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Mugo one pager

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Mugo one pager

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Mugo one pager

  1. 1. MUGO - Reinvent the way we share & listen to music
  2. 2. What is MUGO ? • MUGO is an advanced music aggregator that redefines how people listen and share music. • Think of it as the first ever combination between a social/chat network and a state-of-the-art music player, on your device. What are MUGO's key features ? • QS (Quick Sync) let's you simultaneously listen to songs and playlists together with other users - instantly and globally. • MUGO Social - users can listen and chat about songs, creating a new social music experience. • MUGO allows users to follow, rank and send emotional feedback about other users’ music and follow personal playlists of their favorite artists. • Users can post & view comments about the songs they listen to. How is MUGO different from other music apps ? • MUGO isn't a streaming service. It's an innovative social music platform that lets you enjoy music from your device and from leading providers - seamlessly in a single smart player. How does MUGO work ? • MUGO's sync algorithm matches same songs from different providers - smoothly connecting users to listen together. • MUGO's advanced algorithm is set to learn and adjust to users’ music preferences. • Using filters and ranking, the system correlates songs from the device and providers - offering smart recommendations combined with user behavior. • MUGO autonomously creates the JUST 4U playlist - a tailor-made personal playlist for every user. Music Aggregator QS (Quick Sync) MUGO Social