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How to Generate 195,013 Visitors a Month Without Spending a Dollar on Ads

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How to Generate 195,013 Visitors a Month Without Spending a Dollar on Ads

  2. 2. At the end of the webinar… “I’m going to give you a cheat sheet on how I ranked #1 for online marketing”
  3. 3. Who This Is For Solo entrepreneur. (Freelancer, lawyer, accountant, designer, consultant, etc.). People with established online businesses who feel like they’ve plateaued. People who just want to get better at marketing. People who are just starting off and aren’t sure what exactly to do. People who are looking to dominate their marketplace.
  4. 4. My Unemployed Mama and I
  5. 5. “…Without It, I Can't Help”
  6. 6. The Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout & Hello Bar I’ve helped companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. I’ve driven over 800,000,000 “wallet-out, ready-to-buy” visitors to my clients’ websites I’ve also worked with Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, Sales Force and Intuit. I was recognised as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama. I also helped Cheezburger Media reach 500 million page views a month
  7. 7. But it wasn't always this way…
  8. 8. Neil is one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation Neil is one of the top 10 online marketers. Neil Patel is one of the top influencers on the web. Neil knows his marketing, like I know my wine. One of the best online marketers out there. Neil helped us to get to 500 million pageviews. Guy Kawasaki Ben Hun
  9. 9. See How Quick Neil Got 11%More Page Views 24%More Search Traffic Increased page views per month by 5 Million
  10. 10. See How Quick Neil Got $15Million in Revenue 26%More Traffic Generated
  11. 11. So would you like to learn what I learned?
  12. 12. There are 7 Vital Transformations That Need to Happen If You Want to Get to the Next Level
  13. 13. Think Like a Detective
  14. 14. SEMrush
  15. 15. SEMrush
  16. 16. What Runs Where
  17. 17. Built With
  18. 18. Ahrefs
  19. 19. Wayback Machine
  20. 20. Wayback Machine
  21. 21. Open Site Explorer
  22. 22. Think Like a Journalist
  23. 23. You don’t have to increase rankings to get more search traffic.
  24. 24. Nutritionsecrets.com
  25. 25. Sign Up for Google Search Console
  26. 26. Find the Top Pages
  27. 27. Find the Top Keywords
  28. 28. Tips Look for keywords that have less than a 5% click-through rate Look for pages that have less than a 4% click-through rate Make sure that the keywords that you rank for are in the title tag Once you make changes in your title tag, have Google re-crawl your site 1 2 3 4
  29. 29. 10 Keywords To Skyrocket CTR How to [List-related numbers] Free You Tips Blog Post Why Best Tricks Great 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  30. 30. Fetch as Google
  31. 31. Fetch as Google
  32. 32. Fetch as Google
  33. 33. You have to give it 30 days to see results.
  34. 34. Think Like a Monk
  35. 35. Less is more.
  36. 36. Guest Blogging Email Template
  37. 37. Guest Blogging Email Template
  38. 38. Guest Blogging Email Template
  39. 39. Domain Hunter + Free Chrome extension to help find broken links
  40. 40. Broken Link Email Template
  41. 41. Broken Link Email Template
  42. 42. Local Link Building
  43. 43. Local Link Building
  44. 44. Tips Make your emails relevant DO NOT use mailing tools to blast out emails in quantity You can increase your response rates by striking up a conversation first Roughly 5 to 10% of the people that you email should link to you DO NOT pay for links. It’s too risky 1 2 3 4 5
  45. 45. Nutritionsecrets.com
  46. 46. Nutritionsecrets.com
  47. 47. Think Like a Circus Trainer
  48. 48. What’s a Lead Magnet?
  49. 49. Why Do You Need One?
  50. 50. Your highest converting traffic channel will be your email list!
  51. 51. Do Emails Really Generate Sales?
  52. 52. Examples
  53. 53. Examples
  54. 54. Examples
  55. 55. Examples
  56. 56. Examples
  57. 57. Examples
  58. 58. Examples
  59. 59. Examples
  60. 60. Tools To Create a Lead Magnet Hello Bar (it’s free) Click Funnels / Lead Pages Bounce Exchange (enterprise solution) 1 2 3
  61. 61. Tips If you ask a “yes or no” question first, you will typically generate 20% to 30% more leads. Journeys and courses convert better than eBooks by 16%. You should have multiple lead magnet offerings throughout your website (homepage, blog, header, exit pop-up) A good lead magnet will generate 5 emails for every 100 unique visitors. NeilPatel.com generates roughly 7.4 emails for every 100 unique visitors. 1 2 3 5 6
  62. 62. How Do You Figure Out What Lead Magnet To Offer? 1 2 Survey your visitors using Survey Monkey. Ask them “What can I help you with” - It’s free Use Buzzsumo to see what’s hot in your space
  63. 63. Buzzsumo
  64. 64. Tripwire
  65. 65. A tripwire is an irresistible offer that people can’t say no to.
  66. 66. Example of a Tripwire
  67. 67. How Well Did it Work For Orabrush?
  68. 68. How Well Did it Work For Orabrush?
  69. 69. Example
  70. 70. Example
  71. 71. How Well Do Tripwires Work?
  72. 72. How Well Do Tripwires Work?
  73. 73. How Do You Figure Out What Tripwire to Offer? 1 2 Survey your visitors using Survey Monkey. Ask them “What is one problem that I can help you solve?” Look at popular affiliate networks to see what’s doing well in your space.
  74. 74. Tools to Create a Tripwire 1 2 SamCart (free trial) Click Funnels
  75. 75. Tips Make your tripwire an irresistible offer Don’t charge more than $47 for it. Ideally it should be cheaper. At checkout, you can offer a more expensive product for purchase. At least 30% of your people should buy your higher-end product. 1 2 3 4
  76. 76. Core offer and profit maximizer
  77. 77. Don’t Be Afraid to Upsell
  78. 78. Unleash Your Thin Case Study
  79. 79. How Unleash Your Thin Doubled Their Revenue 3 upsells/downsells at checkout. First upsell at 2x price (should offer speed). Second upsell at 1.5x price (should offer automation). Third downsell at 2/3 price (should be a complimentary product). 1 2 3 4
  80. 80. How I Profit Maximized a Consulting Business Sell the base product at $10,000 a month. Offered a kick-start program where I go to a business for 1 day for $20,000. 1 2 Offered an implementation team for $15,000 a month. Offered conversion optimization services for $6600 a month. 3 4
  81. 81. Tools Clickfunnels (premium) SamCart (free trial) UpWork (paying a developer a few hundred bucks) 1 2 3
  82. 82. What Should Your Profit Maximizers Be? Anything that provides speed and automation. Hot products… use Google Trends to see what’s hot. Products with a high profit margin. 1 2 3
  83. 83. Think Like a Scientist
  84. 84. Conversion Optimization is Like Dating
  85. 85. This is What Most Funnels Look Like… Visited site Signed up 0 4,721 9,442 9,442 2,207 997 10.3%23.4% 44.3% Used any awesome app feature
  86. 86. Engage With Visitors
  87. 87. Engage With Visitors First
  88. 88. 52.11% increase in sign-ups
  89. 89. Interactive Quizzes
  90. 90. 281% increase in leads
  91. 91. Quiz Tips Start with 5 questions. No more than 4 options per question. Use images when possible. Tools like leadquizzes.com can help. 1 2 3 4
  92. 92. Make Signing-up Easy Do you really want to register again?
  93. 93. Make Signing-up Easy
  94. 94. Make Signing-up Easy
  95. 95. 59.4% increase in sign-ups
  96. 96. Make Signing-up Easy
  97. 97. 22% increase in sign-ups
  98. 98. Integrate Psychology Into Your Marketing
  99. 99. 16% increase in sales
  100. 100. Leverage a 2-step Checkout
  101. 101. 10% increase in sales
  102. 102. Prequalify Your Customers
  103. 103. Personalize the Experience
  104. 104. 31% increase in sales
  105. 105. Personalization Tips Insert the user's city using Maxmind.com. It’s ok that it won’t be 100% accurate. Use personalization throughout your text.
  106. 106. Think Like a Winner
  107. 107. What Do All Winners Have In Common?
  108. 108. Invest in Mentorship & Learn From The Best If you wanted to climb Mt. Everest, would you just fly over to Nepal with no training and start climbing without a Sherpa? So, why would you try to take your business to the next level all by yourself? In the last year alone, I’ve spent over $100,000 on business mentors to help me with every aspect of my company.
  109. 109. My husband and I just bought a new home, and we owe it all to Neil Patel’s Advanced Marketing Program. Since joining, we have learned how to increase our traffic and sales in ways we never knew existed, increase them by over 30%. Alana Mitchell Founder of SkincareByAlana.com
  110. 110. Working with Neil & Mike has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve worked on awesome projects together and heled clients increase revenues over 8-figures. I’ve talked to market leaders, celebrities and learned so much in the last year and a half. Above all, they treat me like family, which is the most important point of all. Vignesh Kumar Chief Marketing Officer
  111. 111. The Reality Is… I can’t cover everything that you need in an hour webinar (even if we had all day!). You may even feel overwhelmed by what I’ve covered…and I’ve only scratched the surface…
  112. 112. The Reality Is… Would you like to keep this experience going? Special offer so you CAN get everything you need to know… And, if you act fast, I’m going to make you a very special proposition.
  113. 113. You Have Two Options
  114. 114. Option #1 Go it alone and spend tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of hours and/or dollars figuring this stuff out, getting frustrated and wasting 3-10 years of your life.
  115. 115. Option #2 Learn the proven system from somebody who has not just done it, but mastered it and is pretty darn good at it.
  116. 116. Lets talk!
  117. 117. Here’s how it works… Book a time for us to talk We talk within 48 hours of today We talk for 45 minutes We figure out your goals We create a game plan 1 2 3 4 5
  118. 118. And did I mention, it’s free?
  119. 119. This is Not For You, If If you expect results tomorrow You expect results without effort 1 2
  120. 120. What’s the catch? Neil can’t be doing this for free, right? …well… I really enjoy helping others…
  121. 121. Here's What You Need to Do Next Click the Get Started button right now Schedule your call with me And lets figure out how to grow your business!
  122. 122. Friendly Warning I’m only taking calls over the next 48 hours All of the time slots will get booked fast!
  123. 123. Three Types Of People Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that are wondering what just happened.
  124. 124. Thank you! I look forward to talking with you

Notes de l'éditeur

  • And heres a picture of my unemployed mama and I. That passion of mine helped my business succeed and finally I was able to retire my parents as well
  • I’m not telling you this to brag… it’s more so you know that you’re hearing it from someone who’s been doing this for over 10 years, and helping companies of all sizes grow at the same time as growing my own businesses.
  • I wish I could tell you I was born with a laptop in my hand and traffic rolling into my website that I had worked on in my mom’s stomach but that wasn’t the case.
  • Grew up with very little money
    Look at the image of me, wearing my sisters clothes
    My parents used to compare me to my sister. She constantly got straight A’s. She wouldn’t even get an A-
    Me on the other hand, I struggled. I got B’s C’s sometimes even D’s
    Parents encouraged sister to be a doctor
    Parents didn’t think I had the brains to be a doctor and I was always using the computer so they would encourage me to something with computers
    So when I was 15 I decided to get a job
    Didn’t even make minimum wage
    They offered me an extra 50 cents an hour to clean restrooms and I did it because I wanted the extra money
    I got really into computers and decided to save up money from Knotts to start my first website
    But one thing I did have was time. Lots of it.
    So I committed all my available hours to learning traffic generation. And then I actually got good at it. And started doing it for other companies such as…
  • Monks believe that less is more. And I really do agree with that. For the last 3 years I’ve given up something permanent and it’s helped me simplify my life. The first thing I gave up was coffee, and that was a TOUGH one. I have friends who can’t even say “hello” in the morning before sipping a cup of joe. Then I gave up tea. It got a little bit easier the 2nd time around. And last year I gave up ___, and it was even easier. And what I’ve learned from doing this is, when you have less things to worry about, you can get laser focused on ONE or TWO things. And that can result in incredible growth!

    The same goes for content. I see all these websites pumping out blog article after article. They’re so concerned about how many pieces of content they can release per week. Well guess what? That’s not how the game works. I’ve learned, through trial and error, and a lot of money wasted, you’ll get WAY more traffic by writing only a few pieces of content, and then using that laser focus on purely promoting them. And here’s how you do it…(next slide)
  • Remove the “and I’ve helped text”
  • What the one thing all winners have in common aside from success? If you look at Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, they all had coaches.  Go into coaches  “They did not do it by themselves” (pause)…they all had mentors

  • Change slide text
  • And so let me ask you a question and get your permission to tell you about something I’ve put together to learn from me everything you need to put in place in your business to reach the next level.

    How many of you would like for me to tell you about it?
    Just say “Yes” in the chat…
  • Malcolm gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something  You can go at it alone and many people do and figure it out.
  • Or you can stand on the shoulders of someone who’s done it before and get a guide and have them take you where they’ve been many times. ?

    If you want to grow your business through SEO and continually grow without spending tons of money ads, and not wait years to figure things out, here is what I have for you…
  • My team and I have set aside time over the next 48 hours to talk to your personally about how you can apply these strategies today.

    From how do you implement these tactics on your own business or site.
    To how do you compete when you don’t have a big advertising budget and you are late to a crowded space.

    Im sure you have questions, and we are going to work with you through them.

    No matter what you biggest challenges are, I bet my team and I have seen it and we have solutions.

    We can help you and guide you for free.
  • Now before you book your call you are probably wondering why I am doing this?

    We know that once we do all of this, that you may want our help to grow your traffic your traffic. And if that’s what you want then we can discuss it and see if it is a good fit for both us.
  • [CTA: BUY BUTTON should pop up on the screen now and STAY there until end of webinar] So here’s what I want you to do next…
    You will see appointment times, select what works for you.
    One of my team members or I will call you during that time.
    You’ll be happy, you’ll get tons of learnings that are more related to your business on how you can grow.
    I don’t care what kind of business you have these tactics and strategies work for businesses of all types.
  • (read slide)

    So who are you going to be? Be the person who makes things happen and lets jump on the phone. 
  • Alright I think that’s it for us. Normally this is where I do QA, but I just told you how to get on the phone with us for 45 minutes. So if you have questions or need help or just want to grow your traffic, just click on the get started button and book a session.
    I look forward to talking to you.