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Free Trade Zones Directory 2019

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Free Trade Zones Directory 2019. Colombia. ProColombia

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Free Trade Zones Directory 2019

  3. 3. ANDEAN REGION ANDEANREGION A business ecosystem with qualified human resources and a strategic central location. Bogota and Santander are amongst the country’s most competitive departments according to the Department Competitiveness Index. Bogota stands out thanks to its economy’s sophistication and innovation indicators, whereas Santander’s strengths lie in its market efficiency and its primary and secondary education levels. (Department Competitiveness Index, 2019) The region accounts for 34% of the country’s business landscape due to its central location within the territory, which allows for easier access to the remaining regions. Bogota boasts the main cargo airport in Latin America and the third most important regarding passenger transit. (RUES, 2018) 75% of the country’s bilingual population lives in the Andes region. Source: Fededesarrollo Over the last year, the Bogota region has continued to establish itself as the country’s main corporate centre with the largest number of registered businesses. Bogota has seen an 8% increase in registered businesses and commercial establishments, 91% of which are micro-enterprises. Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Santander y Norte de Santander. Bogota D.C.
  4. 4. BOGOTA S.A. Sector Colombia´s Zona Franca Bogotá, located just six kilometres from the city`s main El Dorado International airport, is home to more than 400 companies, 117 of them are multinational. More than 32,000 people are employed in the zone by companies including Spain based communications company Telefonica, UK-based telecommunications company BT and Germany-based automotive giant Daimler. The zone offers consultancy services to potential investors, including assistance with foreign trade, financial and legal tools as well as a financial instrument designed to help companies analyse potential effects of customs or tax reforms in a range of sectors. Zona Franca de Bogotá is due to increase its footprint by 15 hectares in 2019 as part of a wider expansion strategy. We offer to our users training on the free trade regime; assistance in the preparation of integration certificates; control of foreign trade operations and inventories; preparation of processes and procedures to efficiently establish operations in the free trade zone; and assistance for the implementation of the quality control system under the ISO 9001 Standard, 2008 Version zonafrancabogota.com / grupozfb.com Diego Francisco Vargas Triana / Director infozfb@zonafrancabogota.com Tel: 57 (1) 404 6644 Opción 2 018000 423 621 Cel: (57) 310 274 9584 Alexander Segura Buendía / Commercial Director WWW. Logistics (transportation, cargo, courier) IT Services (BPO,ITO,KPO,SSC) Manufacturing (Textile, plastic, pharmaceutical, equipment and machinery, e.g) Local and international trade Data Centers ANDEANREGION Bogota D.C. FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  5. 5. Installed Companies • Chalver • Nalsani • Alusud • Fibertex • Daimler • Praco Didacol • Stilotex • Brightstar • BT • Level 3 Tivit Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 1,500 m2 (Phase 1) / 151.000 m2 Phase 2) 3,800 m2 Phase 1) 2,600 m2 (Phase 1) 12,000 m2 (Phase 1) 10,326 m2 (Phase 1) Data center, white area, Phase 1, Dic 2019 1,140 m2 total 4,560 m2 (Etapa 1) Property type Available area (m2) Services • Counseling and training in trade and free zone regime • Real estate services (warehouses, offices, lots, turnkey solutions for BPO) • Built to suit services • Data center infrastructure, white area • Complementary services: portal for employment opportunities, more than 35 academic programs, transportation services, hotel, food court, supermarket, banks, health care, e.g. Declared Area (m2) 640,000 m2 Phase 2 in declaration 151,000 m2 ANDEANREGION
  6. 6. INDUSTRIAL DE CUCUTA Sectors The Industrial and Commercial Free trade Zone of Cúcuta has an incomparable great advantage due to its geographic strategy location, as it is the port of entry and exit for business between Colombia and Venezuela. It will play a very important role in the face of the restitution of the Venezuelan economy since in this region there are no industrial zones capable of receiving new companies. The free trade zone of Cúcuta is located in the dry port of Cúcuta, it is a socio-economic step between Colombia and Venezuela, of vital importance to industrialize the city. It is located 3 minutes from the Internacional airport Camilo Daza, 5 minutes from the industrial zone, it has public services, fiber optic broadband internet, electrical network renewed the previous year. The free zone offers an integral service on free regime to customers to optimize their operation. Customs operation, agile and reliable. Customs on site, infrastructure of services, permanent security, availability of public services. It has industrial, service and logistic users Agroindustry Clothing Manufacturers and supplies Services Logistics José Socorro / Executive director gerencia@delben.co jsocorro@gmail.com Tel: +57 5 783399 Cel: +57 5 790944 Cel: +57 320 499 6175 Cel: +57 310 283 8304 Fernando del Corte / President ANDEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  7. 7. Installed Companies Del Ben Ltda Fruttec s.a.s. Smartrack group s.a.s. Logistica Coex s.a.s Vehimaq Zona Franca s.a.s. M.B Industrias y Servicios s.a.s. Industrias calzamark s.a.s. Industrias madrid s.a.s. Cosmogreen s.a.s. Almacoder ltda. Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 200,000 m2 200.000 m2 400,000 m2 Property type Available area (m2) Declared Area (m2) 100,000 m2 Semiconstruidas Real Estate OfferAvailable Area (m2): 200,000 m2 ANDEANREGION
  8. 8. GACHANCIPA Permanent Free Zone with a total area of 79,000 m2 including high-specifications storage facilities and two service buildings. The Project is readily available and is designed to adapt to retail and industrial high-, medium-, and low-impact operations. We work hand in hand with our clients, providing integral assistance during the process of qualification to users and legal advisory. We are the only interlocutor, with an institutional backing that guarantees strength and transparency. Lina Pinzón / Commercial Director ovargas@terranum.com lpinzon@terranum.com Cel: +57 3214901715 Oscar Vargas / Commercial Director www.terranum.comWWW. ANDEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description Tel: +57 (1) 7426060 Cel: +57 316 8752101 Bogota D.C.
  9. 9. Installed companies Ukko Services Zeven Logistics Alservicios Industriales GARCOR SOL LIG Group Logistics Services Lot sales Lot lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sales Warehouse lease Indoor yard lease Outdoor yard lease Office sales Office lease Other, which? NA NA NA 73,587 73,587 10,000 4,073 4,073 NA Property Type Available Area (m2) Services • IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY | Ready to start operations immediately, saving time and development risk, reducing the time for companies to enter the market. • AGILITY | In Exennta average times range between 5 and 15 minutes for records, counts, approval of Goods Form, among others, thanks to its “boutique size” • MOBILITY| Located on Route 55 (Bogotá – Tunja) which stands out for being the road with the best mobility among the neighboring municipalities of the country’s capital city. • HIGH SPECIFICATIONS | Industrial warehouses with high specifications, with internal roads that offer independence in the operation and large access and loading areas. Two modern service buildings with flexible areas to suit diverse operations. Utilities available for industries with high standards. • PROGRESSIVE GROWTH | We have control of the tenant mix, which allows us to grow in an efficient and organized manner, guaranteeing our clients the possibility to grow progressively within Exennta. Declared Area (m2) 210,055 m2 Available Area (m2): 79,000 m2 ANDEANREGION
  10. 10. INTEXZONA S.A Sectors Intexzona is a company that promotes, works and manage in a very reliable, agile, timely, with high security standards, quality and technology, promoting the foreign trade and the development of companies. It is privileged by its legislation: Big tributary advantages, aduana and foreign trade (determined by the Free Regimen through the law 1004 of 2005) www.zonafrancabarranquilla.com Hector Jaramillo / Director of operations jcardona@intrexona.com.co hjaramillo@intexzona.com.co +57 (1) 8215715 +57 312 5155925 Jorge Eduardo Cardona / General Manager WWW. +57 (1) 8215715 +57 313 6615849 Life Science Metalmechanics Package and bottles ANDEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description Bogota D.C.
  11. 11. Installed Companies Fresenius Medical Care DHL Global Forwarding ZF Colombia S.A Envases Plásticos de la Sabana S.A.S Quimerco S.A.S. Scalpi Cosmética S.A.S Castem Colombia S.A.S Repremundo Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 163,087.31 m² 100,000 m² 17,994,68 m² 15.120.14 m² 24,205,14 m² 0 29,138,39 m² 5,000 m² 5,000 m² Property type Available area (m2) Services • Located at 2,2 km from Bogotá • Located at 1,8 km from El Nuevo Dorado Airport • High rate of occupation • Reply times more agile to the entrance and exit of merchandise • Important companies for assistance and support: (BANCOLOMBIA,CASINO SERVINUTIR). Declared Area (m2) 828,054,95 m2 Available Area (m2): 163,087,31 m2 ANDEANREGION
  12. 12. OCCIDENTE Sectors Zona Franca de Occidente is an industrial park, located in the municipality of Mosquera (Cundinamarca), one of the most important industrial, commercial and service hubs in Colombia, and near the city of Bogotá D.C. where most of the country's population lives. With more than 10 years of experience in international trade, business structuring and business park administration. Our commitment is to strengthen the competitiveness of our users. • 554.908 Square Meters (55,5 hectares). • Recognized as "The Best Free Zone for Business Expansion" in 2018 by fDi Intelligence - Finnancial Times. • Strategicaly located, close to the El Dorado I International Airport, and near the future El Dorado II International Airport. Equidistant to the most important sea ports in Colombia. • Located in Troncal de Occidente Avenue, a modern double-lane roadway that connects Bogota with the main industrial and trade centers of Colombia. • High Technology and competitive Infrastructure for all kinds of companies: logistics, industrial and services activities. • Energy and public services offer at very competitive prices. • Recognition for being an environmentally sustainable business park. • 24/7 service. Agribusiness and Food Chemistry Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Metalworking sectors Logistics and Services Information and communication technologies Miguel Ángel García / Sales Manager rosa.gamarra@zonafrancaoccidente.com mgarcia@zonafrancaoccidente.com Tel: 57 (1) 8933300 ext 101 Cel: 57 313 4224246 Rosa María Gamarra / Cheif Executive Officer Tel: 57 (1) 8933300 Ext 108 Cel: 57 3214973447 www.zonafrancaoccidente.com/WWW. ANDEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description Bogota D.C.
  13. 13. Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 251,388 251,388 3,094,11 37,509,12 37,509,12 N/A 251,388 N/A N/A Property type Available area (m2) Services • Customized service 24/7. • Special Operations development related to our users needs. • Strategical location which allows easy access to airports and ports. • Logistics, infrastructure and technology facilities. • Agile and friendly customs operation software. Declared Area (m2) 554,908 m2 Available Area (m2): 251,388 m2 Real Estate Offer 37,509,12 ANDEANREGION
  14. 14. SANTANDER Sectors Santander Free Trade Zone - Offshoring & Outsourcing Park (ZFSantander) is located in the Santander department, a geostrategic center in the northeast Colombia and a region that has a market of 2 million people. ZFSantander its located in the center of the Bucaramanga metropolitan facilitating the connection to the fourth municipalities that it is made of (Bucaramanga, Floridablanca, Piedecuesta and Girón), which means a quick access to the International Airport, Universities, Malls, Residential complexes, Hotels and Clubs; characteristics that promote a quality of life for all of the free trade community. ZFSantander was conceived since the beginning as a Free Trade Zone oriented to the services sector, offering to domestic and foreign companies solutions about an ideal platform to establish competitive, global and sustainable companies allowing the access to the free trade benefits and the Colombian market. Our dynamic operation to best serve the specific needs of our users are organized into three main specialized zones: Logistics, Global services, and High-value-added manufacturing. Health and life sciences Outsourcing operations Manufacturing Logistics and Storage Agro-Industry Ralph Suárez / Director Comercial mherrera@zonafrancasantander.com rsuarez@zonafrancasantander.com Tel: +57 (7) 6798080 Ext. 101 Cel: +57 3023299919 Margarita Herrera / Gerente General Tel: +57 (7) 6798080 Ext. 111 Cel: +57 3167428109 www.zonafrancasantander.comWWW. ANDEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  15. 15. Installed Companies Majorel: Contact Center Accedo: Contact Center Unidrogas: Empresa del Sector Salud Cecropia Solutions: Desarrollo de Software Guarumo: Desarrollo de Software Nutra&Foods.co: Empresa Farmacéutica FRIMAC Zona Franca: Centro de Servicios Compartidos NINOX ZF: Empresa de Metalmecánica Free Zone Services: Operador logístico Sonseis: Centro de Servicios Compartidos Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 34,657 M2 21,262 M2 N/A 2560,76 M2 5,864 M2 N/A 16,599,19 M2 7,960 M2 9074,51 M2 N/A Property type Available area (m2) Services • Professional support for your business plan development • Support and training in free trade zone procedures • Synergies and local networking • Guidance and support in environmental management • Free Access to a platform to identify and hire skilled workforce Declared Area (m2) 294,397,81 mts2 Declarerd Area (m2): 59,852,79 mts2 ANDEANREGION
  16. 16. CARIBBEAN REGION CARIBBEANREGION Known for its diversity and focus on tourism, world-class port services expertise and trade industry capabilities. Atlantico, Bolivar, Magdalena and La Guajira. Cartagena holds the fourth most important cargo port in the region (Port activity report Cepal, 2018). Located a mere two hours from the US and an hour from Panama, this provides Colombia with easy access to all five continents. 24% of Colombia’s non-mining and energy exports are dispatched from this region. 91% of primary-form plastic exports come from these four departments, as well as 84% of oils and fats, and 40% of banana exports. 98% of all cruise-ship visitors to Colombia in 2018 arrived through the Cartagena harbour. (Migración Colombia) The Caribbean region is also set apart from the rest of the country by holding the highest number of investment projects in the tourism, chemicals, and transport and logistics sectors. (Casos y anuncios, 2019)
  17. 17. BARRANQUILLA Sectors Operated by Barranquilla’s Free Trade Zone S.A U.O.Z.F, pioneer of the free regime in Colombia, Barranquilla’s Free Trade Zone, founded 60 years ago, directs the future towards the consolidation of a comprehensive foreign trade platform that allows the implementation of large-scale industrial projects, the commercial exchange with the most important markets in the world, the national and international logistic development, the movement of goods by sea and river through various terminals and the provision of services in different economic sectors. This structure allows a wide and complete offer of products and services designed to facilitate production and world trade from one of the most important strategic axes of the hemisphere, available to national and international entrepreneurs and investors. Due to its profitability, industrial and commercial projection, the economic and social development that it implies, the products and services offered in the Barranquilla’s Free Trade Zone S.A constitute one of the best investment alternatives at your disposal. Barranquilla’s Free Trade Zone S.A U.O.Z.F Operates under the modality of the free regime with 15 Free Trade Zones in the country of which 2 are OFFSHORE, the managed area of the permanent and special free zones is 3,950,495 m2 and 2,729,629 hectares offshore. Complying with the standards of quality standard BASC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. www.zonafrancabarranquilla.com Jose de andreis / Commercial Chief lracedo@zonafrancabarranquilla.com jdeandreis@zonafrancabarranquilla.com 57 (5) 3301430 – EXT 216 +57 3008157008 Levis Racedo Wilches / Commercial Manager WWW. Agro-industry Manufacturing of appareal garments Hydrocarbons / Chemicals / Agrochemicals Wood Metallurgy Logistics and Storage CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  18. 18. Installed Companies Adama Andina B.V. Sucursal Colombia Alpopular Almacén General de Depósitos S.A ALPOPULAR S.A. Atunes y Enlatados del Caribe - Atunec S.A. Brenntag Colombia Zona Franca S.A.S Bridgestone de Colombia S.A.S. Compañía Envasadora del Atlántico S.A.S. Laboratorios Retty de Colombia S.A. - Retycol Logística e Inversiones Global S.A.S.- Inglobal Paneltec S.A.S Plataforma Petrolera del Río Magdalena Petromag S.A.S. Solmico Oil S.A.S IBS Zona Franca S.A Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? N/A 163,086 N/A N/A 46,375 N/A N/A N/A 230 Property type Available area (m2) Services • Auditorium rental (Events) • 24-hour service, 7 days a week. • Interconnection access with the Port of Barranquilla. • Free trade maritime and fluvial port specialized in liquid bulks. • Social responsibility through the Free Trade Zone Foundation. • Specialized e-Franco software for foreign trade operations. Declared Area (m2) 1,00,000 m2 Available Area (m2): 209,690 m2 CARIBBEANREGION
  19. 19. LA CANDELARIA Sectors 25 years contributing to the sustainable development of Cartagena de Indias and the Colombian Caribbean area, maintaining the permanent dynamic of investments and generation of quality jobs. We are the best Free trade Zone of the Colombian Caribbean area we rank first in the Caribbean Region and second on a national level*. *source: DANE: Free trade Zones. Total revenues and expenditures 2018). Free trade zone La Candelaria and its users constitute a dense and diverse industrial network built upon the structuring of productive chains, the food sectors, the plastic and petrochemical, construction sector and logistical among others. www.zonafrancalacandelaria.com.co Jesús Roldán / Operations and sales director gerencia@zonafrancalacandelaria.com jroldan@zonafrancalacandelaria.com +57 (5) 6723630 +57 312 5155925 Daniel Moreno / General Management WWW. +57 (5) 6723630 +57 316 6917069 Foods Construction Plastic and petrochemical Auto Parts, pieces and accessories of the automotive sector Logistic and distribution CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  20. 20. Installed companies Distriservices S.A. Colombia Almaviva Zona Franca S.A.S. Magenta Productions S.A.S. Phoenix Packaging Caribe S.A.S. Gestion Cargo Zona Franca British American Tobacco Colombia S.A.S. Comai Ltda Knauf De Colombia S.A.S Masflex Manufacturing S.A.S Paint Tools S.A.S Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 408,000 365,000 408,000 62,500 42,500 0 132,000 4,500 4,500 Property type Available Area (m2) Services • Integral accompaniment to the installation of qualified users • Immediate facilities for the usage of world class infrastructure • Safety and efficiency in the development of the operations that guarantee attention times. • Up-to-date training in the free trade zone regime, foreign trade and customs law. •Dense industrial network, operative and of equipments for the effective association of companies. Declared Area (m2) 1,161,557,74 m2 Property offer: Available Area (m2): 415,527,22 m2 CARIBBEANREGION
  21. 21. LA CAYENA Sectors La Cayena Free Trade Zone is the place on the Colombian Caribbean coast where successful companies are installed. In addition to the benefits of the free regime, it offers unbeatable infrastructure conditions, based on the highest international standards of competitiveness, equipped with the best public services on the Caribbean coast and with the best rates, and with the possibility of installing companies of any type of sector. We offer agile and efficient response to your operational needs. La Cayena Free Trade Zone offers the generation of clusters and the integration of industries from different sectors in the same logistics platform is promoted, so opportunities for the investor or the enterprise are presented forays into economies of scale where business synergies facilitate the generation of global value chains. Colombia welcomes you, Barranquilla supports your business and La Cayena Free Trade Zone turns your possibilities into reality. Metalworking Construction materials Cosmetics Packaging and packaging Foods Viviana Elias / Business Manager Manuel.herrera@zofracar.com Viviana.elias@zofracar.com Tel: 57(5)3366000 Cel: +573188007560 Manuel Herrera / General Manager zonafrancalacayena.comWWW. CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  22. 22. Installed Companies Distriservices S.A. Colombia Almaviva Zona Franca S.A.S. Magenta Productions S.A.S. Phoenix Packaging Caribe S.A.S. Gestion Cargo Zona Franca British American Tobacco Colombia S.A.S. Comai Ltda Knauf De Colombia S.A.S Masflex Manufacturing S.A.S Paint Tools S.A.S Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 408,000 365,000 408,000 62,500 42,500 0 132,000 4,500 4,500 Property type Available area (m2) Services • Modeling and support in the development of the business. • Only industrial park on the coast connected to a voltage level of 34.5 KV (energy cost 7% below common) • Sale and lease of lots and warehouses with the benefits of the free regime. • Paperless operations. • Built to suit models that will allow you to concentrate your money in working capital. Declared Area (m2) 1,448,611,91 mts2 Available Area (m2): 611,159,92 mts2 CARIBBEANREGION
  23. 23. LAS AMÉRICAS S.A.S Sectors Free Zone of the Americas - ZFA - has become a set of the most important agro-industrial complexes in the city; not only because it takes advantage of the comparative advantages of Santa Marta - access to a seaport of great depth, interconnected with the most important cities of the country by the national road and rail system, among others; its development has consisted in putting a disposition of the users, services with the highest levels of ecological efficiency. The goal of ZFA is to make its facilities suitable for companies in various sectors; provided that it is established on the site, with the principles of clean production and friendly to the environment, ZFA is located in a strategic position at km 16 of the alternate road to the Ruta del Sol II port, with excellent access roads: south of the city of Santa Marta, 7 km from the port terminal; 17 km from Simón Bolívar Airport; and to the center of the country by Ruta del Sol II. With a total area of 315,000 m. More than an expansion area of 82,000 m2. Agroindustry Sector Automotive Sector Industrial Sector Oil Sector Logistics and storage sector Hector Rafael Puyo / Director Administrativo jgonzalez@zonafrancalasamericas.com hpuyo@zonafrancalasamericas.com Tel: 4328125 Cel: +316 5261991 Julio Mauricio Gonzalez / General Manager www.daabon.com/daabon/es/about_zfa.phpWWW. CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  24. 24. Installed Companies Superlogistics usuario industrial Trading Services UC S.A.S. Caribbean Eco SOAPS UIBS S.A.S. Metrokia S.A. Fast Terminal Santa Marta S.A.S. Free Zone Service S.A.S. Servialcomex S.A.S. Caribbean Associated Free Zones Logicentro S.A.S. Almaviva S.A.S. Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 80,000M2 20,000 M2 2,000 M2 - - - 100-500M2 CDA Property type Available area (m2) Services • Logistics services • Paved courtyards for the automotive sector. • Own inventories system for foreign trade operations. • Advisory services for free operations. Declared Area (m2) 315,000 M2 Available Area (m2): 50,000 mts2 CARIBBEANREGION
  25. 25. PALERMO Sectors Zona Franca Palermo was declared as a free zone park via Resolution 1042 of February 14, 2013 by Colombia’s customs office, DIAN. It is an industrial complex comprised by 30 hectares developed for national and international industrial investment projects. Additionally, we have 18 hectares of available land for future expansion requirements. Zona Franca Palermo seeks to supply the demand for industrial spaces with high aggregated value investment projects in the oil, mining, energy, metal-mechanics, steel, liquids and agro Industrial sectors, that require a strategic location for fabrication, transformation, assembling and commodity (maquila) or intermediate goods with excellent logistical conditions for the realization of foreign and local commerce operations. We are experts in offering Built to Suit solutions for the required development of all types of industries. Oil & Gas Minerals-Energy-Chemicals Metal mechanic-Construction Steel Animal Feed-Food-Liquids Alejandro Munera / Commercial Director lbautista@zonafrancapalermo.com amunera@zonafrancapalermo.com Tel: 57 (5) 3177400 Cel: +57 320 8383848 Leonardo Bautista / General Manager Tel: 57 (5) 3177400 ext. 12006 Cel: +57 316 3895254 www.zonafrancapalermo.comWWW. CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  26. 26. Installed Companies Etanoles Del Magdalena Agrifeed Elite Logistics Intertrading Z.F. Halliburton Globo Usuario Comercial Construcciones De Zona Franca Anadarko Seven Seas Venta de lotes Alquiler de lotes Construcción de bodega Venta de bodega Alquiler de bodega Alquiler de patio cubierto Alquiler de patio descubierto Venta de oficinas Alquiler de oficinas Otros ¿Cuál? 58,000 244,000 171,000 In Palermo Free Zone we build under the concept Built To Suit Property type Available area (m2) Services • Operations under a Cluster model, with a maritime terminal less than 1 km from our park. We also have in our immediate vicinity, a tank farm, industrial park and service providers for the logistics sector. • Built to Suit model for the development of specifically targeted solutions for our industrial users. • We will have a fluvial and cabotage pier alongside our free zone shore in the Magdalena river. • Direct Access to Colombia’s main highways and future 4G highways (via de la prosperidad) as well as Barranquilla’s circumvallation road system. • We offer Service Guarantees via our 60 minute or less KPI proposal, for the revision and approval of all exiting or incoming Operations. Declared Area (m2) 300,000 mts2 Available Area (m2): 244,000 mts2 CARIBBEANREGION
  27. 27. PARQUE CENTRAL Sectors Is an industrial park with Free Zone regime in 115 hectares for the development of logistics, industrial and commercial activities, the highest standards of infrastructure and quality, ideal to increase the competitiveness of companies located here. The proximity to Cartagena´s main cargo express way allows connectivity with the Caribbean Region and the rest of the country. Additionally, for being located in a conurbation area, we have access to skilled labour residing close the park, public transportation, optimal infrastructure in public services and heavy cargo transport with urban freight. Due to our logistics and indudtrial activities, we have made a great contribution to regional development and competitiveness, generating a large number of direct and indirect jobs and Corporate Social Responsibility activities in the surrounding communities. Manufacture Industry Construction or Building Industry Metalmecanic Industry Logistics Margarita Guardo Zabaleta / Sales Director gerente@central.com.co comercial@central.com.co Tel: +57 310 8697358 Cel: +57 311 4131927 Bernard Gilchrist / General Manager Tel: +57 310 8697358 Cel: +57 310 6343412 www.zonafrancapc.coWWW. CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  28. 28. Installed Companies 4pl industrial Acertek s.A.S Andercol international Deceuninck s.A.S Frioalimentaria s.A.S Lavamejor zona franca S.A.S Liners de colombia O-tek central s.A.S Panelmet s.A.S Ultracem cartagena s.A.S Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 242,798 242,798 242,798 8,186,55 8,186,55 N/A 22,145 100 100 Property type Available area (m2) Services • APPOLO Operations System: The most modern application for free zone operation and logistics, 100% paperless, real time traceability and accessible from the web. • Parque Central has a construction or building index of 150% and occupation index of 75%, which are the best compared to the other Free Zones and Industrial Parks in the sector. • Due to its location, Parque Central has additional tax incentives to those of the free zone regime (100% exemption for ICA tax, 80% exemption for property tax, both for 10 years). • Truck Driver Assistance Platform (CAIM): is a service center that has an external parking with capacity for 36 trucks, an exclusive porter with a waiting room for driver assistance and a cafeteria service. This platform avoids the traffic in the accesses and allows more agile and efficient control. • Highly qualified operations team for the correct development of the operation, according to the requirements and needs of each company. Declared Area (m2) 990,282 mts2 Available Area (m2): 264,943 mts2 CARIBBEANREGION
  29. 29. INTERNACIONAL DEL ATLÁNTICO, ZOFIA Sectors Located near the town of Galapa just 9.5 km from Barranquilla’s port and airport area, also with alternate ports about 100 km away in the cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta. It possesses an adequate area for the installation of companies that project a dynamic and successful image, fulfilling with the rigorous expectations of globalization such as: environmental care, safety handling cargo and shipments, reliable public services, and total systematization in operations of foreign trade. ZOFIA was built with the newest technology and a modern design in its structures, which provides a friendly and approachable environment. ZOFIA counts with a sewage system with the ability to funnel heavy rains; an underground electrical network with mid and low tension, which generates a positive visual impact of the landscape; street lightning with led technology; water treatments plants; a main street with two lanes, each lane measuring 9 meters in width; and concrete access roads. The park is completely divided between 4 types of industries: service, lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. In International Free Trade Zones of Atlantico, additionally to the benefits of the franc regime, you get special exemptions in the property tax and industry and commerce tax. All the above, granted and as contemplated by the municipality of Galapa, Atlantico, in the Estatuto de renta –acuerdo 14 from November 29, 2014. Laura Sanchez Trout / Jefe Comercial lracedo@zonafrancabarranquilla.com lsanchez@zonafrancabarranquilla.com Tel: +57 (5) 3301430 – ext 216 Cel: +57 3008157008 Levis Racedo Wilches / Gerente Inmobiliaria Tel: +57 (5) 3170370 – ext 1018 Cel: +57 3008910748 www.zofia.com.coWWW. Building Pharmacist Metal mechanic Agroindustry Services – Storage CARIBBEANREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  30. 30. Installed Companies Superbrix S.A OPP FILM Colombia S.A.S Retypack Latam S.A.S Premezclados y Concretos del Atlantico S.A.S Siscom Zona Franca S.A Laboratorios Farmacéutico Pineda de Colombia S.A.S Farmaliquidos de Colombia S.A.S Artistica de Colombia S.A.S Termopainel de Colombia S.A.S Sistemas Constructivos Avanzados S.A.S Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 418,788 418,788 According to customer specifications 4,900 (580 m2) 4,900 (580 m2) According to customer specifications 418,788 n/a n/a n/a Property type Available area (m2) Services • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service • Guaranteed public services • Own software specialized in foreign trade operations E-Franco • Scale service • Training Declared Area (m2) 1.,00,000 mts2 Available Area (m2): Lots m2: 418,000 m2 - warehouses 4,900 m2 CARIBBEANREGION
  31. 31. WESTERN REGION WESTERNREGION Industrial and touristic centre focused on innovation and low-cost high-quality living. Antioquia, Risaralda, Caldas and Quindio. Antioquia holds the No. 1 spot in the DANE’s National Quality of Life survey. Three of the top four cities for doing business in Colombia are located in this region: Manizales, Pereira and Medellin. (Subnational index, Doing Business 2017) The Coffee Cultural Landscape is one of Colombia’s main tourist destinations with a developed tourism infrastructure. This region has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011. In its 2018 index, the Australian firm, 2thinknow, categorised Medellin as an innovation hub and one of the top 5 best-performing cities in Latin America. A third of all jobs in Medellin are a result of science, technology and innovation activities.
  32. 32. INTERNACIONAL DE PEREIRA Sectors International Free Trade Zone of Pereira S.A.S. Free trade Zone User Operator, is a private organization, focused on developing, promoting and complying with the Free Trade Zone regime, by providing services with high quality standards, infrastructure and technology, generating value to our customers, employees and shareholders, contributing to the economic development, employment generation and region and country industrialization. Textil Agroindustry Services Metalworking Logistics Juliana García A. / Position jgarcia@zonafrancadepereira.com Tel: 57 (6) 33430000 ext. 104 Cel: +57 310 3733685 www.zonafrancadepereira.comWWW. WESTERNREGION gerencia@zonafrancadepereira.com Tel: 57 (6) 3343000 ext. 101 Cel: +57 3017384996 Orlando Ossa Arango / Gerente General FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  33. 33. Installed Companies Aselog Neohyundai Arturo Calle Azkoyen Sutex Línea Agrícola Colombia Louis Barton Pan Glo Colfrost Onzas Tecniservicios Ingeniería Zona Franca FAIC Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? Phase I: 14453,01 Phase II: 74802,102 L-5: 2,464,27 L-6: 1,857,00 Property type Available area (m2) Services • Agreement No. 42 of 2017, which deducts the Industry and Commerce tax (ICA) according to a business’ range of employees over a period of 10 years • Accompaniment in the development of the operation and customs procedures under the free trade zone regime. • Training in the processes related to customs operations that take place within the Free Trade Zone. • Modern inventory control software - APPOLO. Declared Area (m2) 273,000 mts2 Available Area (m2): 143,653 mt2. Season I 30,453.01 Season II 113,200.06 WESTERNREGION
  34. 34. QUINDIO Sectors Quindío Zona Franca S.A., is a competitive manager for the region's foreign trade development. The quality services we provide, guarantee the implementation of industrial, commercial or services investment projects that comply with current legislation's social and environmental criteria. Additionally, we're strongly committed to continuous improvement in satisfying our clients' needs with the help of highly-qualified human potential. We stand out as a trustworthy and proactive entity that promotes and develops free-trade zones in Colombia, generating important strategic and safe business alliances based on ethical principles and corporate values. We have a strategic location on the Panamerican Highway, through which 70% of the merchandise that enters and leaves the country is transported. It is also a mere 5 minutes away from El Edén International Airport, which improves our users' transport logistics. Agro-industry Precious metals Construction Metalworking Logistics Yuri Fernanda Zamora / Comercial Director Ceo@Quindiozonafranca.com comercial@quindiozonafranca.com Cel: +57 311 725 4857 Andrés Mauricio Vásquez / General Manager Tel: +57 036 7312626 Cel: +57 318 5484882 www.Quindiozonafranca.comWWW. WESTERNREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  35. 35. Magnetron Zona Franca S.A.S Global Latices S.A.S Rio Magdalena S.A.S Silo T&T S.A.S EquinoxPlanet S.A.S Arcangel Miguel International Viva Operador Logistico S.A.S Guerrero Urrego S.A.S The coffee Hub S.A.S Ginolog ZF S.A.S 30,766 30,766 30,766 1,029 2,709 0 30,766 0 0 0 Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? Property type Available area (m2) Services • Infrastructure: ample roadways as well as supply and connection to public services including optic fiber, clean water wells and water treatment plants. • Security: 24/7 security services every day of the year, perimeter enclosure, pedestrian and vehicle access control, CCTV and security training. • Administration of free-trade zone operations. • Human resources: highly-qualified personnel willing to provide optimal services. • Operational services. Declared Area (m2) 201,366 mts2 Available Area (m2): 44,289,83 mts2 WESTERNREGION Installed Companies
  36. 36. RIONEGRO ZONA FRANCA DE RIONEGRO, with more than 26 years of experience, offers, besides all the customs and tributary benefits granted by Colombian regulations, an integral, quality service, with expert accompaniment from the conceptualization of the project. Located in the department of Antioquia, 30 kilometers from the city of Medellín, in the municipality of Rionegro, next to the runway of the José María Córdova international airport that serves the capital of the department and with land connectivity with Medellin through five different routes. Its privileged location in one of the regions of Antioquia with the highest growth allows to find qualified and operational human talent suitable for the development of any project. We have an industrial park of 45 hectares where green areas predominate, with more than 100 companies installed and where around 3000 direct jobs are generated. Equipped with infrastructure and adequate public services for all sectors and all customs and related services required as a permanent presence of the DIAN, logistical support and facilities, customs agencies, banking facilities, restaurants, transportation and SENA's internal training center. Sara Valderrama Zapata / Administrative Director cmesa@zonafrancarionegro.com svalderrama@zonafrancarionegro.com Tel: +57 (4) 5612233 Cel: +57 3137458857 Carlos Mesa Posada / General Manager Tel: +57 (4) 5612233 Cel: +57 3003259614 www.zonafrancarionegro.comWWW. WESTERNREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  37. 37. Installed Companies Art Mode (Maaji) Colombiana De Hilados (Parkdale) Dhl Extiblu Exco Tooling Heller Ion Heat Lux Label Plastibol Plásticos Kendy Si Plásticos Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? No available 15.000 m2 15.000 m2 100 m2 to300 m2 Property type Available area (m2) Services • Expert and permanent accompaniment from the conceptualization of the project. • Strategic location easily accessible due to its proximity to the José Maria Córdova Airport and interconnection with the main roads in the country. • Comprehensive security. • Own aqueduct and sewage plants, energy substation and block energy purchase at level 44. Declared Area (m2) 454,000 m2 mts2 Available Area (m2): 15,000 mts2 WESTERNREGION
  38. 38. PERMANENTE DE URABA Sectors The Permanent Free Trade Zone of Urabá is an industrial parkland located in the municipality of Apartado, state of Antioquia. Due to its privileged geographical position, the subregion of Urabá is known as the best corner of America, the epicenter of industrial development in western Colombia. We are located in the influential 4G area Mar 1, Mar 2 and Túnel del Toyo (Toyo tunnel), which at the same time integrates us with the Pacifico 1 and Pacifico 2 highways, and allows us to be the main characters in the triangle of logistics competitiveness, enabling 70% of the productive regions of the country 40% closer to the Caribbean Sea. The industrial parkland offers to its client unique characteristics in the region by being built under international standards and on the Transversal de las Américas, 18 kilometers from the existing port platforms, facilitating and generating an economic differential for foreign trade operations María Isabel Sierra / Free trade zone manager juliana.zuluaga@gruposantamaria.com.co msierra@zonafrancadeuraba.com Tel: + 57 (4) 3197060 Cel: + 57 3044271894 Juliana Zuluaga Mazo / Asset manager Tel: + 57 (4) 8287050 Cel: + 57 3206767856 zonafrancadeuraba.com/WWW. Services sector Plastic Health Industrial Logistics WESTERNREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  39. 39. Installed Companies Panamericana Hospital. Uraba´s industrial cleaning company (CLIU). Global Express Distributions S.A.S. Inversiones Divinas (Divinas investings). Medialco Zona Franca. (Medialco free trade zone) Esquiplast Zona Franca. (Esquiplast Free trade zone) Unlab Zona Franca. (Unlab free trade zone) Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? Starting at 1,152 m2 Starting at 1,152 m2 Starting at 864 m2 Starting at 864 m2 Starting at 864 m2 Starting at 1,000m2 Starting at 1,000m2 N/A N/A Property type Available area (m2) Services • Support in the structuring of logistics operations and foreign trade through the ports of Urabá. • Support users in managing environmental and municipal permits that allow their operations to be viable and possible. • Guidance and counseling in current customs regime. • IT system of inventories and operation of free trade zones. • 24/7 surveillance. Declared Area (m2) 258,781 mts2 Available Area (m2): 100,000 mts2 WESTERNREGION
  40. 40. VALLE DE ABURRA S.A.S, ZOFIVA Sectors Zona Franca Internacional del Valle de Aburra S.A.S U.O.Z.F is the operator user dedicated to the commercialization, development, operation and administration of free trade zones for the benefit of companies, shareholders, collaborators and individuals who work in international and local commerce, contributing to the economic and social development of the Valle de Aburrá and the country. Juan David Bohórquez / Director of operation gerencia@zofiva.co operaciones@zofiva.co Tel: +57 (4) 540 38 40 ext 101 Cel: +57 301 4237551 Juan Carlos Vélez / Manager Tel: +57 (4) 540 38 40 ext 103 Cel+57 300 8312672 www.zofiva.coWWW. Precious metals Services (cold, data center, ICT) Logistics (Dry Port) • Automotive and Auto parts. Textile, clothing and fashion. Orange economy WESTERNREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  41. 41. Installed Companies Fénix Zona Franca S.A.S Lopera y Carga S.A.S Progyne Zona Franca Puerto Logístico S.A.S 4PL Services S.A.S Bodeinter S.A.S Mitayos Zona Franca S.A.S Four 4PL Comercial S.A.S Maltese Worldwide Corporation S.A.S Ingeniería y desarrollo de Zonas Francas - Indez S.A.S Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 103,032m2 N/A 135,000 m2 103,032m2 135,000 m2 N/A 20,000 m2 929 m2 929 m2 Property type Available area (m2) Services • Operation of Permanent Permanent and Special Free Zones. • Lots, warehouses, commercial premises and offices for the installation of projects in the free regime • e-Franco® (Specialized foreign trade software) • Structuring of foreign trade projects • Comprehensive foreign trade consultancies, training and updating Declared Area (m2) 207,941 mts2 Available Area (m2): 150,828 mts2 WESTERNREGION
  42. 42. PACIFIC REGION PACIFICREGION An industrial pole with an expanding port infrastructure and growing commercial destinations. Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Huila. Valle del Cauca, located on the country’s Pacific coast, is Colombia’s most cost-efficient port region in terms of national and international trade. (National Logistics Survey 2018). Valle del Cauca is well connected to the Andean, Asian and Pacific Alliance markets. These four departments account for 14% of Colombia’s industrial GDP. (Industrial GDP, DANE) The Pacific ports account for 13% of Colombia’s port operations. Buenaventura alone is responsable for 42% of all cargo container transport in the country. (Source: Port Superintendence) A notable portion of the country’s renewable energy projects are developed in this region (387), with Valle del Cauca hosting the largest number in the entire country. (UPME, 2019)
  43. 43. CELPA SA Sectors Celpa (Pacific Logistics Center) is the only free trade zone located in the most important port of Colombia in the Pacific, Buenaventura, which concentrates around 40% of the country's foreign trade. We operate as a logistics HUB (connection center) where in a plot of more than 30 hectares, it offers sale and rent of warehouses and lots, provided with high standards of physical security and infrastructure for the attention of importers and exporters that seek to improve efficiency in their Logistics and international trade processes. The companies installed in Celpa enjoy savings in logistics costs of up to 20%, in addition to a 30% reduction in travel time (Source ANI) due to its proximity to the industrial zones of the country, Bogotá, Medellín and Cali; also for direct access to the markets of Asia, Latin America (Ecuador, Peru, Chile), Central America that extends to Europe. www.celpazonafranca.co Fabián Escudero Jessurum / Commercial Manager jquiceno@celpazonafranca.co comercial@celpazonafranca.co Tel: 57 (1) 7561299 Cel: +57 318 3473167 Cel: +57 314 8888717 Julián Andrés Quiceno / General Manager WWW. Integral logistics operations Logistics Hub Re-shipment processes Import of goods and services Exportation of goods and services PACIFICREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  44. 44. Installed Companies Blue Logistics ZF Logicomer SA Emotion Group SAS Interbarques ZF SAS Vicomex ZF SAS PVC Acabados ZF SAS DHL Global Forwarding ZF Deociviles ZF SAS Frutcom SAS Bodegar Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 147,255 5,000 126,000 126,000 10,000 Property type Available area (m2) Services • Operation and security 24x7 with Closed Circuit TV • Flexible warehouse style that allows to reduce or enlarge the area easily • 350 parking spaces for visitors • Access lanes from 9 to 12 meters • Double clean water supply system Declared Area (m2) 348,300,00 Available Area (m2): 260,949,00 for industrial or logistic operations PACIFICREGION
  45. 45. PALMASECA S.A. Sectors ZONA FRANCA PALMASECA is a Permanent Free Trade Zone, managed and led by a private law partnership that operates since July 1, 1994, as an “Operating User”, responsible for ensuring the fullfilment of objectives set in Law 1004 of 2005, which constitutes the regulatory framework of free trade zones in Colombia, as well as other standards which rule them, such as Decree 2685 of 1999, under Title IX, amended by Decree 383, and Decrees 4051 of 2007, 2147 of 2016 and 659 of 2018. Today,Free trade Zone of PALMASECA hosts more than 30 industrial and commercial companies, mainly in the pharmaceutical, packaging, food, automobile, and graphic arts sectors, as well as logistics operators, etc. The Industrial Park of Free Trade Zone of Palmaseca is located in the Department of Valle del Cauca, one of the most prosperous regions of Colombia, according to the Financial Times, who in 2018 recognized Valle del Cauca as one of the ten regions with best investment-attraction strategy in Latin America. * *Invest Pacific – Investment Promotion Agency for the Colombian Pacific. Automobile Pharmaceutical Agroindustrial Packaging and Bottling Logistics services Angélica María Uribe / Mgr. Of Quality and Commercial Management legonzalez@zfpalmaseca.com comercial@zfpalmaseca.com Tel: +57 (2) 6511120 Luz Elena González / General Manager Tel: +57 (2) 6511114 www.onafrancapalmaseca.com/WWW. PACIFICREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  46. 46. Installed companies Acelflex S.A.S. Junior Logística S.A.S Fábrica Nacional de Autopartes - Fanalca S.A Fundición Ramírez Zona Franca S.A.S. Almaviva Zona Franca S.A.S. Coral Logística Ltda Metrokia S.A. Sistemas Logísticos Industriales S.A.S. Logística Internacional de Productos y Servicios S.A - Lipsa Logicentro S.A.S Property type Available area (m2) Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? Services •Free Trade Zone Operating User. • Completion of temporary import regimes. • Initial support and operations management through in-house services, under the modality of User and/or Operating User. • Free trade regime training. • Training module: Control of entrance of load vehicles into the Industrial Park, allowing the anticipated announcement and orderly entrance of vehicles, resulting in time optimization. Surface Area (m2) 553,000 mts2 Available Area (m2): 250,000 mts2 PACIFICREGION
  47. 47. SURCOLOMBIANA FREE TRADE ZONE Sectors Natalia Mosquera Ramos / Management and Commercial Assistant gerencia@zfsurcolombiana.com asistente@zfsurcolombiana.com Tel : 57 (8) 8632493 – 8632495 Cel : +57 317 264 4348 Andrea del Pilar Bautista / General Manager Cel : +57 311 830 2673 Cel : +57 315 346 0418 zfsurcolombiana.comWWW. Services – Logistics Manufacturing (plastic, pharmacists) Construction materials Agroindustry (Bakery, Coffee, Tilapia, Cocoa, Panela) Mining (gold, phosphoric rock, carbonates, marbles) PACIFICREGION Free trade zone description It is the industrial complex of goods and services, leader in the Colombian southern, its main objective is to meet the growing demand of both national and international trade and generate savings allowing it to become competitive. It has all the infrastructure of public services and safety, so that investors have sufficient guarantees for the development of his productive profits and commercial activities and amenities, in an area with excellent conditions of connectivity and free from environmental hazards. ZFSurcolombiana, is strategically located and becomes a mandatory passage and cardinal point towards the departures of the south and west of the country, optimizing times and transport costs to products coming from the north, In the center and south of the national territory, also its special design for vehicles allows the mobility of heavy traffic to the main ports, as well as the proximity to the airport Benito Salas of the city of Neiva to just 6 Km. The ZFSurcolombiana 4,5 km from Neiva. A municipality considered one of the cities of the future of America, this capital city has a human component, warm, hospitable and cordial, and also a low cost of living.
  48. 48. Installed Companies Compañía De Ingenierias Zona Franca S.A.S (Ingecom Zf S.A.S) Productora De Alimentos Panificados Logistics Swallows Clouds Zf S.A.S Commodities And Logistics S.A.S Free Zone Service Neiva Grupo Internacional El Dorado S.A.S Quintero Narvaez S.A.S Industrias Clam S.A.S Ocolplast S.A.S Argesa S.A.S Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 212,920,26 m2 212,920,26 m2 212,920,26 m2 495 m2 495 m2 0 212,920,26 m2 0 466,00 m2 Property type Avaliable Area (m2) Services • Service of scales. • Accompaniment in the process of installation, commissioning and development of projects. • Underground network of telecommunications. • Drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. • Area of natural reservation. Declared Area (m2) 519.789,46 mts2 Available Area (m2): 212.920,26 mts2 PACIFICREGION
  49. 49. ZONAMÉRICA COLOMBIA Sectors Zonamerica Colombia is a Business & Technology Park which accounts for 38 hectares of Free Zone in Cali, and is constructing 173.000 m2 of office space in 18 buildings, more than 90.000 m2 of parking area, and a Tier 4 Data Center. We expect at least 17.000 people working at the campus when its finished. Its first phase includes over 5 hectares of campus and 2 office buildings, with over 15.000 m2. The first building, with 6500m2, has been operating since October 2018, and it is certified by USA’s Green Building Council as the first LEED Gold certified building in Cali. Zonamerica Colombia offers world-class redundant infrastructure, with flexibility & scalability options that match our clients’ growth needs. Zonamerica offers a one-stop location solution for its tenants, providing a comprehensive portfolio of value added services, beyond those related to real estate. One of Zonamerica’s strategic goals is to be the most attractive workplace in Colombia, delivering amenities and other services to the Campus community, in order to make the working experience more enjoyable. Alejandro Peláez / Business Development Manager miller@zonamerica.com apelaez@zonamerica.com Tel: +57 (2) 6619705 Jaime Miller / CEO Tel: +57 (2) 6619705 Cel: +57 310 8984279 www.zonamerica.comWWW. Outsourcing services sector Software Development Shared Services Center Regional headquarters Consulting and professional services PACIFICREGION FREE TRADE ZONE Free trade zone description
  50. 50. Installed Companies Adecco Posse Herrera Ruiz Taylor & Johnson Learn English Listos BPO Inelco ZF Initio Arquitectura GM&Asociados. NA 160,000m2 NA NA NA NA NA NA 5.500m2 building A, y 7.500m2 building B. NA Property type Available area (m2) Services • Redundant Telecom & Utilities infrastructure services. • Data Center services (hosting or co-location), Private Cloud: Virtual servers, desktops & PBX. • Surveillance (CCTV), access control, cleaning & maintenance. • HR Support Services • Campus Amenities & Services for Zonamerica’s community. Declared Area (m2) 380,000 mts2 Available Area (m2): 13,000m2 mts2 PACIFICREGION Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which?
  51. 51. www.zonafrancadelpacifico.comWWW. FREE TRADE ZONE Sectors The PACIFIC FREE TRADE ZONE is an industrial and logistic park located in the state of Valle del Cauca, with more than 20 years of experience, we offered services and highquality logistics with worldwide infrastructure to develop industrial and services projects; we have land, warehouses and Custom-made Warehouses for sale or Lease with tax and customs benefits. Due to our strategic location at 2.5 hours away from Buenaventura, the country´s largest seaport and 7 minutes away from the international airport and 15 minutes away from Cali, the third largest city in Colombia, the companies have great access to the local market and the countries of the Pacific Rim, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Myriam Gómez / Sales & Marketing Director gerencia@zfpacifico.com mgomez@zfpacifico.com Tel: + 57 (2) 2800222 Cel: +57 315 5018820 Tel: + 57 ( 2) 2800222 Cel: +57 318 6865185 Juan Carlos Botero / CEO Food & Confectionary Fharmaceutical & Cosmetics Manufacturing Textil & Apparel Logistics Free trade zone description PACIFICREGION PACÍFICO S.A.
  52. 52. Installed Companies Indugral Rodriguez Lopez Auto PGI Berry Plastics APTAR Express Luck Americandy Sweetsol Johanna Ortiz Coimpex Furukawa Lots for Sale Lots for Lease Warehouse construction Warehouse sale Warehouse lease Covered storage yard rental Uncovered storage yard Offices for sale Offices for lease Other, which? 3,000m2 500 Built to suit Built to suit 600m2 NA 500m2 NA NA Property type Available area (m2) Services • Built to suit • Paramedic & Ambulance 24 / 7 • Firefighters & fire truck 24 /7 • Bank & Restaurant • Wastewater treatment plant and potable water treatment • Surveillance 24/7 Declared Area (m2) 700,000 m2 Available Area (m2): 130,000 m2 PACIFICREGION