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Smartest Places on Earth presentation 4.6.16

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Brookings Trustee Antoine van Agtmael, senior advisor at public-policy advisory firm Garten Rothkopf and coiner of the term 'emerging market' presents his book, "The Smartest Places on Earth", written with Fred Bakker, former business and finance journalist for Holland’s Het Financieele Dagblad. Originally presented on April 6, 2016 at the Brookings Institution.

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Smartest Places on Earth presentation 4.6.16

  1. 1. Looking in the rearview mirror
  2. 2. Looking in the rearview mirror U.S. Employment in Manufacturing Industries (in millions) 10 20 15 1980 1985 1990 200520001995 2010 Reversal 7 million jobs lost
  3. 3. Looking in the rearview mirror Automation 2008 CrisisCompetition
  4. 4. Not the whole story
  5. 5. The American (and Northern European) economies are NOT on the decline but regaining competitiveness
  6. 6. The new paradigm
  7. 7. The era of cheap is over Manufacturing is not coming back… The era of “smart” has begun …it is being reinvented The new paradigm
  8. 8. Sharing brainpower Two pillars The new paradigm 1.
  9. 9. Sharing brainpower Hierarchical Closed/IP-oriented Siloed Top-down Lone ranger Suburban, isolated research labs Collegial Open Multidisciplinary Collaborative Urban innovation districts In the past Today Bottom-up
  10. 10. A new branch of the economy 2. Sharing brainpower1. Two pillars The new paradigm
  11. 11. Sensor technology Wireless IT New materials Big Data A new branch of the economy New discoveries New production methods Old industrial expertise
  12. 12. The future is all about connecting and connectedness A new branch of the economy Smart products
  13. 13. New production methods are reinvigorating old industries A new branch of the economy New production methods
  14. 14. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts
  15. 15. A life threatening challenge From Rustbelts to Brainbelts Akron, Ohio — From rubber capital to polymer city A connector: Luis ProenzaWorld-class research on polymers stayed
  16. 16. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts What makes a brainbelt? Universities performing world-class research Openness to sharing brainpower A connector and supportive local officials Infrastructure that attracts and retains top talent A life-threatening situation Access to venture capital Complex, expensive challenges requiring a multi-disciplinary approach
  17. 17. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts Albany, New York — Nanotechnology
  18. 18. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  19. 19. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts Portland, Oregon
  20. 20. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts Eindhoven — From lightbulbs to the world’s smartest city
  21. 21. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts
  22. 22. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts
  23. 23. From Rustbelts to Brainbelts Rustbelt cities are building on forgotten strengths, transforming themselves into brainbelts They are creating the smart products that the 21st century demands
  24. 24. Policy recommendations
  25. 25. Policy recommendations Stop mismeasuring productivity Develop work-study programs (on German model) Reward sharing of brainpower Support and build innovation districts Build political support for more basic research Give venture capitalists the leeway to invest in advanced manufacturing