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  1. 1. 谷歌实验室 亚洲科技和发明大学
  2. 2. Ducks are cute WHERE ARE MY DUCKS!!!!!!! YAY
  3. 3. Alex NG hello, i just wanna win without effort :’( but here’s googles CEO and this is the new Android symbol
  4. 4. Ever wondered what a fox sounds like ???? Christine goes crazy…..Justin goes mad……. Mia goes calm and it was all fine till JT came in and said WHAT DOES YOUR SLIDES HAVE ????
  5. 5. THIS IS MINE!!! I am THE one… No idea at all…
  6. 6. Ezra Gunn i love freebies :)
  7. 7. I am who I am Noel Sebastian Lim Jenq Ning A diabolo player
  8. 8. Artabaz Ghofrani I’m researching about so far found nothing to use in my assignment
  9. 9. HO HO HO! chin wei~ call me Shanice :) My friend looks like Jonah Hill (please refer page 11)
  10. 10. DarienChoo (kk) HELLO, this is how i looks like… (Jonah Hill) …. According to Shanice =) Anyone wanna be friend with me? You will a star as friend! =D
  11. 11. Karim Karim, Egyptian, IT student, very racist and that’s why I look happy in the pic :D p.s.: I still want to kick Alex out of the workshop :D
  12. 12. How to toll free
  13. 13. I want GOODIES !
  14. 14. CY Special ID: your hero??
  15. 15. Japan advertising at Matsua Ginza The Surface product launch campaign by advertising at Matsua Ginza, Tokyo, Japan