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Hotel premium listings kit

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What are Wego Premium Listings?
Wego Premium Hotel Listings is an enhanced hotel listing which enables you to prominently display your hotels direct contact details right on your Wego listing page, as well as post special offers.

Premium Hotel Listings are purchased online as a monthly subscription.

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Hotel premium listings kit

  1. 1. Wego  Hotel  Premium  Lis0ngs  -­‐  2012    
  2. 2. Wego.com  introduc0on  •  Founded  in  2005  by  former  execu4ves  from   Intercon4nental  Hotel  Group,  Yahoo!  and  ZUJI      •  Over  150  travel  providers  have  signed  commercial   agreements  with  us,  including:   –  leading  airlines  and  low-­‐cost-­‐carriers,  such  as   Emirates,  KLM/Air  France,  LuRhansa,  Qantas   –  Leading  hotel  chains  such  as  IHG,  Starwood,   MarrioU,  Accor,  Carlson  and  Pan  Pacific   –  Leading  OTAs  and  aggregators  such  as   Expedia,  Travelocity,  Agoda,  HotelClub  and   Priceline  etc.     News  Digital  Media,    •  Over  20  distribu4on  agreements  including  major   a  division  of  News  Corp,     portals  such  as  Yahoo!,  MSN,  eBay,  News.com.au,   is  an  investor.   De4k.com  etc      
  3. 3. Wego:  What  Is  A  Travel  Search  Engine  ?   We  don’t  sell  travel  …   …We  deliver  great  leads  to     merchants  who  sell  travel.  
  4. 4. Benefits  of  lis0ng  your  hotels  on  Wego.com  Ø   Incremental  leads  on  Wego.com    -­‐ Wego  appears  on  the  1st/2nd  page  of  natural  Google  search  results  -­‐ Wego  power  travel  channels  such  as  Yahoo,  MSN,  News.com.au,  eBay,   Southeastasia.org    Ø   Wego  targets  users  at  the  final  stages  of  travel  shopping  -­‐  We  are  a  price  comparison  site.  Unlike  other  travel  sites  which  provide   informa4on  and  inspira4on  for  travel,  our  users  are  in  the  final  stages  of   shopping  and  are  ready  to  purchase   Compare     Search   prices  on   Click   Wego.com   •  Users  seek  travel   •  Users  go  to  Wego.com   •  Users  click  on  the  best   inspira0on  and  ideas   to  compare  prices  and   rate  and  proceed  to   from  the  internet   make  a  decision   book  with  our  partners  
  5. 5. Wego  Traffic  – Volume  and  Geo   •  Leading  real-­‐4me  travel  search  engine   searching  over  150  travel  sites   •  A  useful  search  tool  for  flight  informa4on,   airfares,  hotel  deals,  packages,  deals     •  Great  user  interface  –  Fast,  simple,   powerful  for  users  to  shop  for  travel   •  Featuring  4me-­‐sensi4ve  promo4ons   Monthly Page Views: 5.0 million Unique Audience: 1.7 million Age Range: 25-44 And it’s growing….Source:
  6. 6. Fantas0c  Breadth  and  Depth  of  Content   Over 150 Travel Providers! And Counting …
  8. 8. Examples  of  distribu0on  sites:   Yahoo!  &  ebay  
  9. 9. Examples  of  distribu0on  sites:   Ninemsn.com.au  News.com.au  
  10. 10. Examples  of  distribu0on  sites:   YourSingapore.com  ViaSingapore.com  
  11. 11. Examples  of  distribu0on  sites:   De0k.travel  
  12. 12. Manage  your  hotel  lis0ng  on   WEGO.COM  
  13. 13. Hoteliers  Account  &  Premium  Lis0ngs  Account   Basic  Hoteliers  Account   •  Sign  up  for  FREE     http://hoteliers.wego.com/ •  Manage  basic  property  informa0on   •  Edit  property  loca0on   •  Upload  your  hotel  photos   •  Edit  property  ameni0es     Premium  Lis0ngs  Account  
  14. 14. Wego  Hotel  Premium  Lis0ngs  Account  Hotel  offer  on  your  hotel  lis0ng  in  Wego  search  results  
  15. 15. Wego  Hotel  Premium  Lis0ngs  Account  Offers  tab  lis0ng  all  the  hotel  offers  for  the  des0na0on   Offers  Box  appears  on  the  first  page  of  the  search  results  
  16. 16. Wego  Hotel  Premium  Lis0ngs  Account   Offers  tab  in  your  hotel   details  page,  with  details  of   your  offer  and  a  link  to   your  hotel  offer/booking   website   Direct  contact   informa0on  on  your   hotel  details  page   (website,  email  &  phone   number)  
  17. 17. Hotel premium listingSUBSCRIPTION-BASED, DRIVE DIRECT BOOKINGS TO YOUR SITE, PAYING NO COMMISSIONS Stand out from the crowd Place your property one click or call away from thousands of potential guests searching your property’s location. Create a Special Offer Your offer will be seen on the first page of your local hotel search results and in Wego Deals and Feature Valuable Content weekly emails to Add your phone number, website link, and members. e-mail address to the top of your listing page! SYNDICATED IN YAHOO!TRAVEL,EBAY, VIASINGAPORE.COM, MSNTRAVEL, NEWSCORP SITES,DETIK, ETC
  18. 18. Thank  You     Nuniek Head of Sales in Indonesia nuniek@wego.com +62 817 0159 311 + 62 21 94384740 +62 21 2557 1683 S > nuniek59 Wisma Metropolitan II, 6th Floor Jl.Jend Sudirman Kav.29-31 Jakarta 12920