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Your Life is a Transmedia Experience

Quick synopsis of our proposed panel for SXSWi 2011.

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Your Life is a Transmedia Experience

  1. 1. YOUR LIFE A IS TRANSMEDIA EXPERIENCE vote for this p anel at SXSW Interac tive 2011 http://panelp icker.sxsw.com /ideas/view/7 292
  2. 2. “ Transmedia is a fancy word for a simple concept: telling stories across multiple platforms.” —Tim Kring, creator, “Heroes”
  3. 3. Transmedia means a story could start out here…
  4. 4. And continue here… The ABC show, Castle, follows the fictional mystery writer Richard Caste and his crime-solving partner, NYPD detective, Kate Beckett. Castle’s novel, Naked Heat, which he penned during the show’s first season, was released both as a plot point in the course of the show’s story arc, and, simultaneously, as a real-life book, published by Hyperion. The hardcover even made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list!
  5. 5. When characters from the hit AMC show Mad Men, first appeared on Or here… Twitter and began interacting with fans and one another, these unauthorized, fan-created profiles sparked major controversy with the network. But AMC quickly recognized the value of allowing its most iconic characters to live, breathe, and tweet, among the show’s fans. Now, character twitter accounts are quickly becoming a natural standard for character-driven entertainment. Or  here…  
  6. 6. Also, here… The premise for HBO’s True Blood is that a new synthetic-blood drink has allowed vampires to “come out of the coffin,” as it were, and live openly among humans. To promote the show, advertisements for the new Tru:Blood beverage brand began popping up in billboards and magazines all over the country, bringing a key part of show’s fantastical story into reality.
  7. 7. What began as a couple of clever TV And, of course, here. spots featuring a hilariously suave caricature of, literally, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, has created a bonafide pop culture icon. The campaign’s expanded narrative has evolved with 186 personalized video responses to various Twitter users— which led Old Spice to become the No. 1 all-time most-viewed sponsored channel on YouTube. The “Old Spice Guy” was even spotted at Comic Con, entering Marvel’s costume contest.
  8. 8. Stories don’t stay put. They travel across all media platforms….
  9. 9. Just like we do.
  10. 10. With every status update, photo upload, location check-in, and “like” we click...
  11. 11. …transmedia is not just how we consume entertainment, it’s how we experience the story of our lives.
  12. 12. “Your Life Is A Transmedia Experience” This panel will delve into cutting-edge transmedia applications and approaches, as well as the social implication of transmedia experiences in our daily lives. You’ll walk away with a unique, new perspective on how to create not just a captivating transmedia narrative, but a culture-defining experience. Vote for this panel at: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/ideas/view/7292
  13. 13. Panelists: Jenka Gurfinkel cut her Hilary Read led the Marta Kagan is the Jan Libby is the creator teeth over a decade in concept and design Managing Director, US, of the popular indie music culture before development for the for Espresso, and the ARGs, Sammeeeees, becoming a digital launch of Electronic Arts’ creator of the critically and Wrath of Johnson strategist. From producing Majestic, a seminal, 2001 acclaimed slideshow (Sam II). She was Writer underground raves to ARG. These days she is franchise, "What the F**k and Interactive Designer leading the social media VP, Creative Innovation at is Social Media?” which for LG15 Studios on the strategy for a Live Nation EWI Worldwide. In her has been viewed over Lonelygirl15 Series music festival, Jenka has storied career, Hilary has 575,000 times and seasons 1 & 2, and developed an developed some of the translated into seven created the extended understanding of lifestyle auto industry’s most languages. As former VP, storyworld WhatWeird as the ARG that all innovative interactive Marketing at Viximo, for the Fox feature film consumers are already experiential programs for Marta’s background also Jumper. More recently, intimately immersed in. Scion, as well as Lexus, spans strategies for fan Jan wrapped on the Jenka is a Strategist at Honda, Nissan, and engagement through Levi’s GO IV Game/ Espresso. Infiniti. virtual goods. Experience. T: @babiejenks T: hankie007 T: @mzkagan T: @labfly
  14. 14. vote for this pane l at SXSW Interactive 2011 http://panelpicke r.sxsw.com/ideas /v iew/7292