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OpenNebula 5.4 Enhancements vCenter Integration

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New features for vCenter in OpenNebula 5.4

Talk held in Techday Madrid, 2017. More info:

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OpenNebula 5.4 Enhancements vCenter Integration

  1. 1. OpenNebula 5.4 Enhancements vCenter Integration Jaime Melis Infrastructure engineer, OpenNebula Systems OpenNebula.systems © OpenNebula Systems. This presentation is confidential and owned by OpenNebula Systems. Unauthorized use or disclosure of the included information is strictly prohibited. OpenNebula is trademark of OpenNebula Systems. All the other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  2. 2. Introduction OpenNebula approach to vCenter integration OpenNebula.systems
  3. 3. OPENNEBULA FEATURES FEATURES FOR VIRTUAL INFRA MANAGEMENT AND CLOUD ORCHESTRATION KVM Xen Virtual Infra Management •Capacity management •Multi-VM management •Resource optimization •HA and business continuity OpenNebula Cloud Management •VDC multi-tenancy •Simple cloud GUI and interfaces •Service elasticity/provisioning •Federation/hybrid vCenter VMware OpenNebula OpenNebula.systems
  4. 4. VCENTER DELEGATION VMs Templates Networks OpenNebula.systems
  5. 5. KEY POINTS OpenNebula.systems ● Seamless integration ● Leverages vMotion, HA, DRS scheduling… ● OpenNebula provides multi-tenant, cloud-like provisioning layer, benefiting from quotas, etc. ● Maintain VMware management tools, procedures and workflows ● Virtual Machines are deployed using Templates that already exist in vCenter. ● Access a vCenter server that manages one or more ESX Clusters.
  6. 6. KEY POINTS OpenNebula.systems ● Access a vCenter server that manages one or more ESX Clusters. ● Each vCenter Cluster is represented as an aggregated hypervisor: ○ OpenNebula chooses the vCenter Cluster ○ VMware DRS chooses the ESX Host ● After being instantiated with OpenNebula it can be managed either with OpenNebula (add/remove NICs, control life-cycle) or through vCenter (OpenNebula will poll).
  7. 7. ARCHITECTURE OpenNebula.systems
  8. 8. REQUIREMENTS OpenNebula.systems ● vCenter 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5. ● At least one cluster with at least one ESX 5.5, 6.0 or 6.5 host. ● VMware tools in the guest OS. ● vCenter user for OpenNebula ● ESX Hosts in a Cluster must share a Datastore ● DRS is strongly recommended ● VNC is supported
  9. 9. WORKFLOW OpenNebula.systems ● Import vCenter Cluster (OpenNebula Host) ● Import or Create Networks. IP range and VLAN. ● Import vCenter Template ○ Creates Networks ○ Creates Images ○ Creates Datastores ● Update Template (Optional) ○ Add disks, nics, context, etc. ● Instantiate VM ○ Disk Resize, etc...
  10. 10. OpenNebula 5.4 vCenter Improvements OpenNebula.systems
  11. 11. GOAL OF OPENNEBULA 5.4 OpenNebula.systems Up to speed with
  12. 12. THREE MAIN IMPROVEMENTS OpenNebula.systems Networking Storage Speed
  13. 13. OpenNebula 5.4 vCenter Improvements Storage OpenNebula.systems
  14. 14. STORAGE OpenNebula.systems ● System Datastores. OpenNebula chooses the target datastore (replacing Storage DRS!) ● Persistent & Non-persistent images ● Volatile disks ● Disk Resize upon instantiation ● Linked clones: faster deployment times, smaller disk usage ● Unmanaged disks ● Storage DRS support extended (Volatile & Persistent disks) ● Whole plethora of operations
  15. 15. STORAGE OpenNebula.systems
  16. 16. STORAGE OpenNebula.systems
  17. 17. STORAGE OpenNebula.systems
  18. 18. OpenNebula 5.4 vCenter Improvements Networking OpenNebula.systems
  19. 19. NETWORKING OpenNebula.systems ● Manage Networks, not just consume them ● Create Networks (Port Groups) in vCenter ● Works for standard or distributed switches ● It can also create Switches if PHYDEV is specified (vmnic1, …) ● Configure the underlying network dynamically. Including VLAN IDs. ● Provide isolation dynamically.
  20. 20. NETWORKING OpenNebula.systems
  21. 21. OpenNebula 5.4 vCenter Improvements Speed OpenNebula.systems
  22. 22. SPEED OpenNebula.systems ● Rewrite of the monitorization routines ● New caching component for vCenter resources ● Rapid access to vCenter objects ● Pre-migrator to ease OpenNebula upgrades Overall improvement by 2 orders of magnitude!
  23. 23. OpenNebula 5.4 vCenter Improvements Fixing Limitations OpenNebula.systems
  24. 24. FIXING LIMITATIONS OpenNebula.systems ● Attach / Detach poweroff state ● Choose in what folder VMs will be placed ● Context regeneration ● Resources with spaces (including cluster names) ● Proper cleanup of terminated VMs after poweroff ● Recover delete cleans all resources ● VNC is configured automatically for Wild VMs
  25. 25. Questions? Questions? Thank you!