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July 2011 Column for Ohlala! Magazine

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July 2011 Column for Ohlala! Magazine

  1. 1. Column  to  Our  very   Your  monthly  guide ith  Omer  Rana own  Island’s  secrets…  w HiddenGems E very morning going to the range from space ships to princess MySecretBahrain.com office in this carriages. There is even little heat, I feel like I am being cooked in televisions in front of each chair the car. Delivery food has no excuse playing cartoons and a play area! to be cold at least, but it is months Unfortunately, I haven’t like these that also make me want to cut all my yet found a men’s hairstylist hair off, and I know I’m not the only one feeling that doesn’t make me look like this way. If you’re thinking about getting the a 90s shampoo ad. Guys, help chop, here are the best places to do that. me out, if you know a normal Like most other men, I don’t colour my hair, hair dresser write his name or know much about salons without my wife and number down and email giving me my opinion. But one thing I especially it to editor@mysecretbahrain. like about this salon is its name – UBeauti. Call com. You’ll save me from my wife and book with Cris for an excellent haircut, she’s who currently cuts my hair, and especially good with something called bangs and it’s totally gone to her head. Pun colouring. My wife seems to spend a lot of time intended. there. She tells me Cris is fun to be around, so if you fancy a long gossip and some good coffee, 1.Ubeauti she’s the one for you. Kris, Hamala My Secret Bahrain are also a big fan of Heads Call: 1369 1999 Up’s hairstylist, Joseph, who is great at cuts as GPS: 26 10 7 50 27 59 well, and has an excellent treatment called the 2.Pace et Luce Salon, Wael Brazilian Blowout. Ladies, you may have hesitated Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomatic in the past on whether or not to have this Area treatment, well trust me, it is amazing! I saw it Call: 1753 3600 transform my wife’s morning hair from someone GPS: N 26 14 24 E 50 35 4 who saw a ghost to nicely smooth and frizz-­free. We’ve heard loads about Aliston’s hair 3.Jacques Dessange chopping skills at Purple Patchouli, as well as Catherine / Daisy / Melanie Wael’s from Pace et Luce, although he is also well-­ Adliya known for his styling services; if you have a big Call: 1771 3999 event coming up Wael can completely transform GPS: N 26 13 11 E 50 35 21 your hair into a cool but modern updo or ponytail. 4.Purple Patchouli, Aliston Not to be accused of favouritism, one should Al A’ali Shopping Complex try out Jacques Dessange, specifically Catherine Call: 1758 1051 and/or Daisy for trim or colour; should you be in GPS: N26° 13 59 E50° 32 26 the market for a blow-­dry or something my wife calls "natural looking Beyonce waves", book with 5.Heads Up Melanie. Joseph, Moda Mall Now for something different – a kids hair-­ Call: 1720 0070 cutting venue – Toon Town Kids Club, this www.headsupsalon.com place is amazing. I know we mentioned it briefly GPS: N26° 14 23 E50° 34 52 last month but while we are on the subject of 6.Toon Town Kids Club hairdressing... Really, I think it’s one of those Bahrain Mall, Seef innovative things where you look at it and think Call: 1755 6216 “darn, why didn’t I do that!”. It’s a hair salon that GPS: N26° 13 42 E50° 32 15 is catered to kids, the chairs for the hair-­cuts Omer Rana is the Editor and Co-­founder of www.mysecretbahrain.com, For any question e-­mail: omer.rana@mysecretbahrain.com22 Ohlala! I July 2011 I www.ohlala-magazine.com