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YouTube: The Most Important Search Engine You Haven't Optimized For

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Phil Nottingham's presentation from MozCon 2014, taking a deep dive into YouTube optimisation.

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YouTube: The Most Important Search Engine You Haven't Optimized For

  1. Upload your video in HD 1
  2. Optimize your titles, descriptions and tags for relevant keywords 2
  3. Upload a closed caption (transcription) file 3
  4. Get as many people to watch, share and link to the video as possible 4
  5. The prevailing narrative looks like SEO from 2008
  6. #MozCon Phil Nottingham • Distilled YouTube: The Most Important Search Engine You Haven't Optimized For @philnottingham • phil.nottingham@distilled.net
  7. YouTube - A Search Engine?
  8. This is Google
  9. This is probably Bing
  10. This is YouTube
  11. It’s also designed for conversation and collaboration
  12. People don’t (usually) go to the library with purchase intent
  13. YouTube is great for… Increasing brand awareness Building conversations around your brand Solving problems for your customers
  14. YouTube is not so great for… Sending traffic to your site Driving sales
  15. Think of your channels Like a soccer team
  16. Don’t build a team of attackers
  17. Tim Howard is not judged on his goal scoring ability
  18. He may score one occasionally…
  19. But he’s great because he can save anything
  20. How do people find YouTube videos?
  21. Two ways
  22. Go looking for them 1
  23. Search on Google
  24. Search on YouTube
  25. You can optimize for this with SEO from 2008
  26. Have them suggested 2
  27. Recommended links on YouTube
  28. Subscription Notifications
  29. Social Channels
  30. Engagement Begets Engagement
  31. If you get this right, you can generate results without “SEO”
  32. Subscriptions are the holy grail of YouTube optimisation
  33. Common Approach to YouTube Marketing Pay a creative agency to make it Upload the video to YouTube Have idea for a Video Come up with an idea for a video to promote your business Judge success by number of views Pay for some seeding & advertising
  34. Good idea for a video ! ! ! Good idea for YouTube ≠
  35. We’ve made this mistake at Distilled
  36. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=TXoWVW0MIZ0
  37. Don’t treat YouTube like a content repository
  38. We want to make sure all of our our videos can be found on YouTube The opinion of many a CMO
  39. Do your audience want to watch your videos on YouTube? Phil Nottingham 2014
  40. A B V
  41. Always
  42. You need a coherent channel strategy
  43. Channels need to be lean
  44. …and mean
  45. weed out under performing videos
  46. If most views from from Google search or other websites, YouTube may not be the best choice of hosting platform
  47. MVC
 (Minimum Viable Conversion)
  48. Possible next action after watching a YouTube video Visit another website Share the video Subscribe to the channel Watch another video
  49. For YouTube, the MVC is usually ! “watch another video”
  50. You want to encourage consumption
  51. By developing a channel UVP
  52. A framework for creating a winning YouTube channel
  53. Home and Hero
  54. Home Scalable and easy to produce Evergreen Typically informational Drives consistent, unremarkable engagement
  55. Hero
  56. Hero Big investment, heavily promoted Campaign focused Promotes a core brand message Drives extreme temporal engagement
  57. It’s not about great production
  58. It’s about the story
  59. Gut reactions are formed in three seconds or less
  60. This is incredibly important, because…
  61. This is Rob Ousbey
  62. He is the arch nemesis of this guy
  63. Apparently my son insisted on watching this about 10 times consecutively yesterday. He hates pre-roll adverts interrupting his videos, but loved this bit of creative marketing. Conclusion: the attitudes of a one year old are a good proxy for the average internet user. Rob Ousbey, 2013
  64. Your brand is not what you sell, it’s how you sell it.
  65. We are entering the Mad Men era of the internet
  66. Content needs to be actively watched and shared to gain traction
  67. What works on TV may not work on YouTube
  68. We share because we care
  69. We share to communicate our identity
  70. ! Strong emotions triumph
  71. Distilled’s attempt at getting this right
  72. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=KWdMPftzmUU
  73. MVC ! ≠ ! Become a Distilled client
  74. How can I come up with ideas for great YouTube videos?
  75. I recommend total immersion
  76. Find out what your audience care about
  77. If you have an existing channel…
  78. Think laterally about your brand
  79. What can you talk about with authority?
  80. What separates you from the pack?
  81. “love [your brand]” “hate [your brand]” ! “love [your competitor]” “hate [your competitor]” ! “love [category]” “hate [category]”
  82. Content marketing: ! It’s not about the product
  83. …except when it is about the product….
  84. Unless you’re incredibly desirable…
  85. …assume brand agnosticism
  86. Relevant to your audience >! Relevant to your product
  87. If your client/company doesn’t get this….
  88. Can I predict whether or not my video will be shareable? Someone in the audience
  89. Technical Optimization
  90. Optimize for visibility by optimizing retention
  91. http://wistia.com/content/ understanding-audience-retention
  92. Split retention by traffic source
  93. Clicks ! > ! Keywords
  94. Test adjustments in titles and thumbnails
  95. Traffic Sources à YouTube Suggested Video
  96. Multiple channels for multiple audiences
  97. Use Playlists liberally
  98. Consider Annotations in pre-production
  99. For YouTube, the MVC is usually ! “watch another video”
  100. Provide a CTA for subscription
  101. Promotions
  102. This doesn’t happen by magic
  103. viralvideochart.unrulymedia.com
  104. Test and iterate with paid promotions for all pieces
  105. You can get good returns with small budgets
  106. Target specific channels and videos
  107. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=KXqp9Izk0yM
  108. I am a bit of a troll…
  109. I’m a troll
 Find out which of your competitors have partner status enabled 1
  111. Create an ad specifically targeted towards their customers 2
  112. Choose to only advertise via TrueView on their channel 3
  113. Don’t allow ads on your own channel!
  114. You only want partner status if you’re trying to monetize your content
  115. The most subscribed to channels on YouTube are not brands

  116. You can leverage this…
  117. Find outreach prospects with competitor analysis
  118. Why should I care? Some cynical person in the audience
  119. 0.00% 47.50% 95.00% 142.50% 190.00% 2010 2011 2012 2013 Traditional TV Online Video Change in time spent watching video (US)
  120. The No 1. online entertainment destination
 …..by miles.
  121. We are about to see the next great flood of money to digital
  122. 15 -25 billion dollars could be up for grabs
  123. Tomorrow’s biggest brands will be built online
  124. online first
  125. YOUSP
  126. #MozCon Phil Nottingham • Distilled @philnottingham • phil.nottingham@distilled.net