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GfK NIS and nurago: Measuring Digital Consumer Journeys

  1. Measuring Digital Consumer Journeys dh GfK. Growth from Knowledge. GfK NIS Network Intelligence Solution M-Days 2012, Frankfurt GfK Consumer Tracking Stefan Knecht GfK Audience Measurement GfK nurago Innovation Centre
  2. Connected mobile devices proliferate faster than any media before.
  3. Mobile usage takes a growing chunk of the media cake. Dassis Dreamworld
  4. Mobile Accelerated from a Technophile Niche into Global Mainstream: 2010/2011: 2015/2016 forecast: §  5b+ global mobile subscribers •  Nearly one mobile device per capita §  25-30% of total users in mature •  Mobile-only population will outgrow markets are mobile landline population §  50% of U.S. adults on smartphones •  More people will have mobile phones §  4Q2010: global shipments of than access to electricity smartphones + tablets > desktops •  Smartphone growth will outpace the + notebooks overall mobile phone market 4:1 §  U.S. mobile ad spending has •  Mobile advertising will equal total topped 1b USD in 2011 online ad spending
  5. »Mobile is the fastest growing technology market ever – surpassing PCs in sales and in terms of internet usage penetration across all ages and incomes.«
  6. visual: habits and touchpoints Mobile Devices Integrate and Replace Touchpoints
  7. visual: cutting the cord: landline decline Mobile Devices become the remote control of our lifes.
  8. At home, tablet usage and TV is a sociable fit. Kelly Mark, "The Kiss" (2007)
  9. visual:  ad$ follow eyeballs Advertising follows attention.
  10. Understanding mobile usage and behaviour is crucial to adapt changing consumer habits. Cake artist Lily Vanilli
  11. visual: car + connected devices There are many more connected, mobile devices and touchpoints to come. illustration see slideshare: pragmatic design slides
  12. visual: Perfect Storm Mobile is huge and it will grow on. For Market Research, it‘s the Perfect Storm with new challenges … Sean R Heavey
  13. Monetizing Mobile requires neutral, unbiased measurements As Ad Spend Shifts to Mobile → Reliable Metrics are Indispensable Mobile advertising can’t, and won’t grow if the mobile analytic tools cannot provide the information marketers require. Inspired by an Original Illustration by comScore, Jeremy Copp
  14. Mobile Measurement takes up Momentum.
  15. visual: golden bullet Complexity of media fragmentation and mobile needs a new type of multidimensional research.
  16. GfK NIS and nurago Network-centered measuring User-centered metering GfK Network Intelligence Solution’s GfK nurago‘s LEOtrace® technology methodology transfers anonymised, real- measures and tracks individual user time IP traffic into fine-grained metrics to behaviour and application usage understand cross media and long tail on-device within controlled consumer consumer behaviour in motion. panels. §  Understanding the long tail of Mobile: §  Holistic Measurement in smaller samples 5+ million unique users §  Events and data points measured at the point of §  New and Tested in 7 countries, 8 operators origin: Web and App Usage, Communication, §  Enriched with Demographics, Geographics, Location Device Features, and Content Categorisation §  Enriched with purchase information, attitudinal §  Consumer privacy proof user feedbacks – and other media usage.
  17. Measuring Digital Consumer Journeys NIS ConnectedLife.dx Network Intelligence Solution •  Cross-platform, online/mobile •  Insights across the long tail of mobile usage •  Online usage and attitude research •  Starting 2012 in Germany and other •  Study running in UK, US, Germany countries and China dh MEP Media Efficiency Panel •  Understanding cross-media usage and efficiency: online/mobile, TV and purchase information •  Pilot running in Germany
  18. Change: Cross-Platform Usage of Online Incremental Uplift through Mobile Usage. 98% Mobile Desktop and Mobile 26% 79% Desktop 19% 60% 60% 5% 16% 14% 65% 37% 12% 72% 60% 56% 42% 44% 33% 23% 7% Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Usage + Mobile Usage + Mobile Usage + Mobile Usage + Mobile Google Facebook Amazon YouTube Source: GfK Media Efficiency Panel Germany Results from Pilot Phase – Android only, small sample size!
  19. Change: 3 Screen-Usage Usage of desktop, mobile and TV peaks in evening hours, pattern suggests parallel usage of mobile devices during TV consumption. 2,00 Index (daily average = 1) Mobile Usage 1,500 Index on PIs/Logs Desktop Usage 1,00 Index on PIs ,500 TV Usage Index on audience ,00 04:00-05:5 9 a.m. 06:00-07:5 9 a.m. 08:00-09:5 9 a.m. 10:00-11:5 9 a.m. 12:00-01:5 9 p.m. 02:00-03:5 9 p.m. 04:00-05:5 9 p.m. 06:00-07:5 9 p.m. 08:00-09:5 9 p.m. 10:00-11:5 9 p.m. 12:00-01:5 9 a.m. 02:00-03:5 9 a.m. Base: Mobile Usage N=43; Desktop Usage N=19.253; TV Usage N=12.448 (weighted) Source: GfK Media Efficiency Panel Germany Results from Pilot Phase – small sample size!
  20. Change: Peter misses TV advertising… Peter watches TV ... starts searching »sacrilege« Peter is hinted that a same genre background context movie runs on another channel »Camerlengo« »Echelon Conspiracy« »DaVinci Code« »Illuminati« Peter tweets and connects »conclave« his friends to join the movie Source: GfK Media Efficiency Panel Germany Results from Pilot Phase – Android only, small sample size!
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