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My practice teaching portfolio

my practice teaching

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My practice teaching portfolio

  2. 2. Am I Really Prepared to Teach? Yes, I am prepared to teach, as far as my knowledge is concerned. This is because the knowledge and skills I acquired at my college is more than enough. Moreover, it is time for me to practice what I have learned in the classroom. However, emotionally speaking, I think I am not yet ready to face students in different attitudes and characters. I still need to observe, adjust and get to know my workplace better. What’s Up? What’s Up?
  3. 3. My Cooperating School What’s Up? What’s Up?
  4. 4. • On my first encounter with my cooperating teacher, I realized that she was not strict at all. She was willing to help me and was very approachable. She immediately handed us reference books and some inspiring words for us to go on. • On my first dealing with the learners, I observed that they was very behave and they listened carefully as I introduced my name. some of them were smiling at me, and some were staring at me blankly. My First Day Jitters
  5. 5. The school plays a very important role in the community. It shapes the children of today to become a useful citizen in the future. Since school is where their spent their time, it is very important that the school shows good values and morals. ,So I need to help in molding the future generation. As a teacher, I will be a role model of what is a useful citizen. This is through providing quality instruction. My Second Home
  6. 6. My Second Home
  7. 7. • If I already have my own class in the future, I want to employ classroom routine that is realistic and is helpful for me and my students. I will create routines that can be easily followed by all. Finally, I will also observe those routines religiously so that I will become a role model on my students. • So that in the long run students will have an idea what to do before, during and after the class. Through this, there will be more time instructions and learning is more efficient.
  8. 8. • I realized / learned that it is very important to listen to your cooperating teacher because they have enough experience on what to do. In addition to that, preparation is very important. Planning for possible outcomes will maximize success. The Journey Begins with the First Step (My First Activity)
  9. 9. • As a teacher, I need to prepare a lesson plan that is realistic and can be carried –out properly. I will also ensure that I will write all the things that need to be done in the classroom. However, since this is just a plan, I am open to some revision or changes on the actual teaching, when it is needed. Furthermore, I will also prepare a lesson plan that provides equal opportunity to every type of learners. Writing My “First” Lesson Plan in My Second Home
  10. 10. After making my first IMs, I realized that creativity is also important in making instructional materials. It must be attractive and appealing to the students. Moreover, durability of materials also counts. Because f that, I am not that good in making my instructional materials Preparing My IM’s (Instructional Materials)
  11. 11. Preparing My IM’s (Instructional Materials)
  12. 12. In making exam, remember to follow these suggestions: 1. Write questions and use formats that match the developmental levels of your students. 2. Create questions that match the content covered and the objectives identified for your content 3. Balance tests with both objective and subjective items in order to meet the various learning styles. 4. Include questions that require the use of both higher and lower level thinking. 5. Create a detailed answer key to grade tests fairly. 6. Return graded tests within one week time so students can benefit from the feedback. My First Assessment Tool
  13. 13. As a student teacher, I need to learn how to structure bulletin boards so that whenever I will be assign to structure a bulletin board in the future, I will not hesitate to accept the task. This will serves as a practice for my future application. Moreover, this can also develop my creativity, which I do not have Designing / Structuring the Classroom Bulletin Boards
  14. 14. Designing / Structuring the Classroom Bulletin Boards
  15. 15. After the activity, I learned that as a teacher and a staff of the school, we must participate in any school event. Not just because of the welfare of the school but also for the development of our skills and knowledge.
  16. 16. Doing auxiliary services will help teachers develop their innate skills that sometimes cannot be used in the teaching profession. Moreover, teachers will also help the community in this way. May I Help You? (Doing Auxiliary Services)
  17. 17. After my demonstration, I realized that teaching is not an easy profession. One must sacrifice the comfort to fulfill the needs of the learners. However, I also realized that I want to teach and my heart is on the teaching profession. My First Classroom Demonstration Lesson
  18. 18. Disadvantages of Teenage Pregnancy Among High School Students • Background Meryl (not the subject’s real name), is a graduating high school student of Dr. Gerardo Sabal Memorial National High School. She is 17 years old and a residence of Claveria, Misamis Oriental. As the researcher sees her, she is just like a common teenager. But what makes her different is that, she is 6-month old pregnant.
  19. 19. Meryl was a product of a broken family. Her mother, a single housewife, was struggling hard to raise her and her sister. She never met her father until she was second year high school, only to find out that her father has another family. Since then, she was dreaming to have a father. Case study…
  20. 20. Case study… In her 1st, 2nd and 3rd year in high school, she had fairly good grades ranging from 80 to 86. But as she entered 4th year high school, her grades dramatically dropped. According to her, it started when she knew she was pregnant.
  21. 21. • Description of the case During classes, she was very silent and was not participating. Sometimes she was absent or comes in the school late. Her quizzes were very low and no assignments were recorded. She was very aloof in the classroom. Case study…