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EastBay.NET - Introduction to MonoTouch

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Introduction to MonoTouch presentation given to the EastBay.NET user group on Dec. 13th at Berkeley, CA

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EastBay.NET - Introduction to MonoTouch

  1. 1. Introduction to MonoTouch C# on iOS Ash DCosta @SoftwareWeaver www.Ashvil.net
  2. 2. About me• Founder and chief architect – Mobi Weave, Inc.• 20+ years experience in software with Intel, i2 Technologies, IdentityMine, i3Connect and Wells Fargo
  3. 3. MS BI on iOS SharePoint on iOS App Catalog
  4. 4. What is MonoTouch?Platform to enable C#/.NET programs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  5. 5. Dislike Objective-C
  6. 6. Then you will love MonoTouch
  7. 7. .NET on iOS
  8. 8. How does this work Your Mono Code Libraries CIL Native ARM Code via AOT and linking
  9. 9. AOT -> Link -> BinaryMonoTouch uses Ahead-Of-Time compilation to produce a single statically compiled ARM binaryAOT compilation pre-generates the native code that the JIT would normally generate from ILLinks this together with the JIT-less runtime into a single native binary that can be signed
  10. 10. API Complete coverage of Apple iOS SDK Close to .NET4 clientprofile (minus Windows specific frameworks) Super set of windows phone 7 .NET APIBinding API for Obj-C controls
  11. 11. Memory ManagementRetain - GarbageRelease Collector
  12. 12. IDE
  13. 13. Xcode Integration
  14. 14. Debugger
  15. 15. Simulator
  16. 16. Best Docs ever
  17. 17. Settings
  18. 18. DemoShake Maps
  19. 19. Sharing CodeCross platform C# on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone
  20. 20. Multi-Platform Architecture
  21. 21. Pub-Sub with TinyMessenger TinyMessengerBusiness Layer UI Layer Publisher Subscriber
  22. 22. Cross Platform
  23. 23. MonoTouch.Dialog
  24. 24. MonoCross MVC
  25. 25. MonoGameMonoGame is an Open Source implementation of theMicrosoft XNA 4 Framework.
  26. 26. Getting Started xamarin.com/monotouch
  27. 27. Steps to first C# iOS appGet a Mac Download Download Write App Publish App XCode MonoTouch •Buy •From Mac •Run MT •Utilize C# •Signup for •Rent App store Installer expertise iOS •Borrow Developer program •Buy MonoTouch •Publish to App Store
  28. 28. Credits Thanks to Xamarin and the Mono team for an awesome productAlso thanks to MonoTouch evangelists for images
  29. 29. Questions