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Cold Calling: Is It Your Only Sales Option?

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Cold calling stopped working years ago, but what can you do if your boss requires cold calling? This presentation explains some simple strategies to make cold calling effective - using social media - if it's your only prospecting option.

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Cold Calling: Is It Your Only Sales Option?

  1. 1. A presentation byFrank RumbauskasNew York Times Best-Selling AuthorWhat If ColdCalling Is YourOnly Option?
  2. 2. Very few people return theSystem, despite the fact that I sellit on a very generous "try beforeyou buy" offer. However, thepeople who do return itall have the same reason:"I want to use your system, butmy boss makes me cold call!"If youre in that dilemma, I feelyour pain - Ive been there too.Many times.
  3. 3. Social media can be a very powerful tool in"getting in the door" with a desired prospect.
  4. 4. Social Media - First Step• List companies you want to target• Use LinkedIn to find out who are the key decision makers
  5. 5. Social Media – Second Step• LinkedIn and Facebook can give you a wealth of information about your new prospect, or as theyre more positively known, your probable purchaser.Using this strategy makes a sale all themore probable!
  6. 6. Go beyond the corporate stuff. Where did hego to school? What are her hobbies? What ishis hometown? Is he married? Does shehave kids? What are their favorite foods?Where else has your prospect worked?
  7. 7. Can you see how usingsocial media canreally boost your coldcalling potential?
  8. 8. Before picking up the phone, look forcommonalities that you can talk about. Inthe old days, this was accomplished byasking a friendly receptionist lots ofquestions about the prospect, beforegoing into the cold call.Now the Internet puts all that informationright at your fingertips!
  9. 9. One Step Further…Why try to make a phone cold call when you canuse LinkedIn to send an "InMail" to theprospect instead?
  10. 10. One Step Further…Then after an initial contact is made, friend theperson on Facebook. Get to know more aboutthem – the real person, not the “prospect”.
  11. 11. One Step Further…Follow them on Twitter and reply to interestingtweets now and then. Engage in conversation.
  12. 12. Begin a dialogue. Becomefriends, if only virtually.
  13. 13. • Remember that people dont buy on price, features, benefits, or any of that. They buy people, and any chance they get, they buy from friends.• So if your boss subjects you to cold calling, make the most of it - use social media to supercharge your cold calls and your sales!
  14. 14. Thank You For Reading!For a FREE 37-page PDF preview of the Never Cold Call Again system, please visit www.nevercoldcall.com © Copyright 2012 by FJR Advisors, Inc. All rights reserved.