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HEY Olive Garden! We are sorry... #PowerPoint #OliveGarden #Darden #StarboardValue

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We sure hope Olive Garden survived the presentation yesterday with that 294 slidedeck that was presented by Starboard Value in hopes to restructure their business. In light of that #Deathbypowerpoint example we decided to send design them a personal message of hope and inspiration!

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HEY Olive Garden! We are sorry... #PowerPoint #OliveGarden #Darden #StarboardValue

  2. We are sorry you had to sit through this...
  3. Sitting through that might have been worse than this...
  4. No disrespect. Don’t get us wrong. It’s a damn good game plan.
  5. At least it looks like one considering it’s 294 slides long.
  6. Someone put in a lot of time compiling all that data and information.
  7. The printout must have been massive!
  8. We just feel it could have used some help and a touch of finesse.
  9. We feel it could have used some help and a touch of finesse. like this...
  10. breadsticks just one example of food waste Olive Garden is famous for its unlimited breadsticks, but poor execution around this signature item we believe both increases costs and hurt the guest experience.
  11. menu has become far too complex “I thought the menu selection was very large, almost too many options.” 62 70 72 89 96 d d - Olive Garden Customer
  12. we believe olive garden needs to improve the experience, service, and food quality. RATINGS FROM 9.2012 TO 9.2013 AVERAGE RATING: 3.46 OLIVE GARDEN: 3.0
  13. spanish style tapas olive garden no longer serves authentic italian food.
  14. “...the actual dish was barely edible...” lasagna fritta olive garden website display served at new york olive garden
  15. OH , BTW, why doesn’t the “Olive Garden” have one of these...?
  16. And why are you not in Hawaii, yet your commercials still run here?
  17. Just some food for thought : )
  18. Next time maybe we can help! @empoweredpres