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Key Figures In The History Of Music Videos

Features artists and bands who have been influential in the change of the music video

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Key Figures In The History Of Music Videos

  1. 1. Key Figures In The Music Video World
  2. 2. Michael Jackson • Michael Jackson has had many iconic videos that many people remember, for example, Billie Jean. • Thriller is one of the most memorable music videos ever made and continues to be a success 30 years on with a total of 186,077,674 views on YouTube. • John Landis directed the 13 minute video to make it one of the most famous music videos to date. As well as directing this he also directed Blues Brothers and Beverly Hills Cop III. • Guinness World Records listed in 2006 as the most successful music video, selling over 9 million copies. • The track is not only a classic but is also seen as number one on Billboards ‘Top 10 Halloween Songs’ .
  3. 3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes • Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friends by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. • Famous for starring Marilyn Monroe. The video shows how Marilyn is in charge and can manipulate men. • The body language and gestures made in this video were seen as outrageous and very controversial as women were not meant to be doing them sort of actions as well as suggesting what the lyrics are implying.
  4. 4. Madonna • Madonna has had a few videos that she is now famous for. • Material Girl being one of them – more modernised remake of the video for Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend – Madonna said it was a tribute to Marilyn who is such an iconic female in the industry. • Like A Prayer was a controversial music video released by Madonna. • The video was very controversial for a few reasons. One reason was Madonna is dancing in a field with three burning crosses behind her, the other is that in the church she is in for most of the video, there is an African American Jesus. This started many religious complaints and many people wanting the video to be banned. However, now the video seems very tame compared to the music videos that are being released now.
  5. 5. A-Ha – Take On Me • Iconic music video as it brings together real life and a cartoon comic strip. • Was one of the newest bits of technology when it was released, was mind-blowing for the audience. • Shows that what happens in reality affects what happens in the comic book which gives the video a unique twist.
  6. 6. OK-GO • Used YouTube to enter the market and use the new platform to get their name spread across the website. • Their first video went viral and reached over 6 million views months after its release. Being shot all in one take it makes it seem more impressive. • They have successfully used the use of interactive websites to now create some of their more newer music videos.