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CustomerMinds Successful Marketing

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The CustomerMinds on-demand multi-channel marketing solution for Data management and segmentation. Channels include email marketing, mobile marketing, webforms/landing pages and social networking. Easy to use, award winning hosted platform.

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CustomerMinds Successful Marketing

  1. 1. Successful Marketingwith CustomerMinds
  2. 2. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971Why use CustomerMinds? Award winning, on-demand, marketing software One single platform with centralised data management and multiple channels Multiple channels including mobile, email, webforms, landing pages & social networking links Centralised, integrated data management Advanced targeting & segmentation Easy to use & set up – no technical skills required! Maximises marketing spend return on investment
  3. 3. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971The following slides are a walk-through of the CustomerMinds platform and highlightthe ‘must-do’ steps for successful marketing. • Email Marketing, Webforms & Social Networking • Mobile Marketing • Data Management • Segmentation and Targeting • Lead Generation • Reports & Analysis
  4. 4. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971What are the Benefits of Email Marketing? A cost effective solution for organisations Ability to send timely, relevant and personalised communications Segment and target by demographic, profile and behavioral information Track all opens, reads and link clicks of any email campaign Learn from past behaviours and tailor your campaigns for optimum response rates Create automated events to generate and pass leads to your sales team Drive traffic to your website and increase sales conversions Drag and drop to create a professional email in minutes with the CustomerMinds email builder Reach a global market
  5. 5. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971What can I achieve with webforms and micro-sites? Secure opt-in data collection All data collected writes straight back to your CustomerMinds database Create surveys, competitions, events registration, information requests and sales call-back requests Link from email, social, mobile and paid search campaigns Create mobile internet sites for additional data collection
  6. 6. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971How can social networks help me extend my reach? Include social networking icons in your digital marketing campaigns Sharing a campaign will increase its visibility and reach Social networks allow recipients to engage with your campaign Include links to webforms and past campaigns to collect data and drive sales
  7. 7. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971What makes Mobile an important channel for my marketingcampaigns? An effective and direct route to the consumer Ability to send out urgent alerts, timely promotional offers etc. Collect additional information by inbound SMS campaigns All Data collected is automatically added to a contact’s individual record Create mobile internet sites for additional data collection Create automated trigger events to generate leads
  8. 8. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971Why is Data Management important? Necessary to comply with data protection regulations Allows you to record demographic, profile & behavioural information Makes it easy to segment and target specific demographs Streamlined & automated data collection will allow you learn about your audience Maintaining a centralised database of all contacts ensures you are communicating for high impact and measured results
  9. 9. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971Why use Segmentation and Targeting in my campaign? Segment by demographic, profile and behavioural information Ensures communications are relevant and personal Target specific audiences with offers/information that interest them Creates a more likely successful event – sales lead, open rates, click through, etc.
  10. 10. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971Automate your Lead Generation Set-up automatic replies regardless of the channel used Create events to pass along behaviour based sales leads Automatically respond to requests for information Operates cross-channel (email, mobile, webform/microsite & social networks)
  11. 11. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971What can I learn from my reports? Study past behaviours and make campaigns more relevant See what is working and what is not Single view of each contact across all channels Reports can be viewed per channel or per campaign CustomerMinds provides real time information Link directly with Google Analytics (and other Analytic tools) to complete your view of online activity
  12. 12. Call us: UK 0118 925 5089 | IRE 01 409 7971Make your marketing more successful starting todayContact a CustomerMinds marketing consultant to find out more…CustomerMinds UK CustomerMinds IrelandCall: 0118 925 5089 Call: 01 409 7971Email: sales@customerminds.com Email: sales@customerminds.com
  13. 13. Successful Marketing with CustomerMinds