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Neo naturalism

Erin Paasch- Contemporary Art Trend Project for Art IV

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Neo naturalism

  1. 1. Neo-Naturalism Erin Paasch
  2. 2. A Mod-Podge of Science and Artistic Innovation natural or organic materials combined with scientific processes to create art performance abstract sculpture embracing a balance between the two extremes that our society is approaching
  3. 3. Pioneering Artists Lex Pott David Derksen
  4. 4. More Pioneering Artists Pascal Smelik Sonja Bäumel
  6. 6. icky and gross? or truthful...
  7. 7. EEG Kiss: Using Science to Measure Emotional Sensations this is one direction this neo-naturalism is going-- using experimental labs and getting everyday people to participate and make scientific discoveries into human emotion, and then making art from the findings
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