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Are Your Sales & Marketing Teams Like Hamsters?

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Are your sales & marketing team like hamsters? Here is how building strong role based b2b marketing list can help you drive home better results.

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Are Your Sales & Marketing Teams Like Hamsters?

  1. 1. are your sales and marketing teams like hamsters ?
  2. 2. targeting accounts without knowing exact decision makers is a lot like a hamsters life you keep running but get nowhere
  3. 3. simple questions
  4. 4. do you spend a lot of selling time navigating through companies trying to find the right decision maker?
  5. 5. are you sure you are knocking on the right doors?
  6. 6. are you being heard by the right people or perhaps not being heard at all ?
  7. 7. are your target lists serving you well ?
  8. 8. simple facts
  9. 9. up to 40% of a salespersons time can be spent locating the right person to speak to
  10. 10. decision makers identified by job title may not be the right ones for you to connect with job titles can be deceptive
  11. 11. a smaller more focused list can give you better returns than a larger, more general list less is the new more
  12. 12. spending a bit more on building a great list is spending a lot less time and money at further stages strong list. strong foundation.
  13. 13. simple action
  14. 14. know your exact decision makers in every target account and how to reach them don’t go the hamster’s way
  15. 15. identify your decision makers by roles & responsibilities rather than just job titles know you have the right person
  16. 16. gather contact data & intelligence you need to make quicker , better informed moves focus on data quality vs. quantity
  17. 17. build high quality role based marketing lists. sell smart
  18. 18. Role Based Contact List Building Solutions at ReadyContacts www.ReadyContacts.com Tel : 1-408-223-1075 Twitter: www.twitter.com/readycontacts Request a free trial