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Mist avenue

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Mist Avenue is leading real estate developer in north India, has launched two of its most aspirational commercial products in its Bhasin Mist Avenue Project, These finely crafted and luxuriously appointed living spaces are surrounded by world class infrastructure and amenities if you see past record, in the long term the high-price level gets evened out and the overall returns from investments in real estate remain high.

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Mist avenue

  1. 1. BHASIN MIST AVENUE A Commercial enterpriseSector-143 Express Highway, Noida http://www.mistavenueeway.com/
  2. 2. Features• This brand-new property offers ultra-luxuriouscommercial/retail offices.• Landscape gardening integrated with most contemporaryand futuristic plan prospect.• This tower is fully loaded with all the world-class featuresand amenities.• 100% power backup and modern escalators and elevators. Modern architecture where marble, granite, steel and glasscome together with cutting edge scientific precision to createa new classical vibe that looks and feels timeless. http://www.mistavenueeway.com/
  3. 3. Location Advantage• Situated in Sector 143, Noida Expressway,which makes it the best residential sector in thelocation.• Within reach to Sec-18 and local market.• Aerocity dispersed crosswise 25 acres withcontrived evolution of hotels, retail spaces andcommercial offices.• Easy connectivity to Delhi and near areas. http://www.mistavenueeway.com/
  4. 4. Contact Us CALL US ON: 9811108440 For More Details :http://www.mistavenueeway.com/ http://www.mistavenueeway.com/