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Q Breaks Brochure Eng

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Q Breaks Brochure Eng

  1. 1. Escape, explore and discover the world! At Q-breaks, we’re all about exciting experiential vacation packages. We offer everything from family fun to sun-soaked beach breaks to romantic mountain retreats; from adrenaline-pumping adventures to exotic cruises to heritage tours in far-flung destinations. With a mind-boggling variety of packages, numerous destinations and affordable prices to suit your pocket, Q-breaks is going to change the way you holiday forever! Beach Family, Sports, Adventure Eco-Tourism Do you prefer taking several short breaks in a year instead of one long holiday? Do you like holiday packages that include activities and meals? Are you adventurous and delight in discovering new destinations? Or a nature-lover looking for eco-tours? If you’re any of these, then Q-breaks will make all your vacation dreams come true.
  2. 2. We’re constantly searching the world to bring you fantastic holiday experiencesin popular locations around the world, all at the best value. Not only do weoffer exciting seasonal packages and fascinating new destinations, there arealso activity based packages that include spa treats, golf games, history tours,cruises, theme park excursions and more. All guaranteed to help you escape,explore and discover! Q-breaks vacation packages have an average validity of a year, allowing you greater flexibility when planning your holidays. You can purchase more than one package at a time, so you have a variety of experiences and destinations to suit every member in your family. Just imagine - a skiing vacation for the whole family; a cooking holiday that will please mum and sis; a nature and mountain-climbing adventure to excite your brother and his friends - the possibilities are endless! Start changing the way you holiday City, Cultural now, with Q-breaks! Mountain Spa Check out www.q-breaks.com to see all the packages that we currently have available. If you want to make a purchase, or if you have any enquiries, do call us at +65 6491 0900 or drop us an email at customercare@q-breaks.com. We will be more than happy to assist you.
  3. 3. QNet Ltd47/F Bank of China Tower1 Garden RoadCentral, Hong KongTel: +852 2263 9000Fax: +852 2802 0981Email: network.support@qnet.net24/7 NSG Multilingual Contact Centre+603 7949 8288www.qnet.netCustomer Experience AmbassadorsQ Lifestyle (S) Pte Ltd15 Hoe Chiang Road#08-01/02/03 Tower FifteenSingapore 089316Tel: +65 6491 0900Fax: +65 6491 0899Email: customercare@q-breaks.comFor members residing in India QNET INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVETel: +91 22 2640 5850Email: customercare@vanamala-india.com Namewww.q-breaks.com IR NumberCopyright © QNet Ltd / 2011. All rights reserved. PhoneCopyrights and/or other intellectual property rights on all designs, graphics, Emaillogos, images, photos, texts, trade names, trademarks, etc., in this publicationare reserved. The reproduction, transmission, or modification of any part of thecontents of this publication is strictly prohibited.English Edition(9929003446)