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Real-time QC for Factories

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Discover our Real-time QC for Factories and how it helps mill, manufactory and laboratory streamline quality process and achieve efficient quality control.

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Real-time QC for Factories

  1. 1. !" Real-Time Reporting (RTR) System http://codekaki.com
  2. 2. 10 Benefits Of RTR !  Real-Time Reporting System !  Delivery of real-time test result !  Continuous and seamless reporting " !  Cost-effective and efficient !  Accountability !  Traceability !  Standardized reporting !  Data integrity !  Easy to learn and use !  Highly configurable !  Reporting format (Excel/PDF)
  3. 3. 3 Components of RTR
  4. 4. (1) DataLog !  The DataLog is a Data Management System based on OpenERP v7, an open source, highly configurable enterprise resource planning system. !  Multiple entry points !  Data input can be tracked via their respective user ID. !  Tracking of multiple products !  Workshift, parameter sets and minimum or maximum threshold levels can be configured !  1-click print to generate reports in Excel or PDF format.
  5. 5. Tracking of Multiple Products 1.  Tracking of Plants 2.  Tracking of Products
  6. 6. Customizable 1.  Customize Parameter Sets (left) 2.  Customize Min/Max levels (right)
  7. 7. (2) Server •  A centralized data repository to store and publish data. •  This server will be housed on-site •  Will be under the care and control of your organization’s IT personnel or department.
  8. 8. (3) Real-Time Viewer General Layout 1.  Switch tabs to monitor different Plants 2.  Toggle Product & Parameter Sets To Display 3.  Min/max levels for each Parameter Set 4.  Data from DataLog
  9. 9. Shifts, Plants, Off-Spec Values •  Thresholds Highlighted 1.  Breakdown of Shifts 2.  Choose Plant data to display 3.  Values that off-spec are highlighted in color.
  10. 10. Timestamps, Calculations 1.  Timestamp of new and recent edits 2.  Average values automatically calculated
  11. 11. Printed Reports Available for export to Excel file and PDF format
  12. 12. Journal “Journal” for reporting data that is beyond numbers
  13. 13. Customized Solutions •  RTR is a proven workflow assisting platform that helps conserve resources while improve productivity. Every company is different and will have different needs and requirements. •  We provide customized solutions to suit your organization’s needs. Contact us to talk more about the type of solution you need. #  Contact us for a Live Demo