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5 Steps to Profitable SEO Customer Service

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Thoughts and tips on client servicing in the SEO industry

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5 Steps to Profitable SEO Customer Service

  1. 1. par Nicolas Cossette#seocampmtl5 steps to profitable customer service
  2. 2. table of content0. why?1. understand the other2. establish benchmark3. move fast & faster4. deliver what you promise5. tell a good story
  3. 3. profitable customer service?Customer service is one of the mostimportant levers of profitability, but one ofthe least understood.Is customer service what the customerexperiences? Not exactly. Customer serviceis what the customer perceives andremembers.
  4. 4. client servicing in a SEO context• How to manage SEO: projectmanagement vs account management?• SEO can easily be seen as a commodityand is often part of a broader mediaplan• SEO involves many expertise and/orresources• SEO could be compared too someproducts (e.g. paid ads) but is closer to aservice
  5. 5. 1. understand the other
  6. 6. understand real customer needs• This sounds simple enough—just ask thecustomer, right?• 2 problems:– customer may not know his or her own real needs– customer may ask for unrealistic goals• The only way to understand real customerneeds is to spend time on the customerspremises observing his operations anddecision making processes.
  7. 7. how to understand the other• Don’t be hesitant to ask for a full detailed brief &org. chart• Gather all previous deliverables• Fight to have all analytics & adwords access• Define (propose) a strategy with the client– Increase overall traffic = high volume KWs– Decrease reliability and investments from paid = goingfor KWs the most expensive– Optimizing CPA = best converting KWs• Understand their internal compensation plan• Spend as much time as possible at your client’slocation
  8. 8. 2. establish benchmark
  9. 9. Having a comparable is key• You can only manage what you can measure.• A standard or point of reference against whichthings may be compared or assessed.• KPI: to measure progress, gauge how close(far) you are to reaching a goal.• Benchmark: goals to aim for, levels you willstrive to reach.
  10. 10. How to establish benchmarksKPIs Benchmarks• Total organic traffic• Number of unique branding keywordsthat generate traffic• Number of landing pages• Average number of keywords perlanding page• Conversion rate per keyword• Number of unique keywords that drivetraffic• MTD, YOY data• % increase of traffic• Internet marketing CPA, CPL• Organic (not provided, branded,unbranded) vs other segments• Link velocity (OSE data vs competitors)• We are good a establishing KPIs andput everything in place to measurethem.• This is the business languague.
  11. 11. 3. move fast & faster
  12. 12. Move fast, the game is changing• There is a fundamental change taking place incustomer service today.• Before:– Been available– Deliver results– Keeping promises• Now:– Build a relationship with the customer– Being proactive, anticipate customer needs– Understand the customer better than the customer does
  13. 13. How to move fast & faster• Client servicing is about managing expectations.• Keep customers informed and communicate as much as youcan:– Set up automated reporting– Share dashboards & shortcuts• Ask frequently for standardized feedback• Announce mistakes before customers find out• Create content that answers common customer questions(e.g.: meta KWs, not provided, how to set up GWT,…)
  14. 14. 4. deliver what you promise
  15. 15. with great power comes…• Here again this sounds plain stupid.• Be realistic. Don’t over-promise to make thesale (yes vs no)• Don’t over-promise out of pressure• Remember and write down what youpromised– build a roadmap, an action plan– Send email & meeting recaps
  16. 16. Deliver SEO results• Meetings are your best opportunities• Do frequent performance reviews• Proposed agenda:– Prepare the meeting in team (before)– Set & communicate goals for the meeting (before)– Introductions & what’s going on?– Review of the monthly results– Establish a list of action items & follow ups
  17. 17. 5. tell a good story
  18. 18. Tips on Storytelling from Pixar• You admire a character for trying more thanfor their successes.• You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting toyou as an audience, not what’s fun to do as awriter. They can be very different.• Once upon a time there was ___. Every day,___. One day ___. Because of that, ___.Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.
  19. 19. How to tell good SEO stories• When we started working on the account• Before we came in• We analyzed all keyword opportunities (KWResearch) and selected the best ones• We did an in depth analysis of the website from astructural stand point of view (SEO Audit)• We increased organic traffic by x• We decreased CPA from unbranded organicsegment by x
  20. 20. Final word: it’s a team effort
  21. 21. About Nicolas CossetteBorn in Guatemala, grew up in Qc City inthe 80s, started playing with websites inthe mid 90s, adopted Twitter in 07.Successful track record in the level ofcustomer service that has lead to strongand valuable business partnerships andsustainable business growth.10+ years experience in leading, coaching,mentoring teams in various industries.Account Executive at Trader Corporation.Formerly Director Client Services at nvi.@nicolask7http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolascossette
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