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Full Digital Innovation Partners

  1. Fresh Digital Group Overview: Full Digital Innovation Providers WE STRATEGIZE. WE EXECUTE. WE DELIVER. ON ALL SCREENS.
  2. Full Digital ! Innovation Partner! Fresh Digital is a diverse group of creators, innovators, and developers who cohesively specialize in understanding your vision and executing solutions that enhance the digital life of your products.! ! Fresh Digital Group
  3. About Us! WE STRATEGIZE: We identify opportunities, assess needs in the mobile ecosystem, and direct resources needed to provide engaging consumer experiences WE EXECUTE: We bridge the across each point of digital gap between the design capabilities interaction. ! of an interactive agency, the analytics of market researchers, and the technical expertise of a systems integrator, by identifying niche areas of opportunities and designing customized strategies that optimize capitalization.   WE DELIVER: We produce innovative technologies that transform your ideas into meaningful experiences, in the fast-changing digital ecosystem.! ! ! Fresh Digital Group !
  4. The Screen Landscape! 37.5M US 60 million tablet owners! consumers 14 & in 2011 and that number! over will make a is expected to reach! Over 60% of mobile purchase 100 million this year ! connected TV owners on their mobile use internet apps at least once a week! phones this year! By 2020, 90% of the 1/3 of all mobile users! 77% of global population already actively engage! tablet will own a mobile with web content on owners use device.! their mobile phones.! their device daily.! Mobile App Usage is up to 120M Connected 94 minutes Per TVs in the market Day & 40 now, 600M by downloads per 2015! user! 47% of iPad owners are age 13-34! Fresh Digital Group
  5. Our Perspective! Opportunity: ! Mobile devices have driven customer expectations to new heights, increasing the frequency of interactions between customers and businesses. These interactions create an opportunity for business to enrich and extend their relationship with consumers.! Innovation ! Problem: ! As the digital market emerges a lack in mobile expertise leaves Engagement! many businesses struggling to understand what experiences to provide on what devices. In turn, siloed approaches are created deconstructing the benefit mobile creates as an additional touchpoint of interaction - innovative communicative technologies become viewed as a threat. ! ! ! ! Solution: Fresh Digital Group! Sales Utility We identify opportunities in the mobile ecosystem, and can guide the activities and resources needed to generate healthy creative content that leverages your business initiatives across each point of digital interaction. ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  6. Our Value! The current marketplace is Business   fragmented and building a competent team or finding the right partner to execute Brand   Agency   is difficult. ! ! Most agencies have yet to Fresh   build in-house mobile Digital   Content   teams, are outsourcing all Group   Developer   development, but are spending twice the time and money to find the perfect fit for the project. ! OEM   Carriers   Value Proposition: As mobile and tablet usage explodes, we understand the pain point brands, agencies, and businesses currently face when entering digital market. Fresh Digital Group was established to relieve the pain point in: market research and understanding, mobile and social strategy development, creating a network of best-in-class partners, and positioning companies to become industry leaders. Weʼve used our mobile expertise to form strategic partnerships that provide offerings within the most concentrated and innovative areas of mobile. We pride ourselves on our unique network of experts, developers, and partners, that make us the trusted partner in the mobile space.! ! !   Fresh Digital Group
  7. Creating Industry Efficiency! Client Need! Agency! Digital Team! Digital Strategy - Clients Creates a digital program that rely on agencies to translates the clients top-level In-House! create a strategy firmly business objectives into an action grounded on the mission and value plan for the digital space.! Web Space! proposition of their ! ! brand. ! ! Through collaboration the ! agency is more client focused, confident in the value of their offerings, and creators of an enjoyable experience.! Fresh Digital! ? ? ?! As Mobile Experts we are the interaction point that identifies how to meet all needs in the mobile ecosystem.! Mobile Space! ! ! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  8. Our Mobile Work! Select Product Showcase! ! ! ! The success of utilizing our strategy optimization process is evident through the work we have produced.! ! Each product exemplifies the unique incorporation of the fundamental aspects of mobile strategy, in order to deliver an engaging experience for each user across all touchpoints.! Fresh Digital Group
  9. !Health Media Services! HMS! Educational Hospital iPad App ! Instructional Rich Video! •  New Diagnosis Informational Tool! •  Demographic Research Analytics! • Currently trialing in hospitals nationwide! Fresh Digital Group
  10. Voxy! Voxy is a Foreign Language Education App created to allow people to easily learn a foreign language anywhere they are. Its Location-Based features enable the learning content to be customized to the world around them, and through Real-Time Relevant Content, Voxy teaches users to read and speak a foreign language that is unique to their own personalized interests. ! ! -  Launched on iOS in December 2010! •  10,000 downloads in the first month.! -  After expansion onto iPad and Android! •  500,000+ downloads in the U.S.! •  1.25M in Latin America ! •  The #1 spot in its app category in 11 countries! Fresh Digital Group
  11. DejaMi! Deja Mi is a brand new way to experience life through an open social network of venue-based photos and videos. Deja Mi uses Location-Based Services to map location views, lists, galleries in real-time as it is created around them. It syncs with Twitter and Facebook to create a totally open social network, enabling you to follow your friends while engaging with everyone.! ! Deja Mi was launched on the iOS and Android platform in July 2011. In Fall 2011 it was the official app for the Hopscotch Music Festival and the 2011 Smarter Commerce Global Summit.! Fresh Digital Group
  12. TixMe! TixMe is a mCommerce ticket purchasing app that enables users to utilize its Real-Time Location-Based Service features to find, browse, and purchase movie tickets at theater venues around them. Through the integration of social media outlets users can share their experiences and communicate with others in their network directly through the application.! ! It also allows location-based advertisements to be targeted at users directly through the platform- allowing marketers to create custom movie based promotions and provide detailed analytics back to those promotional partners. ! ! TixMe was released in iOS version in June 2010. Since its release TixMe has held a 5-star rating from users and has proven Fresh Digital Group to be a valuable tool to advertisers as well. !
  13. !Capital One – Shazam Banner Ads! Fresh Digital Group
  14.         Platforms! •  Social! •  B2B! •  Video! ! Fresh Digital Group
  15. Social Platform! Integration Drives App Success:! Social! Location Aware! Local! Interactive! Our Services Gateway:! •  Simplifies App-Service Integration! •  Reduces up front App development costs! •  Reduces ongoing App maintenance costs! •  Reduces the frequency of required App updates! •  Enables cloud based App provisioning & addition of new services (no App update required)! •  Collects real time ʻin-Appʼ Social Media Insight! Fresh Digital Group
  16. TV Pyx! *powered by social platform   TV Pyx is a Windows Phone app for the UK TV and Radio Guide featuring the top TV and radio stations. ! With this app, users can view channels list and program information for the next 5 days. ! ! Integrated directly to the TV show information, a user can pull up the Twitter stream for a show, and interact with it. The app utilizes Twitter and Facebook to see what others are saying about a userʼs favorite program. The user can instantly jump into a conversation and tweet a response or comment on their Facebook wall. ! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  17. Blood Sprint! *powered by social platform   Blood Sprint is a Windows Phone app designed to simplify the process of engagement with donors and provide hospitals and charities a Location-Based, viral platform to attract new donors.! ! The appʼs key feature is the Alert System that utilizes Location-Based Services, RSS Feeds and Social Media to make users aware of blood drives, blood type shortages and emergencies. The Donor Database feature within the app also uses location-based communication and donation tracking with a game element.! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  18. B2B Platform! Optimize your B2B site ! •  Rich media video! •  Social media plug-ins! •  Creative user interface/experience for ease-of-use! •  Interactive Sales Tool ! Fresh Digital Group
  19. Rich Video Platform! Video Media Platform! New, proprietary format for video applications on iPads. Transform DVD and long form video into interactive, multi-feature apps with bonus material, photos, bios, links, commerce and community features like commenting, and sharing.! •  Video is transformed into an Internet connected, location aware, social feature enabled downloadable App for iPads.! •  Scene and chapter selection.! •  Photo galleries. ! •  Bonus materials.! •  Commenting, sharing on all chapters, photos and other content. ! •  More information links to web sites, album and song digital downloads, fan sites, wikipedia, and other community offerings.! •  Facebook and Twitter login and sharing! •  Integrate with 3rd party video and analytics partners.! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  20. Rich Video Platform! Push Notifications! •  Fully integrated iPad/iPhone push notification system! •  Send via web based dashboard or link to an RSS feed.! •  Customized sound alert! •  Announce new content, news or updates to engage your users an bring them back to the app! •  Available live in CBS News, Dexter, 60 Minutes, CNET News and more.! •  Note: Push message shown is much bigger than actual! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  21. Our Web Work ! Select Product Showcase! ! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  22.         Technical! Capabilities ! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  23. Mobile App Technology! Augmented Reality! Implementing a type of virtual reality that can combine real- time content with images & information in a real-time session.! •  Mobile App Integration - Uses images and visual recognition software to search for information. ! ! Image Recognition! Uses images and visual recognition software to search for information.! •  Mobile App and Web integration! Location Based Services! The ability to use the phoneʼs GPS to display relevant information.! •  Push notification system ! •  Geo-targeted advertising! •  Full breadth of mobile application features! •  Location based function for social media platforms! •  Content, users, events! •  Google Maps API integration !   Fresh Digital Group
  24. Cross-Platform Web Development! Cross-Platform Creative! Through partnering with the best in- class mobile and web developers, we provide you with the capability to run your campaign across all internet- enabled devices.! ! Implementation to include: ! •  Full website! •  Full mobile site! •  HTML5 animated site! •  Landing pages! •  Mobile applications! •  Rich Media Creative & Ad Development! Fresh Digital Group
  25.         Creative! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  26. Creative Showcase! Concept! User ! Design! Experience! Design! Brand Identity & ! Logo Creation! Rich Media Creative! Fresh Digital Group
  27. Creative Showcase! Mobile Media and Advertising Banner Design! Fresh Digital Group
  28. Creative Showcase! Seamless ! Brand ! Integration! Fresh Digital Group
  29. Mobile Gaming! Bye Bye Brain: App-ocalypse is a multi-platform video game developed using Wave Engine. It was released in January 2012 on Windows Phone 7.5 (Android and iOS versions releasing during Q1 2012).! ! Bye Bye Brain already has over 10,000 Windows Phone players.! ! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  30.         Marketing &! Advertising! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  31. Mobile Advertising! Rich Media! Capturing unique user experience through mobile advertising. ! •  Exceptionally Rich, Measurable Ads! •  In app and mobile web advertising! •  Cross-Platform Creative Campaigns! ! Video Ads! Short ads that gives the user a captivating and emotional experience.! •  Video Overpass ads, interactive HTML5 video ads, Rich media cross platform! and 3D rotator ads)! •  Rich media videos ads within websites, mobile applications and games.! ! Voice Ads! Non-intrusive in app advertisement that utilize patented TTS (text- to-speech) vAds and Audio MP3 Ad technology to deliver ads within application loading time. ! •  Targeted Ads, ! •  Voice advertisements through websites, ! •  Customer customizable ads, ! •  Ads during application loading time.! Get voice ads during loading/ waiting time! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  32. Mobile Advertising! Creative Banner Ads! We partner with leading advertising networks and mediation platforms to provide non-intrusive small banner ads that donʼt interfere with the users experience. ! •  Customizable Leave Behind Banner Ad! •  3D Rotating Ads! 3D Rotating Ads ! •  3D Rotator + Slider! •  Interactive HTML5 Video! •  Ad analytics! 3D Rotator + Slider! Fresh Digital Group The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  33. Mobile Campaign Integration! SMS! SMS bulk messaging is relatively new in FRESH! marketing & advertising. It requires your costumerʼs phone numbers & intelligently designed planned to reach out to them. ! •  SMS campaigns such as text to vote! •  Text to screen! •  Text alerts! •  Sweep stakes! App appearing Sent from app! In SMS footer or •  SMS demographic and geo-targeting to send on screen or mobile web! dedicated SMS! coupons and messages! ! QR Coding! Quick-Response codes are multi- dimensional codes that once decoded can display large amounts of information. ! •  QR coding advertising and informational campaigns! •  Connecting QR codes to promote brand engagement and mobile interactivity! •  Develop Landing pages in support of Creative & Development of mobile integrated marketing campaigns.! landing pages in ! support of QR Code TV ! Fresh Digital Group campaign! The work presented in this slide is that of our partner network, showcasing our teamʼs capabilities. !
  34. Mobile Analytics! Mobile Analytics Platform! Without proper analytics, brands and agencies cannot determine if their marketing efforts resulted in any tangible value.! •  Unlike other analytic platforms in the market, our service identifies all your visitors! •  Advanced filter options ! •  Save and recall filters! •  Deploy on all sites/apps and share with other users! •  Automated user segmentation for loyalty data! •  We specialize in providing global mobile billing analytics, for both mobile websites and in-app! •  Detailed funnel analysis so that you can test in- app purchases, calls-to-action, subscriptions and registrations to see which processes result in the most conversions.! Fresh Digital Group
  35.         Solutions! ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  36. End-to-End Capabilities! Digital ! Consulting. Strategy. Execution.! ! Mobile ! Consulting. Creative. Execution. ! ! Creative ! Concepts. Design. UX. Innovation. ! ! Execution ! Project Management. Development. QA.! ! Optimization Road Mapping. User Experience. Monetization. ! ! Marketing ! Communications. Public Relations. Social Media. ! ! Fresh Digital Group
  37. End-to-End Solutions! As mobile strategists, we guide you through the entire development process from ideation, to product execution, monitoring, and life-cycle management. ! ! Our team of partners is capable of providing you with the proper toolkit and solutions needed to develop and scale across all platforms, operating systems, and devices. ! Fresh Digital Group
  38. Fresh Digital Group! 111 East 77th Street! New York, NY 10075! !! !! Fresh Digital Group