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Basic seo rules

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A presentation for SEO starters.

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Basic seo rules

  1. 1. Basic SEO Rules
  2. 2. What is SEO?• Search Engine Optimization is a vital tool in online success.• It helps in a million ways to promote a website and earn a share of the billion-dollar bedazzled internet.• Rank websites to the top!
  3. 3. Benefits of SEO1. Widening your Customer/Follower Base2. Visibility3. Credibility and Market Perception4. Building of Intellectual Property Asset5. High Quality Web Standard
  4. 4. How do Search Engines Work?1. Crawl2. Index3. Process4. Calculate5. Determine Relevance6. Retrieve
  5. 5. Dealing with Page Rank• Search engines have different sets of criteria in assigning page rank to websites.• Quality links and keywords can increase your page rank.• Better page rank means you will be among the top listed websites.• The page rank is exponential.• A few sites have a page rank of 6 and above.
  6. 6. Optimizing your Website• SEO is a long term process so you can be among the top results.• It can provide the optimal conversion rate.• Clean up the conversion funnel.• Originality of content rules!
  7. 7. Keywords Spell Success • Think of the best keywords that describe the content of your site. • Think how visitors will enter those keywords on the search engines. • Think how many times the keywords should appear on your content.
  8. 8. Nature of Keywords Keyword research is a mixture of both functions: Capturing a large portion of the target audience and filtering the right visitors up to the end of the funnel.
  9. 9. Maximizing Keywords and Links Keyword Placement Link Types• File names and URLs • Backlinks• Page Titles • Internal Links• Headings • Anchor Texts
  10. 10. Do’s and Don’ts• Avoid link farms• Avoid link exchanges• Maintain good ratio of inbound and outbound links• No to keyword stuffing• Panda hates duplicate content while Penguin hates poor quality links• Always favor original and engaging content
  11. 11. • Frequently update content• Advertising content is stale and stinky• Highlight important points in your content; make it scannable by the readers• Abide by the Copyright Law