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Making The Case: Logitech Repatriates Procurement

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Sure, all service providers provide client references on request. These are nothing new. However, what practitioners really want is for someone to interview the clients directly with a scrutinizing eye of understanding from both a technical as well as a practical standpoint to gain additional insight: a one-to-one, up close and personal perspective.

This "Making The Case" document provides that insight on the relationship between Logitech and Market Dojo.

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Making The Case: Logitech Repatriates Procurement

  1. 1. When Logitech decided to repatriate its procurement practice, Market Dojo was the logical choice to deliver immediate value Since 1981 Logitech has grown into a trusted, global brand reflecting the innovative spirit and unstoppable progress of the high-tech industry. In today’s emerging digital world, there is a demand for technology to do more, faster and better than ever before. The same could be said for Logitech’s strategic sourcing team when the company decided to repatriate the function in-house. Against this backdrop, the team had to prove that they could deliver “real value” to the enterprise as a whole. To achieve this objective, Logitech had to implement a solution based on simplicity, efficiency and speed of execution. Their logical choice was Market Dojo. Sharing the same entrepreneurial zeal and passion for the procurement process, Market Dojo worked closely with the Logitech team to streamline the implementation to deliver value quickly, reliably and affordably. Today Logitech sees in-house procurement in a new light and is looking to expand its scope beyond strategic sourcing to becoming a “full-circle value provider” to the entire company. SUMMARY Challenges ● Difficulties in proving the value add from Procurement. ● The inability to source strategically across multiple categories. ● A lack of resources to help the team go to a wider market. Solutions ● Procurement function equipped with a Best of Breed solution ● Streamlining the sourcing process ● Enabled procurement to prove value whilst mitigating risk.
  2. 2. Results ● Rapid implementation to Logitech Global Indirect procurement ● Easy roll out to further end users ● Realising additional savings quickly and capturing all information centrally. “Digitalisation, particularly with a very simple & intuitive platform such as Market Dojo, has allowed my small team to run multiple RFP’s simultaneously and magnify their impact beyond where it used to be!” David Latten - Head of Global Indirect Procurement at Logitech