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Epilepsy & Seizures101,[object Object],Presentation by: Myeshi Briley ,[object Object], Education Presenter for Epilepsy Foundation,[object Object],(2010),[object Object]
What Is the Difference Between Epilepsy & Seizures?,[object Object],[object Object]
A seizure is a brief, temporary disturbance in the electrical activity of the brainA seizure is a symptom of epilepsy,[object Object]
Who Has Epilepsy?,[object Object],About 3 million Americans have epilepsy,[object Object],Roughly 200,000 new cases of seizures and epilepsy occur each year,[object Object],50% of people with epilepsy develop seizures by the age of 25; however, anyone can get epilepsy at any time,[object Object],Now there are as many people with epilepsy who are 60 or older as children aged 10 or younger,[object Object]
What Causes Epilepsy?,[object Object],In about 70% of people with epilepsy, the cause is not known,[object Object],In the remaining 30%, the most common causes are:,[object Object],[object Object]
 Brain tumor and stroke
 Lead poisoning
 Infection of brain tissue
 Prenatal disturbance of brain development,[object Object]
The risk is higher in people with certain medical conditions:
Mental retardation
Cerebral palsy
Alzheimer’s disease
Autism,[object Object]
What Happens During a Seizure,[object Object],Generalized seizureInvolves the whole brain and loss of consciousness,[object Object],Absence: characterized by brief loss of consciousness,[object Object],Tonic-Clonic: characterized by rhythmic jerking of muscles,[object Object],Partial seizureInvolves only part of the brain; may or may not include loss of consciousness,[object Object],Symptoms relate to the part of the brain affected,[object Object]
Symptoms That May Indicate a Seizure Disorder,[object Object],Periods of blackout or confused memory,[object Object],Occasional “fainting spells”,[object Object],Episodes of blank staring in children,[object Object],Sudden falls for no apparent reason,[object Object],Episodes of blinking or chewing at inappropriate times,[object Object],A convulsion, with or without fever,[object Object],Clusters of swift jerking movements in babies,[object Object]
Seizure Triggers,[object Object],Missed medication (#1 reason),[object Object],Stress/anxiety,[object Object],Hormonal changes,[object Object],Dehydration,[object Object],Lack of sleep/extreme fatigue,[object Object],Photosensitivity,[object Object],Drug/alcohol use; drug interactions,[object Object]
First Aid for Seizures,[object Object],Stay calm and track time,[object Object],Do not restrain the person, but help them avoid hazards,[object Object],Protect head, remove glasses, loosen tight neckwear,[object Object],Move anything hard or sharp out of the way,[object Object],Turn person on one side, position mouth to ground,[object Object],Check for epilepsy or seizure disorder ID,[object Object],Understand that verbal instructions may not be obeyed,[object Object],Stay until person is fully aware and help reorient them,[object Object],Call ambulance if seizure lasts more than 5 minutes or if it is unknown whether the person has had prior seizures,[object Object]
Potentially Dangerous Responses to Seizure,[object Object],DO NOT,[object Object],Put anything in the person’s mouth,[object Object],Try to hold down or restrain the person,[object Object],Attempt to give oral anti-seizure medication,[object Object],Keep the person on their back face up throughout convulsion,[object Object]
When to Call 911 or Emergency Medical Services,[object Object],A convulsive seizure occurs in a person not known to have seizures or lasts more than 5 minutes,[object Object],A complex partial seizure lasts more than 5 minutes BEYOND its usual duration for the individual,[object Object],Another seizure begins before the person regains consciousness,[object Object],Also call if the person:,[object Object],Is injured or pregnant	,[object Object],Has diabetes/other medical condition 	,[object Object],Recovers slowly,[object Object],Does not resume normal breathing,[object Object]
How Is Epilepsy Diagnosed?,[object Object],Clinical Assessment,[object Object],Patient history,[object Object],Tests (blood, EEG, CT, MRI or PET scans),[object Object],Neurologic exam,[object Object],ID of seizure type,[object Object],Clinical evaluation,[object Object],	to look for causes,[object Object]
Treatment Goals in Epilepsy,[object Object],Help person with epilepsy lead full and productive life,[object Object],Eliminate seizures without producing side effects,[object Object]
What Factors InfluenceDecision to Treat?,[object Object],Treatment may be appropriate:,[object Object],Abnormal EEG,[object Object],Previous seizure,[object Object],Partial seizure,[object Object],Driver,[object Object],Other neurologic impairment,[object Object],Elderly,[object Object],Treatment may NOT be appropriate: ,[object Object],Single seizure,[object Object],No history,[object Object],Neurologically normal,[object Object],Young age,[object Object],Side effects,[object Object]
Types of Treatment,[object Object],[object Object]
Non-pharmacologic treatment
Ketogenic diet
Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)
Lifestyle modifications,[object Object]
Side effects
Patient age
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