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Does the social game business model work for mobile apps?

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Some tips and stats from our event from @GetJarDev and @AOLMobile on April 24.

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Does the social game business model work for mobile apps?

  1. 1. Is the SocialGames BusinessModel For You? GetJar and AOL April 24, 2012 norm@getjar.com
  2. 2. The Panel@pwnlaw   @kidbombay   @toofan   @thesolster   @normanliang  
  3. 3. About GetJar•  2.5 Billion Downloads •  Millions of People and Devices •  Hundreds of Thousands of Apps and Developers About Us:•  GetJar has 60 people, with offices in Silicon Valley and London.•  Investors include Accel Partners and Tiger Global.
  4. 4. First We Get To Market
  5. 5. Games Take Up Top Grossing AppAnnie.com  
  6. 6. Free Apps Grow Faster Than Paid Apps Jason  Oberfest,  NGMoco  
  7. 7. How Do I Reach These Users?
  8. 8. “Social” Drives More Traffic Jason  Oberfest,  NGMoco  
  9. 9. So Who Monetizes In Your App? 1%  
  10. 10. What Can I Do? 2.Release  1.Design   3.Engage   $  
  11. 11. Become a GetJar Developer Developer.getjar.com Your App Rewards SDK Launch with GetJar GetJar Gold Advertisers 12  
  12. 12. Thank you Norm Liang GetJar Inc. 1510 Fashion Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, California 94404 USA P: +1 650 288 3297 e: norm@getjar.com