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Mdst3703 projects-2012-10-11

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Mdst3703 projects-2012-10-11

  1. 1. Code Review and Final Projects Prof. Alvarado MDST 3703/770310 September 2012
  2. 2. Business• Midterms due this evening• Final Projects announced today• Synthetic posts are still due from last week (and this week)• Home Directory issues – It seems that some issues can be resolved by setting permissions on your directories – This can be fixed by going to the “Options” item for a directory or file – Use SFTP within JEdit – Check or change your password on-line
  3. 3. Review• JavaScript is both easy and difficult – Our goal in this class is not to learn JavaScript per se, or any of the codes we look at, but rather to grasp the use such codes have – Also, you should learn enough to get started on your own path of learning – In doing this, it helps to “know what you don’t know”
  4. 4. Overview• Code review of JavaScript and jQuery examples• Presentation of final projects• Access SHIVA, SHANTI’s visualization toolkit
  5. 5. Code Review• Example of dynamic notes in the margin
  6. 6. Final Projects• A collaborative critical edition of Persuasion
  7. 7. SHIVA Exercise• Create an account• Explore the various example visualizations• Create a document in today’s folder called “shiva.html” and embed at least three visualization there