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  1. 1. 571.318.9461Call us During our work with UWIN Software LLC, we were very impressed by their dedication, hard work, long hours, and initiatives. The team was always responsive to our needs. UWIN Software was integral to the success of our overall contract. Michael Gordon, Ph.D. MIT CSAIL Research Scientist and Droidsafe Project Lead: UWIN Software LLC found a solution for car speed measurement using mobile video for us. People said it couldn’t be done, and they did it. The app is in the iTune app store now. John Sterrett, President of Speed Racer, Inc.: Our mission is to help clients solve challenging problems with innovative solutions. ABOUT US UWIN Software was founded in 2013 by Nguyen Nguyen. Nguyen graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He received a master’s degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering from George Mason University. Nguyen has been working with startups since his college graduation in 1998. (His first startup, SALIX, was acquired by Tellabs.) Prior to founding UWIN Software, he was a cofounder of ArguSight working on the Gigapixel video camera project.
  2. 2. NET SOUP Project NET SOUP is an effort to compile popular technical references into a web site and web app with more than 300,000 documents on over 100 topics. NET SOUP is fast, interactive, responsive and customized to its users. SPEED RACER App Speed Racer is an iOS mobile application to measure race car speed in the field using video analysis technology. The app is non-intrusive, easy and fun to use. UWIN Software performed full cycle from idea-to-app store research and development for the customer. DROID SAFE Project Droidsafe is a DARPA sponsored project to find malware in Android Applications. UWIN Software was hired as part of Global InfoTek and MIT team to perform various aspects of the research and tool development. Our contribution can be seen on github at https://github.com/MIT-PAC/droidsafe-src/ graphs/contributors PATENT and PROVISIONAL PATENT Applications: 1. A method and system to actively defend network Iifrastructure 2. A catalog application framework to enhance users’ browsing and searching experience WHAT WE DO BEST • Full cycle of software development from idea-to-production • Embedded software solutions from target device to user interface and mobile apps • General software development including Java, C++, C#, Objective-C and all varieties of scripting languages • Web Development including front-end, back-end, api, content delivery network (CDN) and performance optimization • Mobile app development including iOS, Android and Windows phone • Software analysis and optimization, whether a mobile app, desktop app or web app, we can improve performance and security • System automation solutions • On-site training, including software and web development, as well as version control and strategies
  3. 3. For further information, please contact: Nguyen Nguyen 571.318.9461 info@uwinsoftware.com 8201 Greensboro Drive, #300 McLean, VA 22102 OUR ADDRESS: