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Research Poster Design

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A presentation on how to prepare and present an effective research paper based on a summary of the paper by the paper “Preparing and Presenting Effective Research Poster” by
Jane E. Miller in Health Services Research journal.

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Research Poster Design

  1. 1. Preparing and Presenting Effective Research Poster A summary of the paper “Preparing and Presenting Effective Research Poster” by Jane E. Miller in Health Services Research journal. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1955747/ Nandana Mihindukulasooriya Ontology Engineering Group
  2. 2. What’s the paper is about? ● Objective ○ Methodological guidelines on poster design ○ Focused on explaining complex statistical results ● Method ○ Literature review on research communication and poster design ○ Comparison of content and format of papers, speeches, and posters ○ Guidelines on how to present statistical analysis with illustrated examples ● Findings ○ Adapt to audience and format ○ Complex statistical results -> simpler graphics and charts ● Conclusions ○ Focused on 2 or 3 key findings with a focused, clear story line ○ Accompanying handouts and narrative to provide technical details ○ Encourage dialog with the poster viewer
  3. 3. What is a research poster? ● Hybrid of a published paper and oral presentation ○ Less detailed than paper, more detailed than a speech ○ A dialogue between the you and the viewers ● Experience ○ A good practise explaining your research quickly and clearly ■ The importance of the research ■ Main findings and their meaning ○ A good way to get feedback ■ How to apply your research on different ways ■ How to extend it ■ Alternative ways to perform the same research
  4. 4. Why we need a simple and clear story ? ● A varied professional audience ○ Experts in your topics, experts in your methods, experts in other domains ○ Provide enough background on topic and methods ● Some tips ○ Why your work is interest to the audience ○ Not too long, dense, or detailed ○ Not too technical or theoretical ○ No excessive jargon (less acronyms) ● A simple, and clear narrative ○ A brief oral synopsis of few sentences ○ Practise it with a set of fresh eyes and ears
  5. 5. Checklist for research posters ● Content ○ Focus on 2 or three main points ○ Present in a simpler way adapted to the varied audience ● Layout and format ○ Vertical sections with sufficiently large points. ○ Easy to follow from start to end ● Narrative description ○ Rehearse a three to four sentence description ○ Prepare questions to the viewers. ● Handouts ○ Prepare handouts to distribute to interested viewers with abstract, key findings ○ Include contact information.