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Contributing to drupal

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Contributing to Drupal. Sevilla Drupal User Group, Aug 1st 2012

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Contributing to drupal

  1. 1. Quien soy @penyaskito 2
  2. 2. Agenda• Issues• Patches• Modules and Themes• Drupal Core• Sprint 3
  3. 3. A graph goes here, but its a fake one 4
  4. 4. I tried any way, but didnt find it<penyaskito> I remember a slide in some talk about drupal.org downloads, registered users, and active usersratio, anyone knows where could I find it?<penyaskito> maybe GaborHojtsy?<penyaskito> was it yours at DDD Barcelona?<penyaskito> or webchicks¿<webchick> Hm. Dont think that was mine.<GaborHojtsy> penyaskito: I think it was webchicks in fact :D<penyaskito> Im giving a talk today about contributing to drupal, and of course Im late<GaborHojtsy> webchick: yeah, no you have a slide for Drupal contributions that has this "you are part of the 0.3%if you contribute" and it maps it down from downloads, users, etc.<webchick> my talk is up on my website but AFAIK it doesnt have anything… oh. wait. yeah it might have that in it.<penyaskito> GaborHojtsy, that one, good memory :)<webchick> penyaskito: http://webchick.net/drupal-8-slides if you want to copy/paste<penyaskito> webchick, Im using that, but doesnt contain that slide :(<webchick> hm.<webchick> penyaskito: totally cool. im *very* distracted atm<webchick> so im not sure i can geyt you that silde<webchick> its somewhere on the internet tho 5
  5. 5. IssuesNovices included.Not only code: UX,reviewing, QA 6
  6. 6. Patches 7
  7. 7. Modules and Themes Sandboxes and modules 8
  8. 8. Drupal 8! 9
  9. 9. Major Initiatives Analysis Design DevelopmentConfig MgmtWeb services 11
  10. 10. Join us! http://drupal.org/core-mentoring-hoursTuesdays and Wednesdays in #drupalHand-holding for all of your newbie questions!Tasks for non-coders as well! http://drupal.org/core-windsprints Fridays in #drupal Work on most important tasks for each initiative with really smart people. :) Anytime, in #drupal-contribute! 12
  11. 11. Useful links for contributinghttp://www.delicious.com/penyaskito/drupalcontribute?link_view=compact Next Sprint: Munich! 13
  12. 12. Slide Credits• Angela “webchick” Byron• Kristof De Jaeger• Jen Lampton• Dries Buytaert• Gábor Hojtsy• Larry Garfield• Christian “penyaskito” López 14
  13. 13. Thank you!Questions? :) 15