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The 5 Musts in Standard Work

5 elements that must be present for successful standard work.

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The 5 Musts in Standard Work

  1. 1. The 5 MUSTS inStandard Work
  2. 2. Created by Tom Curtis 2011Blog: www.onimproving.blogspot.comPresentations: on www.slideshare.net/onimproving Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comTwitter: @onimproving
  3. 3. Introduction Any of these five elements to shirk brings error, waste, and pain to lurk. What follows are 5 elements that need to be present in Standard Work. Why? To have one or more missing renders a piece of Standard Work at least less effective and at worst defect producing.
  4. 4. The 5Musts
  5. 5. Be Current Why it is a must: If Standard Work is not current (reflecting the best known way) it cannot represent a normal state. It may allow for multiple versions of an activity to exist. It is also a default to error. If it is followed it will result in waste that may be difficult to detect.
  6. 6. Be Complete Why it is a must: If Standard Work is not complete (containing all steps) it cannot deliver the required result. To not be complete, but appear so, can provide a false sense of security. Standard Work may be incomplete because it was never finished, the process was not understood or something changed. If followed the process may fail.
  7. 7. Be Clear Why it is a must: If Standard Work is not clear (in understandable language or visuals) it can not be followed correctly. What is clear to one person may not be clear to another. We need to ensure that users and auditors understand the Standard Work the Same way. Extra jargon, verbose or sparse description, or poor formatting need to be avoided.
  8. 8. Be Correct Why it is a must: If Standard Work is not correct (providing accurate information and proper sequencing) it will create error and waste. If this is not the case, adjustment must be made and documented. This must be followed by retaining to the revised standard.
  9. 9. Be Concise Why it is a must: If Standard Work is not concise it creates waste in learning, effort, and time. The document can be clear and correct and still not be concise. To be concise the document should have only what is required in a usable format. To get this element requires effort and revision.