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Perfumes ppt

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Perfumes ppt

  1. 1. •Cosmetics or makeup are substancesto enhance the beauty of the humanbody , apart from simple cleaning.•Their use is widespread, especiallyamong womens in Western countries
  2. 2. Perfume is thousands of years oldWord "perfume" comes from the Latinper fume "through smoke".A mixture of fragrant essential oilsand aroma compounds, fixatives, andsolvents used to give the humanbody, objects, and living spaces apleasant smell.
  3. 3. The Egyptians were the first to incorporate perfume into their culture followed by the ancient Chinese, Hindus, Israelites, Arabs,Greeks, and Romans.
  4. 4. BarkFlowers & blossomsFruits Leaves & twigs Resin Roots, rhizomes & bulbsSeedsWoods
  5. 5. AmbergrisCastoreumCivetHyraceumHoney combDeer musk
  6. 6. Calone - imparts a fresh ozonousmetallic marine scentLinalool and coumarin -synthesized from terpenesWhite musk
  7. 7. Acetone LimoneneBenzaldehyde LinaloolBenzyl acetate MethyleneBenzyl alcohol chlorideCamphor TerpineneEthanol TerpineolEthyl acetate
  8. 8. Skin problemsCarcinogenicityAggravate lung disease.Affect the brain as wellCause instant headaches, dizziness, nauseaand mood swings.Sinus, watery eyes, inability to focus mentallyetc.Absorbed by the skin and introduced into theblood stream.