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Evolution of a founder

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Being a startup founder is hard, tough, frustrating and rewarding - possibly all within the space of a nanosecond. And yet, it is like a high none other. I have experienced it in others. And quietly, I have lived it for over six years. Here are some lessons I learned from my journey. They may not be universal, but these lessons learned have changed me both as a person and as a founder

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Evolution of a founder

  1. Lessons LearnedEvolution of a Founder @om
  2. Starting it up
  3. What makes you happier?Writing for GigaOM orBusiness 2.0
  4. The founding principles
  5. 1. Be self aware of your strengths and weakness.2. Be transparent and honest with those whom you work with.3. Be respectful and decent to others, if you want others to be decent and respectful to you.4. Build a true, peer-to-peer management culture.
  6. Building, learning, evolving, improving
  7. Openness is not just a word, it is a state of mind.
  8. You need to have a truly flat organization and build anopen minded and cohesive team, that laughs together,works together and learns to deal with adversitytogether.
  9. You have to walk before you run.As a founder you can often dont understand thegulf between your vision of the future and thereality in which a business exists. It is important tofind the right balance between the two.
  10. It is good to know what you as afounder are good at, what you suckat, and when you need help. Andsometimes that means replacingyourself as the CEO.
  11. Work hard to find the essence of yourcompanys culture, core strengths and your way of thinking.
  12. If you dont try, you dont fail.You dontfail, you dont learn.You dont learn, you have failed anyway.
  13. Are you winning as a founder?
  14. People who believe in you also want to succeed. They will work better if youencourage them, not micromanage them. Empower them to win.
  15. Real founder success is in makingyourself less important to the daily working of the company.
  16. Thanks! om.co @om