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New Theme Directory

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Millions of websites depend on the WordPress.org infrastructure every day. Parts of it is almost a decade old, ancient in software terms, and most of it is not even based on WordPress itself. At the time of WordCamp San Antonio, we will hopefully have finished a project that drastically modernizes the theme repository and moves to over to a WordPress installation, complete with a redesigned front-end and a more robust backend. This session will go over the changes involved, and will look into how WordPress.org works and what the underlying structure of it looks like.

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New Theme Directory

  1. 1. @obenland The Theme Directory WordCamp San Antonio
  2. 2. @obenland WordPress.org
  3. 3. @obenland Network of Networks.
  4. 4. @obenland Plugin/Theme Repository
  5. 5. @obenland The Themes Downloader
  6. 6. @obenland // Just. Don’t. Ask.
  7. 7. @obenland The Themes Downloader • Figures out the correct version. • Checks the files out from SVN. • Zips up the package and saves it. • Serves the zip file.
  8. 8. @obenland The Themes API
  9. 9. @obenland The Themes API • Two endpoints with various “actions”. • No documentation. • No tests. • Every single WordPress site depending on it.
  10. 10. @obenland The Themes API • Still no tests. • Based on WordPress now. Yay!
  11. 11. @obenland feature_list List of valid theme tags.
  12. 12. @obenland hot_tags Theme tags ordered by popularity.
  13. 13. @obenland theme_information Specific data for a single theme.
  14. 14. @obenland query_themes List of themes with specific data.
  15. 15. @obenland The Theme Directory
  16. 16. @obenland Putting it All Together WordPress Themes API Theme Directory Plugin Themes Downloader WP.org Directory Theme Themes Trac Themes SVN
  17. 17. @obenland Demo!
  18. 18. @obenland Still to Do • Move ratings system to WordPress. • Internationalize Themes API. • Some mobile layout adjustments. • Test!
  19. 19. @obenland Halp!
  20. 20. @obenland wordpress.org/themesnew Location of the new Theme Directory.
  21. 21. @obenland meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/745 Ticket to report bugs.
  22. 22. @obenland make.wordpress.org/meta Blog to follow for updates.
  23. 23. @obenland URLs • https://wordpress.org/themesnew/ • https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/745 • https://make.wordpress.org/meta/
  24. 24. @obenland Konstantin Obenland @obenland konstantin.obenland.it
  25. 25. @obenland Questions? Automattic? Themes? WordPress.org? WordPress.com? Hooks? Actions? Filters? Getting started? PHP?CSS? Germany? Travel? Contributing? Documentation? WordCamps? Plugin Development? Languages? Translations? SVN? Core? Cain & Obenland? Default Themes? Trac? Template Tags? _s? Underscores? Themes API? Feature Plugins? Code Formatting?