduction.- Facet, 2008 020.72/ P7 Pickard, Alison Jane Research methods in information.- Facet, 2008 025.002 85/ P41 Hughes, Lorna M Digitizing collections.- Facet, 2009 025.002 856 42/ P9 Palmer, Martin Making the most of RFID in libraries.- Facet, 2009 025.04/ P93 Devine, Jane Going beyond Google: the invisible web in learning and teaching.- Facet, 2009 025.04/ P94 Gilchrist, Alan, Ed Information science in transition.- Facet, 2009 025.171 4/ P9 Bastian, Jeannette A, Ed Community archives: the shaping of memory.- Facet, 2009 025.316/ P8 Zeng, Marcia Lei Metadata.- Facet, 2008 025.317 7/ P9 Saffady, William Managing electronic records.-4th ed.-Facet, 2009 025.52/ P9 Cassell, Kay Ann Reference and information services in the 21st century.- Facet, 2009 025.84/ P6 Deegan, Marilyn Digital preservation.- Facet, 2006 025.84/ P7;1 Forde, Helen Preserving archives.- Facet, 2009 027.441/ P9 McMenemy, David The public library.- Facet, 2009 027.625/ P8 Lushington, Nolan Libraries designed for kids.- Facet, 2008 027.69/ P8 Schopflin, Katharine, Ed A handbook for media librarians.- Facet, 2008 027.809 41/ P9 Markless, Sharon, Ed The innovative librarian.- Facet, 2009 Philosophy, Applied Psychology, Religion 121/ P2 Moser, Paul K, Ed The oxford handbook of epistemology.- OUP, 2002 126/ P92 Osho The hidden splendor: discovering your inner beauty.-Jaico, 2009 128/ P6 Sukhabodhananda, Swami Wordless wisdom: celebrating life and death,- Jaico, 2007 150/ P8 De Bono, Edward The free mind.- Jaico, 2008 153.8/ P81 Simon, David The ten commitments.- Jaico, 2008 158/ P6 Azim Jamal 7 steps to lasting happiness.- Jaico, 2008 158.1/ P41 Billington, Dottie Life is an attitude: how to grow forever better.- Jaico, 2009 158.1/ P71 Fox, Arnold The miracle of positive thinking.- Jaico, 2010 158.1/ P8 Hill, Napoleon Think and grow rich.- Jaico, 2009 The Logic of History: Putting Postmodernism in Perspective C. Behan McCullagh We look o historians for sound reliable information about the past. But modern and post modern critics have challenged their credibility and objectivity seeing written history as a product of contemporary culture. Can we find a way to approach history with new confidence? The Logic of History reveals the rational basis for historians' descriptions, interpretations and explanations of past events. C. Behan McCullagh defends the practice of history as more reliable than has recently been acknowledged. Historians, he argues, make their accounts of the past as fair as they can and avoid misleading their readers. He explains and discusses postmodern criticisms of history, providing students and teachers of history with a renewed validation of their practice. McCullagh takes the history debate to a new stage with bold replies to the major questions historians face today. Historical reasoning is explained in plain and simple terms, accessible to all with an interest in history. The book is a very thorough and judicious discussion. The author has particularly well developed capacity to draw upon a very wide range of exemplification, which adds greatly to the argument…. The thrust of the book as a critique of post modernism is sound. London: Routledge, 2007 (Location: MG University Central Library, First Floor, Shelf – 901 P42)
  2. 2. 158.1/ P81 Fox, Arnold Positive thoughts positive action.- Jaico, 2010 158.1/ P82 Rubino, Joe The success code.- Jaico, 2009 158.1/ P83 Stovall, Jim Winners’ wisdom to succeed.- Jaico, 2008 158.1/ P84 Newberry, Tommy Success is not an accident.- Jaico, 2009 158.1/ P9 Peale, Norman Vincent Six attitudes for winners.- Jaico, 2010 158.1/ P91 Xavier, G Francis The worlds best inspiring stories.- Jaico, 2010 181.114/ P6 Osho Joking around: Tao insights into life.- Jaico. 2008 181.114/ P61 Osho Tao: the golden gate.- Jaico, 2010 204/ P0;1 Osho The revolution: talks on Kabir.- Jaico, 2009 204/ P8 Osho The great secret.: talks on the songs of Kabir.- Jaico, 2009 204.22/ P9 Osho The last morning star: talks on the enlightened woman mystic Daya.- Jaico, 2009 204.35/ P9 Eknath Easwaran Timeless wisdom.- Jaico, 2009 294.344 2/ P8 Okawa, Ryuho The essence of Buddha.- Jaico, 2009 294.344 3/ P1 Osho This very body, the essence of Buddha: talks on Hakuin’s song of meditation.- Jaico, 2009 294.392 7/ P11 Osho The white lotus: talks on the Zen master Bodhidharma.- Jaico,2009 294.392 7/ P6 Osho The first principle: talks on Zen.- Jaico, 2009 294.521 13/ P6 Osho Krishna: the man and his philosophy.- Jaico, 2010 294.5924046/ P71 Sukhabodhanada, Swami Personal excellence through the Bhagavad Gita.- Jaico, 2009 297.4/ P7 Azim Jamal Life balance the Sufi way.- Jaico, 2007 299.93/ P7 Okawa, Ryuho Invincible thinking.- Jaico, 2009 299.93/ P71 Okawa, Ryuho 10 rules of wisdom.- Jaico, 2009 299.93/ P8 Okawa, Ryuho An unshakable mind: how to overcome life’s difficulties.- Jaico,2009 299.93/ P81 Okawa, Ryuho The laws of happiness: four principles for a successful life.-Jaico,2009 Social Sciences, Science, Medicine, Biography 300.285 467 8/ P9 Jankowski, Nicholas W e- research.- Routledge, 2009 333.79/ P9 Moran, David, Ed Energy security and global politics.- Routledge, 2009 338.926/ P6 Kenway, Jane Haunting the knowledge economy.- Routledge, 2006 346.410 482/ P7 Pedley, Paul Digital copyright.- 2nd ed.- Facet, 2007 346.410 482/ P9 Cornish, Graham P Copyright: interpreting the laws of libraries, archives and information services.- 5th ed.- Facet, 2009 355.473 8/ P7 Lonsdale, David J Alexander the Great: lessons in strategy.- Routledge, 2009 370.72/ P93 Wilson, Elaine School-based research.- Sage, 2009 378.1/ P8 Weaver, Margaret, Ed Transformative learning support models in higher education.-Facet, 2008 395/ N5 Redmond, Moira A handbook of etiquette.- Jaico, 2007 510.1/ P5 Shapiro, Stewart, Ed The Oxford handbook of philosophy of mathematics and logic.-OUP, 2007 510.934 02/ P5 Dhaval Bathia Vedic mathematics made easy.- Jaico, 2009 523.1/ P61 Hawking, Stephen The theory of everything: the origin and fate of the universe.-Jaico, 2010 551.483095483/ P5 (R) Rajan Chungath Nila: through time and space.-Vallathol Vidyapeetham, 2005 598.865/ P6 Frith, Clifford B The birds of paradise.- OUP, 2006 612.015 756/ P6 Benoiton, N Leo Chemistry of peptide synthesis.- Taylor & Francis, 2006 613/ P81 Fox, Arnold Making miracles.- Jaico, 2008 616.860 6/ P8 Simon, David Freedom.- Jaico, 2009 In 823 AMI 09/ P9 Bibhash Choudhury, Ed Amitav Ghosh: critical essays.- Prentice Hall of India, 2009 823 DIC/G/ P9 Dickens, Charles Great expectations.- Prentice Hall of India, 2009 901/ P42 McCullagh, C Behan The logic of history.- Routledge, 2007 922 RAM/ P3 Gajanan Khergamker Ramakrishna: thoughts to inspire and celebrate.- Jaico, 2005 923.2 KHA/ P9 Eknath Easwaran The two Gandhis.-nonviolent soldiers: the Frontier Gandhi- Khan Abdul Ghaffer Khan and Mahatma Gandhi.- Jaico, 2009 954.83/ N21;1 Rajan Gurukkal The Kerala temple and the early medieval agrarian system.- Vallathol Vidyapeetham, 1992 adbnjhnioXyw ô IeoX, nSIw, une² A 09/ N8;P9 uPn±Pm, tI Fw, FUo B¿oI adbnj hnioXyNco^w 5ÙnºjoëtS.ôUo ho, 2009 A1 ACH 09/ P6 foecna°, "®jjo, FUo A·o¿¿ot udnIw.ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2006 A1 EZH 09/ P3 Dg, ]o F?¿±t õ2oÆw Z±f=w.ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2003 A1 HEM/ D/ P5 uia, eo tI £cZ±foo.ô !ÒIhZhm, 2005 A1 KRI6/P/ P5 IygWencob±, tI So !k.ô!ÒIhZhm, 2005 A1 KUN3/TH/ P6;1 !¼ocna° nb±, ]o Xoct¼â¿ IeoXI³ .ô Uo ho, 2006 A1 NAR2 09/ N7 Ao² ejju¿n³ ejju¿njot Ineyttfdo.ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 1997 A1 NAR2 09/ P4 Ao² ejju¿n³ ejju¿n³ 5Xoõ.ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2004 A1 POT1/A/ P4 t]nHen³, ]o ]o tI AIw !lw A/lw.ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2004 A1 RAD5/O/ P6 cn[naWo Abo¹d¿m HÊøo h|+w Inüè.ô !ÒIhZhm, 2006 A1 SAC/T/ N9 h»oZnÀ° tXct¼â¿ IeoXI³: 1965ô1998. ô IlÂm eOm, 1999 A1 009/ P42 ANzX° ¸Xoco, A·o¿w IeoXbotd ey¿=w NHc=w.ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2004 A105 POO/P/ P8 "Ðnw "Ðnw IyXoI³ .ô Uo ho, 2008 A2 GOV/E/ P1 uKneoÀ° nb±, CSubco CSubcoÆtS nSIº³. ô IlÂm eOm, 2001 2
  3. 3. A3 BAL/C/ P8 _ndIy£°, ho eo ho eo _ndIy£t unteÈI³ .ô Uo ho, 2008 A3 JAY5/D/ P9 Pb!an±, tI ZbnZoÆtS iyZbw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A3 KAK/EZ/P0 In·nS° Gknw®¼. ô IlÂm eOm, 2000 A3 KOC/T/ P0 tIn®_ne, So eo tXct¼â¿ dxuneêI³. ô IlÂm eOm, 2000 A3 KOV/THAZ/ K9 uIneod° XnkmecI³. ô IlÂm eOm, 1999 A3 MAD/MAD/ N7 an[eo%½o an[eo%½oÆtS °è uneêI³ .ô Uo ho, 2009 A3 MEE2/ME/ P8 apc, tI B± apcnhn¿.ô Uo ho, 2009 A3 MEE2/N/ P8 apc, tI B± uu^nîpdw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2008 A3 MUH/P/ P9;1 ®iÅZm _gp±, tte·w u5audJw.ô Uo ho, 2009 A3 MUH/SA/ L9 ®iÅZm _gp±, tte·w fpº³.ô Uo ho, 2009 A3 NAL1/D/ N9 joo u_·² ttZe¿ot h|Ðw n½o². ô IlÂm eOm, 1999 A3 NAL1/S/ P4 joo u_·² fodneº³. ô IlÂm eOm, 2004 A3 RAJ91/O/ J9 cnPdKo Hç ekoÆw !qtl okêI;w. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A3 RAJ91 09/ P5 Pog ]bhm ok² epW ekoI³: cnPdKoÆtS IyXoI³ Hç Öp]¸enb .ô! ÒIhZhm, 2005 A3 RAJ97/P/ P8 cnPpe°, So ]o ]nudco anWoIyw.ô IlÂm eOm, 2007 A3 SAR1/OO/ P8 hnln uPnh^m ¥cm Ine².ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A3 SHA2/K/ P6 gnPo tâ¹uȲ ISaÊ¿m I¿n±.ô IlÂm eOm, 2006 A3 VAS1/K/ K9;3 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So Indw.ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A3 VAS1/R/ M4;2 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So c¾n°kw.ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A3 VKN/CH/ N7 eo tI F° No^õncX¿otd _náew.ô IlÂm eOm, 2004 adbnjhnioXyw ô tNcIY, D]ynhw, adbnjõng A301 ANA/AN/ P4 BÀm BÀot IYI³ (1960ô2002). ô IlÂm eOm, 2005 A301 ASO1/A/ P9 AufnI° Nçeo² AufnI° Nçeodot IYI³: 1976ô2007. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A301 CHE3/C/ N6 tNcInSm tNcInSot IYI³. ô IlÂm eOm, 2001 A301 LAL/M/ P3 djoXnw_oI AбÃw anWo·Ìw ae 5[n IYI;w. ô Uo ho, 2008 A301 MAD/NAR/ P3 an[eo%½o co»pcI³ ]l%uÄn³. ô Uo ho, 2009 A301 MAD/NA/ N6 an[eo%½o wtý pdnw_co. ô Uo ho, 2009 A301 MAD/PA/ P6 an[eo%½o ]¸oÆtS aWw. ô Uo ho, 2009 A301 MAD/T/ K7 an[eo%½o XüÃm. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A301 MEE/A/ P6 apc, tI B± Bue acob. ô IlÂm eOm, 2008 A301 MUH/VI/ L9 °iÅZm _gp±, tte·w eof|eoJynXanb °·m. ô Uo ho, 2009 A301 MUH/VIS/ M3;1 °iÅZm _gp±, tte·w eofÃmm. ô Uo ho, 2009 A301 PRI/J/ P2 5ob, F Fhm PnKèI. ô IlÂm eOm, 2007 A301 SET/MA/ P2 uhH atÊnç uUn½muInw háybo² . ô IlÂm eOm, 2002 A301 SRE/PA/ P1 [pcna°, ho eo ]nÄ°]nd¿oÌw ®Äm. ô IlÂm eOm, 2001 A301 THA2/C/ P7 XÎP Fhm õ½Xoco thd$ob² ]mtjbo°. ô Uo ho, 2007 A301 VAS/O/ J7;1 en»uZe° nb± Fw So ¨j=w Xpc=w. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A301 VAS/P/ K6 en»uZe° nb± Fw So ]Xw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A301 VAS/R/P4 en»uZe° nb± Fw So c2w !c¾ a®XcoI³ ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A301 VAS/SH/ N8;1 en»uZe° nb± Fw So tg±d·m. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A301 VAS/VAR/ K7 en»uZe° nb± Fw So enco%ko. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A3081 RAM/R/ P1 cna°]ojj, ho eo cnacnPn _i£±. ô Uo ho, 2009 A4 ANT1 09/ P6 f¹cÌBo, tI AÐÃnboÆtSÆw ®¾ubcoÆtSÆw hnioXy]¸]nXº³. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2006 A4 KAK/K/ P9 I·nSm, F° F° IeoXÆw ]ncÄcy=w. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2009 A4 PAU 09/ P6 ®cjp[c°, Fw Fw ]o u]njot hnioXyeoa±fw..ôejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw,2006 A4 RAJ2/ P/ N8;1 cnuPÞ°, ho ]nT=w t]nç;w. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 1998 A4 RAM8/K/ P5 cna°!½o, ]o eo #XoÆw InGÆw. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 1998 A8 ANA/N/ P3 BÀm w5uZfº³. ô IlÂm eOm, 2005 A8 APP1/P/ P8 Að, tI ]o 5uIn]º;tS !ÒIw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2008 A8 NAR91/S/ P6 ucÞ°, tI Fw [ª. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw 2006 A8 RAH/S/ P0 cn*d°, tI tI hw¾nc®!jw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2000 A8 SAR2/J/ P9 hc» Pb¿oÌu¾n !c%qeko. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 A8 SET/S/ P1 uhH foZf. ô IlÂm eOm ,2001 A8 VAS/K/ P3 en»uZe° nb±, Fw So IBnÐjo0·;tS Indw ô IlÂm eOm ,2008 B 09/ P4 5õnIcencob±, tI Fw adbnjw: anÊ=w ej±»Æw. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2004 B 09/ P6 Wn°hohm, ]o tP ]nXocoadbnjw: Hç !±eoNoÐw ô IlÂm eOm ,2006 B5/ P7 5õnIcencob±, tI Fw adbnjeynIcWhap¸. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2007 KuegWw, aXº³, õngnfnÖw, hnioXyw 001.42/ 32M2 5õnIcencob±, tI Fw KuegW]ªXo. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 1982 001.42/ 32P6 ANzXÌBo, Nn¿n¿m KuegWw: 5_ácNÆtS XX|º³. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2006 204/ 32P8 tInbmudn, ]vudn tejo»¿ot u]ncnjoI³; eoe ^odoÃm Fw 5hnZm. ô Uo ho, 2009 223.9/ 32P6 uhnja° D¿aKpXw. ô Uo ho, 2006 294.543 6/ 32N9 oXyttNXy bXo ubnKw FÁ hiPneÙ. ô IlÂm eOm, 2003 294.5921809/ 32P0 (KR) »!an± Akpu·nSm X¿|aho. ô Uo ho, 2009 3
  4. 4. 338.954/ 32P9 NÞZ¿m, FUo uhngydo$m AÌfpdw. ô ^J± uhngy² u^nlw, 2009 410/ 32P2 5õnIc encob± tI Fw õngnfnÖeoueIw. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2007 491.207/ 32P5 ]vudnhm, tI Po dxhwÁXw. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2005 791.4372 THI/ 32P8 cRmPoXm Xoc·Y. ô IlÂm eOp, 2008 796.03/ 32P0 (R) foeZnhm, ]o tI, FUo uàn±Smhm F°tthImujn]pUob. ô IlÂm eOm, 2000 808.068:2945922/ 32L9 ando ando cnanbWw. ô Uo ho, 2009 808.06831/ 32N41 ®iÅZm _gp±, tte·w h±ÃbÇw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 808.1/ 32P5 ANzXÌBo, Nn¿n¿m õncXpb hnioXy Z±fw. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2005 813 CRA/R/ 32P7 t?bm°, $p^° ufnW®¼.; eoe SnÊn!cw »!anc° ô Uo ho, 2007 823 BUT/W/ 32M6 _Smd±, hn®e² h±ew f|cw; !cnJynw anK%½o tP !ÁÃÉo. ô Uo ho, 2009 823 COL1/W/ 32M4 uInjo°hm, eo²·o te;¿ eÖw [co» hm^p; !cnJynw »ucgm ®H!jw.ôUo ho, 2009 823.0872DOY/H/ 32P7 uUnb², B±X± uIn° _n¾±eo²houd ue½nb; eoe ]o F encob±. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 843 DUM/M/ 32M2 ían, AdImhn¾± uan¾o?ou$n 5¦; !cnJynw ®cjp#£. ô Uo ho, 2008 843 GID/P/ 32P6 gpZm, BuÞ cnKdbw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2006 843 VER/A/ 32P7 ue®, j³ 80 Zoehw tIn¾m ¨ao% «ew; !cnJynw Fw Fhm NÞufJc encob±. ô Uo ho, 2007 891.209/ 32P3 ]vudnhm, tI Po ec5hnZw. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2003 891.21 JAY/G09/ 32P3 oXyttNXy bXo, Yç u5a=w õ2oÆw. ô IlÂm eOm, 2007 891.2105 NAR/N/ 32P41 ncnbW õ½Xoco, ua²!L± ncnbWpbw; eoe ]o Pbа ¸Xoco.ôejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2004 891.443 ASA/S/ 32P4 Bfn"±BnuZeo »e±BdX; eoe ]o an[e°]ojj. ô IlÂm eOm, 2007 891.443 SEL/S/ 32P1 thdp tintth° înem Zo ruUm ô IlÂm eOm, 2001m 891.44301 SAT/J/ 32P0 hXyPo¿m lnbm PinwKplot h|±BnWbw; eoe cn[n#£° Aboè±. ô IlÂm eOm, 2000 894.8113 IND/K/ 32P5 CÀocn ]n±QhncYo #£n..#£n; eoe ]o tI [poenh° ô IlÂm eOm, 2005 bn^neoecWw, PpeNco^w, Nco^w 915.414 04/ 32P3 _o¨Xo¨g® _uÀyn]n[ynb InâIjoêw uaâIjoêw ; eoe tI ceoe±Å. ô IlÂm eOm, 2003 915.496 04/ 32P5 cnaNÞ°, Fw tI Xu]n¨ao D¿cJ7m. ô IlÂm eOm, 2009 915.496 04/ 32P7 No^° ¸XocoÃnSm, ]o !Wyioandbw. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2009 920.5 LEE/ 32P7 dpdn uaun° odÆn¿ how^Wo. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2008 923.2 ACH/ 32P2 ANzXuaun°, ho ho ANzXuaunt Ublo%lo/I³. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2002 923.3 RAJ/ 32P1 ®cjo tI F° cnPm: ¨±Åbo² oÁm Nod CX;I³. ô IlÂm eImhm , 2001 923.4 JAN/ 32P3 Pn±¥%cÃm, Po Ft PpeoXw. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2004 923.6 GOD/ 32P1 uKnZneco ]çuj·± aÌgyçWçuÄn³; eoe Inkob¿m ZnuanZc°. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2001 923.7 EAC/ 32P3 ¤»cencob±, So eo Hc±t ¨±Å%lo/I³. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2008 927.9143 LOH/ 32P4 udnioXZnhm IYÆtS InWn/lº³. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2009 928 GRA/ 32P8 urho InuecoÆtS ucm. ô Uo ho, 2008 928 LAL/ 32L9;1 djoXnw_oI AбÃw BZIYÆm Hcn®Jw. ô IlÂm eImhm, 2007 928 PAU/ 32N6 ulnho uXnahm Dl©Á howiw. ô "±W ]_mjouIg°hm, 1996 928 SAN5/ 32P4 f¹c° Äyn±, ]o t5n^ ]o f¹c° Äyn± h¸±W#XoI³.ô2 endyw.- ô IlÂm eImhm, 2004, 954.83/ 32N81 ¸Xoco, F° Fw, FUo tejjÆtS Nco^w. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 1998 954.83/ 32P42.1 cnLeencob±, Fw B±, ÙnnucniWw: NS©I³. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2004 954.83/ 32P42.2 ¸Xoco, F° Fw, FUo anan¹w ucJI³. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2005 954.83/ 32P92 ¸Xoco, F° Fw, FUo uIcj Nco^¿ot nåekoI³. ôUo ho, 2009 954.83/ 32P93 cnLeencob±, Fw B± uIcjpbX: Nco^anº³. ô ejju¿n³ eoZyn]pTw, 2009 Book suggestions can be made using formats available at the MG University Library Websites. List of New Additions during earlier months also can be had from the library web site. We would like to receive your comments on the titles selected during the month. Your remarks on any book with content of inferior quality; (Given in writing or as e-mail to mgulibrary@gmail.com) can help us to control the quality of collection development. Please visit library news in sites mgu.ernet.in and mgu.net.tc for further details. Please participate in the qualitative improvement of collection development. Prepared by Technical Section, Mahatma Gandhi University Library, Priyadarshini Hills, Kottayam – 686560, Kerala India. URL: mgu.ernet.in, E-mail: mgulibrary@gmail.com. Telephone: 0481 2731018. 4 Full text of all Doctoral Dissertations accepted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 1983-2008 can be accessed at the web site: http://www.mgutheses.org All Research Guides and scholars are requested to check the site as well as the printed draft bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of MGU available at the University Library and provide data for updating the site and the bibliography