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The HTAi Vortal: a comparative analysis

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The HTAi Vortal collects resources in HTA since 2005. The technical platform has been changed in 2011, and new editors joined in 2015. A study has been conducted to evaluate how the Vortal compares with similar on line tools.

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The HTAi Vortal: a comparative analysis

  1. 1. Vortal’s competitors have been identified using a quick empirical search on the Web. Functionalities have been identified by consulting the website or their archive.  While some existing content or functionalities are to be found in other tools, some remain unique to the Vortal.  Further research would be needed to evaluate the preferred tool(s) and functionalities of people with interest in HTA.  Cooperation could be further considered.  The Vortal presents content and functionalities similar to other tools, but scope and detailing level is different. Also, the Vortal often provides a better integration resulting in more efficiency.  The Vortal is the only Web platform to offer a service of publication of custom bibliographies to the different HTAi Interest Sub Groups. Contact: Patrice.Chalon@kce.fgov.be Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) Patrice X. CHALON Results Conclusion Methods  To evaluate how the Vortal compares with similar tools available on the Web. Objective The HTAi Vortal: A Comparative Analysis HTAi Vortal EUnetHTA IHE - HTA on the net INAHTA ISPOR HTA producers Yes Yes (until 2016) Yes Yes Yes Selected resources Yes Own production only Yes No Yes Guidance information retrieval Yes Own production only Links only No No Jobs Link to page Own calls only No No Yes Internships Link to page As news No No Yes Trainings in HTA Yes No No No Yes Custom bibliographies Interest groups Yes No No No No Visit us at http://vortal.htai.org