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IntraLinks in 4 slides!

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A quick ppt about how IntraLinks, message me to find out more!

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IntraLinks in 4 slides!

  1. 1. IntraLinks Secure Enterprise Collaboration Darran Nullmeyers Senior Account Executive dnullmeyers@intralinks.com +44 7557 970 896 18th Oct 20111 CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. IntraLinks Exchanges – Extending the Enterprise Enterprise-class, on-demand, SaaS based service offered in a fully-secure and compliant environment where enterprises can share information inside and outside the firewall. Incorporates content management, collaboration and workflow. Web-Based meaning no software install, no lengthy configuration, no consultancy fee – be up and running in just 24hrs. Leverage your existing internal software (SharePoint, Documentum, ftp) by linking IntraLinks as the externalization platform.2 CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Why Do Organizations Need IntraLinks? Before After Complex, Difficult and Slow Easy, Simple and Fast Advisors Investors Suppliers Lenders Content Process Collaboration Customers Partners Internal Departments Not Not Not Compliant Compliant Efficient Secure Control Secure Not Auditable Auditable3 CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. IntraLinks is a Public Company – NYSE: IL 200+ Pharmaceuticals, BioTech & Medical Devices Companies** Corp Development Research Development Manufacture Commercialize M&A In/Out-Licensing Study Start-Up, Safety Document CRO Communication Conduct, Close Study Start-Up, Distribution Conduct, Close Study Start-Up, Licensing Clinical Feasability Study Start-Up, Development Feasability Financing Clinical Development Regulatory Divestiture Study Start-Up, Submission Feasability Safety Document Safety Document Clinical Study Start-Up, Out-Licensing Distribution Distribution Development Conduct, Close (sample customers) Corporate Development Clinical Lifecycle 100,000+4 C O N TopI 50 pharmaT I A L by annual revenue (source: Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, May 2009) ** F D E N companies ** All Clinical Lifecycle clients shown also use IntraLinks for Corporate Development use-cases (e.g., BD&L) ** Top 10 pharma M&A deals in 2009 by deal value (source: thedeal.com)