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Observational drawing year 12


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Observational drawing year 12

  1. 1. This week, we would like you to produce a series a small obseravtional drawings from your photographs. We would suggest at least 4-6 drawings. You can complete these in any medium of your choice, and they can be ‘sketchy’ and ‘experimental’ in style. There are some examples on these slides, but it may also be helpful for you to look on Pinterest for other drawing styles that inspire you. You may choose to complete these on sheets of paper, which could then be cut out and mounted onto a board back at school.
  2. 2. Before you start you smaller drawings and sketches, you may want to consider composition. Using your photographs, and from your observations, are you going to draw single objects or things, or layer drawings together.
  3. 3. Breakfast Still Life By Saul Steinburg, 1974 For this task, you can choose any mediums of your choice, as mounted up, these will look lovely as a collection of observational sketches. You may want to try anything that you have access to at home: • Pens, and Biro. • Markers and sharpies. • Watercolour (paint and pencil) • Acrylic • Incorporating collage into your sketches. • Coffee • Charcoal • Anything!
  4. 4. If you like illustrative drawings and sketches, there are a number of well known illustrators that produce lovely work for many of the large companies including food retailers like Waitrose and M and S Food. If you like this style, you may choose to do some of your drawings using this style, using fine liners and watercolours.