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B2B Client Acquisition For Marketing Agencies and Software Companies

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business to business sales strategies for marketing agencies

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B2B Client Acquisition For Marketing Agencies and Software Companies

  1. 1. Meetup.com/Linked B2B Client Acquisition Landing Better Customers | ilearn Series Brian.Ortiz@CognizantVentures.com 344 West 38th Street | NY, NY | 10018 www.linkedin.com/in/marketingbrianortiz 212.784.8750 Inbound Marketing Software & Community Sponsors Brian Ortiz © 2014
  2. 2. Who Am I  Brian Ortiz What Did I Do In The Past?   SEOMatrix (Digital Marketing, Sales Driven)  Matrix Integrated Marketing (Traditional & Virtual Sales Force Creation)  Ultrasonic Blue (Digital Marketing, Sales Driven)   15 Year Career Building Both Marketing & Sales Agencies Hired By Marketing Agencies for Business Development What Do I Do Now  Cognizant Ventures (B2B Services, Broker Marketing & Marketing Strategy, Build & Guide Sales Teams)  City Tech Wizards (Information Technology)  Cadence Staffing (Contingency Based Recruiting)  Manhattan Cleaning Crew (Commercial & Residential Cleaning)  Linked Business Network (ilearn, sharkspaces)
  3. 3. Who Should Be Listening?  Marketing Agencies (SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM)  Freelance Consultants (Content Creators, Link Builders, Conversion Optimizers)  B2B Software Companies (SaaS) – Software Licensing  Marketing Software Companies  Web Development Companies / Freelance Designers  B2B Sales Teams & B2B Sales Professionals  Information Technology Companies  B2B Sales Managers  Business Development Managers  VPs/Directors of Marketing & Sales  Any B2B Professional  Any Sales Professional Looking to Refine & Enhance Skillset  Sales Professionals looking to Transition to Landing Larger Clientele
  4. 4. B2B Sales & Client Management Integration Old Business Model – Providing Consultative Service to Client Integrated Relationship Lead Weaker Goal Alignment Lead Lead Client Lead Lead Client Lead Lead Sales -> Production Transition (employee) Large, Varied Client Base New Business Model – Providing Consultative Service to Client Lead Lead Lead Smaller, Higher Quality Client Base New Business Model – Providing Consultative Service to Client with Software Tools Integration High Client Attrition, Staff Trained In-House, Employees, Potential Damage to Industry Ecology & Brand Staff not just Pre-existing skillset, but expert level Weaker Relationship Better Goal Alignment Client Lead Service Client Client Sales -> Production Transition (contractor) less client control, lower satisfaction -more labor for agency Various Models For Structuring Your B2B Agency Software more client control, higher satisfaction -less labor for agency
  5. 5. Old Vs New Client Acquisition Models [CATEGORY NAME] [PERCENTAGE] Old Sales Distribution 2007 Networking [PERCENTAG E] Referrals 11% Internet (PPC, SEO) 23% Facebook 4% New Sales Distribution 2013 [CATEGORY NAME] [PERCENTAGE] B2B Outbound Sales Team 63% Networking [PERCENTAGE] [CATEGORY NAME] Sales Team [PERCENTAGE] [CATEGORY NAME] [PERCENTAGE] Linkedin [PERCENTAGE] Direct Mail 6% Inbound Marketing / Marketing Automation (SEO/PPC) [PERCENTAGE]
  6. 6. B2B Selling Methodology Primer  Initiate conversations/introductions with the right companies and the correct executives within those companies. Use linkedin to verify the title of the person you are interacting with. Target companies that have “triggered” action, namely, companies that have taken actions indicating financial growth, financial stability, or financial investments.  Demonstrate High Professional Value (in interaction style, marketing collateral, case studies, and by clearly outlining prospect requirements).  Prospects will view your behavior, along with other factors and make a quick determination about your perceived value – this initial impression is difficult to change as the sales cycle progresses.  Unique/Consistent Value Proposition – any elements off in the sales cycle will lead to trepidation on the prospect’s part.  Equal Exchange Offers are Superior to Irresistible Offers - make an offer in exchange for something valuable instead – typically in exchange for a task (information, access, action).  Discover client’s true budgetary constraints sooner, rather than later, during the qualifying stage of the sales cycle – you must be prepared to ask the difficult questions before deciding to invest additional time with the prospect.  Keep the frequencies of interaction with your prospects to a reasonable level – always present your prospect with additional evidence supporting your value. Don’t sell, Introduce Instead
  7. 7. B2B Selling Methodology Primer  Show Quantifiable Potential Returns (use basic algebra, logic, and common sense – you don’t need Calculus)   Compare and Contrast High Performing Competitors   Additional Market Share Captured Frame/Equate all of your actions in terms of client ROI Show Alarming Deficiencies – Don’t Pull Punches   Stress That Deficiencies are costing the prospect now and for the foreseeable future unless there is a change.   Show How Deficiencies are costing the prospect (bleeding revenue). Present overwhelming evidence that your specialized skillset can solve the deficiencies. Demonstrate Interest and Competency in the Prospect’s Overall Business / Industry / and Role within the Company.  Understand the client’s UVP  Ask client to explain his/her UVP (this will assist in demonstrating value  Understand the prospect’s specific goals as an executive within his/her own company.  I have a list of 100 questions you can ask during a prospecting call, you can request that and I’ll send it to you  Your strategy/proposal/services must fit into the overall framework of your prospect’s goals.
  8. 8. Client Acquisition is Largely Dependent on Prospecting/Qualifying Effectively Poor Qualifying Has Disastrously Negative Long-Term Implications Divergent Sales Cycle : Parallel Sales Cycle: Closed Deal you Wasted effort Missed Deadlines No Deal Incomplete Tasks prospect Effort Wasted time Effort Time Time  Task 1 : Information Request (Thorough Answers)  Task 2 : Access: Request (Speed of Access, Prospect Missing Deadline) – Access = Trust  FTP Details, Adwords ID, Analytics Access, Conversion Statistics  Task 3 : Action: Meeting via Phone or In-Person Request (Keeps Commitment)  Task 4 : Action: Conference with All Parties  Task 5 : Action: Distribution of Collateral to All Parties
  9. 9. Prospect Management: Parallel Sales Cycle – Tasks Delegation  Once I have demonstrated significant value to my prospect (we’ll talk about how to do so in a bit), I am able to task my would-be clients with work.  Based on our conversations, I will request either information or actions. I may ask for the prospect’s Google Adwords ID – I may ask a series of additional questions to clarify different prospect goals – I may request an additional conference call. How the client responds to these tasks/requests indicates to me whether or not I will proceed with the sales cycle.  A prospect giving one word answers or delaying access to critical information lets me know that he/she may not be fully engaged with me in what I thought was a budding working relationship. Filtering out these disengaged prospects early on is paramount to maximizing the return on your time.  I use the phrase “parallel relationship” because it means that both myself and the prospect should be involved as equally as possible throughout the sales cycle.  If at any time during a series of interactions, the prospect’s effort within our exchanges, either wanes or diverges from mine, it may be time to move on.
  10. 10. Inbound Vs. Outbound Lead Strategies Differ: Inbound lead, prospect initiated outbound lead, you initiated Inbound Less initial resistance- a significant proportion of your perceived value is prequalified as a practitioner or agency More difficult to command custom pricing model $ Prospect has more defined budget in place Pre-Assigned Decision Maker Shorter, mor e consistent sales cycle Heavy Dose of competitor comparisons Evaluation Scope of Agency is Finite (bases buying decision on fewer factors) Easier to command custom pricing model Outbound more initial resistanceyour perceived value is still taking shape as you interact with the prospect $ Prospect’s budget is nebulous Multiple Decision Makers To Sign off on Deal Lower frequency of competitor comparisons Evaluation Scope of Agency is Global (bases buying decision on more factors: area code, collateral, coworkers, social media, etc.) longer, incon sistent sales cycle My largest deals tend to come from Outbound Prospecting,
  11. 11. What are your clients paying for?  The worst mistake a B2B agency can make in describing their services is suggesting to their prospects that value is driven by deliverables.  The problem with deliverables is that their value can easily be commoditized and price compared.  Value should be articulated as it relates to quantifiable ROI.  Sound/unique strategy & methodology can also add to value as well. Ex:  “You are paying me to devise the most effective strategy available. I don’t believe any other agency will be able to create, execute, and track the results of our work the same way we can. I am going to provide you with the evidence now to support that claim. (marketing collateral should support your claim).”  Exclusive access to resources, tools, information, or people can also encourage a client to choose you over your competition.  Client Engagement Process (how closely are you going to work with the client, what level/scope of support can they expect?)  Client Engagement Philosophy (what are you holding yourselves accountable for as an agency?)
  12. 12. First Verbal Contact | Qualifying Stage  Introduce  Common Prospecting Error #1:  Listen Engage Impart Value Task Prospect “Steamrolling” the prospect due to nerves/inexperience. It’s a critical error because it disables you from objectively “scoring” your prospect and will lead to poor allocation of time. “Steamrolling” is going through a pre-meditated script while not listening and responding to a prospect in a natural conversational manner. This flub inhibits any chance of you developing the requisite rapport with your prospect.  Initial resistance upon introduction is expected. A prospect that is “clammy” or somewhat “non-responsive” is acceptable. Prospect should steadily warm as the conversation progresses.  Qualifier for First Call:   Does prospect understand what you do?  Is the prospect interested in what you do?  Is the prospect interested in what you do now?   Is prospect the decision maker or part of a decision making team? Does prospect have the financial means to pay you? Goals:  Did you fully qualify prospect?  Do you have all of the necessary prospect contact information?  Did you link up with prospect via Linkedin? Did the prospect link with you? Did the prospect view your linkedin profile? (tread carefully, if you view your prospect profile consistently, they will notice this)  What did you task the prospect with?  Did you give prospect a deadline to complete task? Some of my best clients were initially resistant
  13. 13. First Verbal Contact | Be Human  The Introduction: I sometimes think that I can see a surprised expression right through an analog phone line. “I am calling to introduce myself” is not something I hear very often either, but it has become an absolute staple for me in generating new clients. This, followed up strategically with a “how are you?” typically seals the deal. Sounds kinda easy.  I’ve listened to hundreds (if not thousands) of marketing, web development, software and other B2B sales folks – the first critical error inhibiting them landing new business lies in the initial stages of “client courting.”  Common Prospecting Error #2:  The B2B practitioner invariably goes for the jugular in a fashion that is too early, too formulaic, and too, well, inhuman. It’s not just the content of the conversation, it’s the pacing and ordering as well. This early interaction is a key indicator- beyond the quality of your proposal, references, case studies, or any other collateral piece of evidence that you can provide- that illustrates your value.  Introducing yourself is also a very low friction endeavor. It doesn’t ask anything of the prospect. It breaks down resistance and opens up pathways for a meaningful exchange – it helps to nurture your ability to ask your prospects to take action.
  14. 14. Phone Call Checklist Introduction / Listening Phase Did call begin smoothly with open ended questions? □ Did strategist patiently wade through initial resistance? □ Did you uncover the prospect’s disposition and tone? □ Did you mirror the prospect’s disposition and tone? □ Did you follow the 80/20 rule? □ Did you listen effectively to the prospect? □ Did your questions probe and demonstrate higher level thought and engagement? □ Engaging Phase Did you dispel misconceptions? □ [What makes you think that?, Where did you hear that from? Let me explain why I think that might not be accurate.] Did you continue listening to further reduce resistance? □ Did prospects thought process begin aligning with yours (are we on the same page)? □ Did you discuss areas where business or website was weakest? □ Value Phase Did you clearly articulate your unique value proposition? □ Did you discuss client’s goals, desires, and areas of pain? □ Did you discuss the client’s unique value proposition? □ Did you clearly demonstrate through pointed or non-ambiguous language that you and our firm are the singular choice to do business with? □
  15. 15. Phone Call Checklist II Ending Your Call Did you direct prospect? □ Did you assign a task? □ Did you assign a deadline for your task? □ Did prospect feel he/she was being evaluated? □ You Qualifying Prospect Were enough factors in place for you to continue with this prospect? □ What time allotment will you reserve for furthering discussions? □ What is the probability that this will be a future client? □ What is the probability of this prospect turning into a cash cow down the road? □ Do you want this prospect as a client? □ Will this prospect put undue stress on the resources of our production department? □ Prospect’s Overall Impression of You How did you feel the prospect viewed or perceived you / what style did you choose to build rapport as? □ Did you display high value throughout your call? listening, probing questions, higher level thought)? □
  16. 16. Prospecting Through Linkedin: Selling and Acquiring Contact Details For B2B Leads  Do not use Inmails (lower response rate than standard member-member e-mails because people are more apprehensive) Inmails cost in the neighborhood of $5 -$10 per use.  Join all relevant groups with large numbers of members.  Can e-mail 1st connections. Can email 2nd to 3rd degree only if you share a group.  Add a good number of open networkers to increase your 1st-3rd degree connections which will enable you to e-mail a wider range of prospects.  Do not send more than 300-400 connection requests per day as you will trigger Linkedin’s algorithm and you’ll get a warning from them.  Group to Group e-mails have high response rates  When prospecting, send highly targeted/relevant emails only. If you have a stellar linkedin profile, you have a better chance of getting a positive response from your prospects
  17. 17. Prospecting Through Linkedin: Selling and Acquiring Contact Details For B2B Leads  Meetup.com used in conjunction with Linkedin works well (you can see on meetup.com which members are taking immediate action).  Do not use Meetup.com to interact with members, as that methodology has a low response rate due to Meetup’s system.  If there is a prospect that you do not share a group with, or one that you cannot email through linkedin, use distilled email locator, reportive tool, and Streak Gmail tool to locate e-mail address and to track your e-mail interactions.  If you still cannot find e-mail addresses, sign up for lead411.com free trial and sort by records with e-mails.  If you still cannot find an e-mail address, you can access a-z database through local libraries. Input executive names or companies and find the contact e-mail.  If you still cannot find e-mail address, use Google, video tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0tXA24d-OY  If you have a long list of data in which you need to append contact details, egrabber.com works well for that purpose.  Make sure you monitor your time investment carefully as e-mail searching can use up a significant portion of your time.
  18. 18. B2B Prospecting – Trigger Events  Good Trigger – Spending Money  Google Adwords  Spyfu.com tells you big spenders (over $100,000 per day)  SEMrush, competitive/comparative intelligence – can cull big spenders as well  IPO  New Funding  New Hire, New Job Opening  Relevant Press Release or Social Media Activity  New Location  New Product  Infrastructure investment  Tradeshow involvement  Inc. 5000 / Inc. 500 – fastest growing companies broken down by industry
  19. 19. Startwithalead.com Trigger Events Mind Map Lead411.com | Technorati | Google News Alters | Yahoo RSS Alerts | Linkedin Job Postings Brian Carroll
  20. 20. Closing The Deal: The Mentality  High performing sales closers always task their prospects with work to gauge their engagement level in the sales cycle (litmus test).  High performing sales closers evaluate the consistency within their prospects and prospects’ business (congruence test). The long terms probability that the prospect’s business will succeed must likewise be evaluated and articulated to the prospect.  High performing sales closers will often respectfully disagree with any prospect statement that they do not agree with. The high performing sales closer often uses phrases like “no” or “where did you receive that information from” or “what evidence do you have to support that assumption or conclusion.” These statements provide evidence for the prospect that the sales closer is genuinely interested in getting to the bottom line in solving their business challenges. Yes men make poor closers.  A high performing sales closer never gets emotionally dependent or emotionally disrupted on any particular deal which may or may not be closing.  High performing sales closers are congruent, ethical, honest, short-term gratification averse, and maintain unwavering integrity in everything they do, both inside and outside of work. This is why they are sought out as people to conduct business with.  High performing closers know how to balance perceived value within strict time constraints throughout the selling cycle. They give away nuggets of advice, not the whole farm.  High performing closers always approach a prospect as a consultative expert and not a salesman. If the closer cannot convince the prospect that he/she can deliver high value the closer should move on to another prospect or find another line of work.
  21. 21. Closing The Deal: Imperatives  Always impart to the client that a potential working relationship will work both ways. Each party will have specifically outlined responsibilities that must be met.  Reiterate your value points clearly and succinctly.  Do not harass the prospect into submission (do not stalk their linkedin profile, keep the frequency of contact to a sensible maximum).  Don’t be quick to lower your cost based on a price objection. Listen carefully to see if prospect is really concerned about something else. Lowering your price without legitimate consideration will lower your perceived value significantly.
  22. 22. Closing The Deal: Prospect Deciding Factors  Confidence in Your Ability to provide Positive ROI  Your Perceived Value  Quality of Case Studies  Quality of other Collateral  Impression of Team members / Human Capital Drop-off  B2B executive decisions are based more on logic than mood, when compared to other industries and selling niches.
  23. 23. Red Flags – Prospects need to be either Educated or Dropped  How long will it take to complete your work? – client is not considering ongoing business relationship – one and done prospect.  How many of X will you be sending over to me? (x=content pages, links, optimized pages, software licenses, etc.) – when a prospect speaks like this, you’ve just been commoditized- your prices will be compared to other agencies.  How many hours a month will your team be working on my account? (clients are paying for a result, not man-hours of work).  Do you offer any guarantees or refunds? (providing a range of estimated returns, in no way, guarantees a precise result for any clients. The prospect should be well aware and appreciative of the multitude of factors involved in improving their state of affairs. If client continues to press on these two points, it may be best to de-list them.)  I’m looking for your work to have an immediate ROI
  24. 24. Time Allotment For B2B Selling HYPOTHETICAL PROSPECTOR & CLOSER HYBRID 2014 RFP / Closing 28% Content Creation / Social Media / SEM 14% Linkedin Prospecting & Selling 21% [CATEGORY NAME] [PERCENTAGE] Networking 20% Set time allotment guidelines for your staff and monitor adherence, watch out for excessive R&D. Nice, Diversified Mix of Activities – I would work with this person.
  25. 25. Sales Team Build-Out Basics (Even if you are not planning on building a sales team, you may consider teaming up with a sales partner. Also, the tools for evaluating a sales rep or a sales team can also be directly applied to evaluating your own performance as you are bringing on new clients) – in other words, don’t fall asleep.  Sales Team Compensation mix should encourage a consistent high performance.  Compensation mix should assist in minimizing financial exposure of company.  Sales team must be proficient in representing the organization and the organizations products or services.  The sales force should feel that resources and support are respectively adequate and responsive.  A high percentage of sales team hires should develop into producing sales members – if that doesn’t happen, something is wrong.  The reasons for an underperforming sales team member should be uncovered quickly.  Underperformance should be divided into recoverable or non-recoverable factors.  Sales cycle elements can be separated into divisions (qualifying stage, needs, analysis, closing) – these divisions form the foundation for engagement goals.  A sales professional’s behavior during the interview cycle will mirror their behavior as your employee/contractor.  One poor sales representative can damage the business ecology.
  26. 26. Recoverable vs. Non-Recoverable Sales Performance Factors  Evaluating the Sales Team Performance & Your Own  A proportion of sales team will always under-produce, we must discern whether the deficiencies are Recoverable or Non-Recoverable.  Recoverable (usually non-innate):   insufficient tools  insufficient practice  longer learning curve   insufficient training poorly aligned engagement goals Primary Non-Recoverable (usually innate):  transactional sales rep is placed into a relationship selling environment  product / service too complex  consistent demonstrations of low value (may be recoverable)  anxiety over compensation leading to strained interactions (can adjust compensation mix)  not able to meet productivity standards (need to get to core of productivity drop off)
  27. 27. Building a Lean Sales Team / Finding Sales Partners  Even if you are a one-person operation, do not think it is out of your scope to work with a sales professional or professionals to help expand your agency.  You can find sales staff on TheLadders, New York State Job Bank, and CraigsList.  Read my full seminar on building a sales team (link in the addendum).  Building a virtual sales team has different challenges when compared to an in-house team, so be aware of the pros and cons.  Telesales teams do better virtually when compared to face-to-face teams. Impossible to know exactly what goes on when prospect and sales rep meet face-to-face.
  28. 28. Building a Lean Sales Team / Finding Sales Partners  Pay special attention to Engagement Goals when working with your sales staff.  Engagement Goals Are Specific Stages or Tasks Completed by the sales staff within the sales cycle.  Engagement goals give the sales staff a sense of progress during complex sales cycle.  Engagement goals give management a means to better evaluate the sales team.  Engagement goals can be used to reward sales staff and increase motivation.  Engagement goals must be intricately tied into sales process.  Always align engagement goal rewards with desired outcome.  As sales force is built and functioning, dividing up duties between prospectors and closers make the overall process potentially more efficient and profitable.  Careful in deciding to use dialing software – don’t damage the industry ecology.  Dividing up the process add two potential salaries to each sales, track the early results carefully.  Make sure to have a thorough understanding of the traits for each role. Make sure to include a trial hiring period (commission only) or (draw) during trial period to mitigate risk.
  29. 29. Sales Team Weekly Productivity (Engagement) Goals
  30. 30. Types of Sales Professionals: Transactional Vs Relational Selling  Sales recruits are typically divided into two categories:  Transactional sales are typically one time interactions that don’t require a significant amount of relationship / value building.  Relationship selling is typically geared toward larger accounts that require more hand-holding / nurturing.  Appointment setting is more transactional – relationship or consultative selling is more geared towards closing.  A small minority of sales professionals are skilled in both transactional and relationship selling – they are extremely valuable.  Evaluating Staff During Recruiting Mock Calls Probationary Period Past Success of Closely Matching Product or Service Life Situation / Needs
  31. 31. HR Perspective | Pre-Screening / Interview Phase • B2B Telesales vs. B2B In-Person Sales Two completely different animals requiring different skillset. The endorphins released into someone’s brain has different effect based on type of sales ecosystem. • Industry/Niche Specific Experience If rep has had past success in a similar industry or selling a similar product or service, it will be strong factor indicating potential success • Current Understanding of Your Product Where along the learning curve is the rep during the interview process • Subscription vs Service vs Product Ongoing support, upselling after sale, relationship of sales rep to client post-sale • Verifiable Past Results & Quality of References How reliable are references and how realistic are past results. • Relationship with current or past employer How did rep leave last employer? High and dry or smooth transition? • Why is the rep looking for a position? Burn out from previous position? Is candidate passive (on theladders.com)? Poor past compensation structure? Poor management of clients? Listen to the tone of the rep when commenting on past employer
  32. 32. HR Perspective Continued • Prospecting vs. closing functions ratio for each role What proportion of the selling with be prospecting and qualifying vs closing? Are roles separate? • Candidate interview with multiple internal parties Overall impression from several internal parties. Did candidate maintain consistency? Did multiple parties uncover the same candidate deficiencies? • Consistency of communication, information and behavior Did everything about candidate line up? Micro-expressions during difficult questions? • Strength of Engagement Grade candidates “homework/due diligence” on company. • Consistency of Past and Current Productivity Match Will current position ask more or less of candidate than past positions in regards to productivity/engagement goals? Would this environment be comfortable for new hire? • Account Executive vs Sales Representative How much client management / post sale interaction will sales rep be required?
  33. 33. Working With Me & Cognizant Ventures: What Can We Offer: A La Carte  Sales process / sales strategy auditing  Marketing collateral development (value proposition, case studies, ROI analyses, prospecting e-mails)  Sales cycle assistance & guidance  Human resources process development  Recruitment strategies for obtaining sales closers and appointment setters  Individual and team sales training  Broker with B2B closers / appointment setters  Sales team management / Sales team hiring  Sales skills improvement  Trigger lead delivery (Adwords Leads)  Linkedin prospecting development  CRM / Phone Calling & Monitoring System / Marketing Integration with Sales Department  Virtual Sales Team Development  In-House Sales Team Development  Access to recorded B2B sales calls  Sales script development/auditing Individual Practitioner Plan Full marketing collateral package Real recorded client interactions 500 high spend trigger leads Linkedin sales process consultation Sales process audit Lead analysis support (e-mail only) Sales partner tools / guidance / matching (e-mail only) Price $1,000 B2B Agency Guidance Plan Full marketing collateral package Real recorded client interactions 5,000 high spend trigger leads Sales process audit / consultation Lead analysis support (e-mail only) Sales staff training support / HR Tools (e-mail only) Price $5,000 + 5% revenue on closed deals B2B Agency Co-Build Plan Complete build out of sales team over 8 week period Full marketing collateral package 20,000 high spend trigger leads Sales process audit / consultation Sales staff interviews/audit Real recorded client interactions Lead analysis support (e-mail/phone only) Sales staff training support / HR Tools (e-mail/phone) CRM system audit/guidance Sales staff structure audit (closers/appointment setters) Price $20,000 + 5% revenue on closed deals
  34. 34. Tool Addendum  Distilled e-mail address locator: https://www.distilled.net/blog/miscellaneous/find-almost-anybodys-email-address/  Inbound marketing software www.moz.com  Get contact information and email addresses directly through gmail: https://rapportive.com  Streak gmail e-Mail tracking and CRM: http://www.streak.com  Software used to automatically append details for large lists of contacts: http://www.egrabber.com.  Leads sorted by e-mail http://www.lead411.com  My full seminar on how to build an in-house or virtual sales team:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yC3wm2Cl2Xf5Md7f6aNqdzxdRseW35jfmZ65DFroIt8/edit?pli=1
  35. 35. Further Reading & Study  Trigger events    http://b2bleadblog.com/2007/06/using_the_physi.html#more-1384 http://www.startwithalead.com Selling to Big Companies Book: http://www.amazon.com/Selling-Big-CompaniesJill-Konrath/dp/1419515624/ref=pd_sim_b_5/192-3752232-4934917
  36. 36. Audience Questions/Notes:
  37. 37. Audience Questions/Notes: